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Creative Retreats for aspiring writers in gorgeous Harrogate


Harrogate on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales is going to be the home of a number of retreats aimed at creative types in a number of different mediums.

Writers in particular are being invited along to a two-day all-inclusive Short Story Workshop Creative Retreat at the 4 star Country Living St George Hotel from March 8 to 10th.

The cost of the retreat is £500 and includes all accommodation and food, as well as the workshop,  which is being run by Jem Henderson. The day rate for attending teaching sessions but not staying over is £190.Jem

Jem has an MA in Creative Writing from York St John University and has been published in Wyrd Words and Effigies, Beautiful Scruffiness, Down in the Dirt, The English Chicago Review, The Night Light and various publications online.

During the workshop Jem will guide attendees through exercises, free writing time and discussion sessions, leading them toward achieving their writing aims.

​The Short Story retreat will also include sessions on place building, creating characters and getting creative work published.


Run by podcast host and experienced crafter Mel Browne, Creative Escape is an opportunity for you to develop new skills or improve the ones you have, meet like-minded people and relax amid the beauty and inspiring scenery of North Yorkshire.

As well as running Creative Escape, Mel also has a crafting vlog on YouTube and teaches knitting and crochet at Yarn Etc. in Harrogate

For more information visit the website or contact mel@creative-escape.org.uk or call her on 07825 337809.



Bespoke Creative Writing Service from Po Faced Poetry


Bespoke Creative writing service


“I love to write and so what better thing

Than to write peoples stories, their bad, their good

Their events. Their moments. Their lives. Their love

To take on their tales, the things that they say

Send them to flight as on the wings of the dove

Use my ink to scribe it their way”

Po FacedPoetry writes:

Writing! Writing anything!

Words seep through my veins in my blood.

I love to write and so what better thing than to write peoples stories. Their events. Their moments. Their lives. Their loves.

Professional, artistic, bespoke writing service.

Poetry, prose, verse, ditties, speeches, eulogies, fan poetry

Whatever the occasion, wedding, eulogy, graduation, birthday, celebration, romance, storytelling!

I will write your words, unique and individual, just like you.

From a few lines to a long speech, you tell me what you want and let me make the magic.

 Contact Them At:

Writing Fiction in a Time of Genuine Crisis, by Patrick S. Tomlinson

Some intelligent thoughts on the power of writing, telling stories and the capacity to fight back and resist being silenced.

Strange Currencies

A funny thing happened to me one year ago today. A random tweet throwing shade at the typical right-wing response to police brutality put me in touch with an editor for The Hill. Today is the anniversary of adding paid political commentator for a national platform to my other job titles of sci-fi author and stand-up comic. Many, many articles have followed, and I’ve added bylines in other venues such as The New York Times.

Which has given me a unique perspective on how to keep writing about spaceships and ray guns while Rome seemingly burns around us.

First of all, Don’t Panic. We are facing a crisis of a kind our nation has not seen since 1861 at the dawn of the Civil War, but no one person is doing all the work. If the Women’s March taught us anything, it’s that the resistance is massive, unprecedented, organized, and…

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