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My Weight Loss Journey Begins

As anyone who’s read my More Me piece knows, 2014 was a catalytic year in which I nearly died – twice – because of Swine Flu and was left paralysed for six months after a five-week induced coma.

During the near nine months I was in hospital, I lost a lot of weight, through being unconscious and nose tube fed and also because I had to learn how to eat all over again and I just really didn’t want to eat and had no appetite.

Unfortunately, during the now three years post discharge, due to being officially disabled and incapable of walking more than 20ft without my right hip displacing and having to do so while in incredible pain throughout my body, I’ve put an awful lot of weight back on.

I’ll be 48 next year so, if I don’t take things in hand now, it’s only going to get worse by the time I hit the big 5-0. But, instead of doing a “diet” as such, I’ve set up an account with MyFitness Pal to start tracking what I’m actually eating.

This gives me a daily calorie target to eat and, if I stick to that, I should lose weight even if I can’t do anything else. It’s an eye opener really to truthfully and honestly track what you’re eating and it’s made me appreciate that I need to look at portion sizes and drink more water!

I’m also hoping I can start regularly going to the local hydro pool which is a 20 minute session in which I can freely move without pain and which I hope will let me tone up while losing weight at the same time.

Unfortunately, I need a carer to come with me to that because I can’t get washed and dressed without aid. In the meantime, I’m trying to find small exercises I can do at home. I have a set of stretching exercises my physios have given me over the past three years, so I’ve been doing those as well as a bit of walking and going up and down the stairs (which is a real trial for me).

I used to walk a lot and I want to reach a point where I can do that again, even if it’s in pain, so that my nearly 10-year-old son has a mother who can be active in some way with him.

So there you have it, a slightly different blog from me today.

Truly beautiful tale of love

The Shape of YouThe Shape of You by Felice Stevens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not going to lie, this book’s epilogue made me tear up a bit because of the simple beauty of the declaration of love between Corey and Eric.

I’m always wary when a book deals with weight related issues but I should have known that in Felice’s sure hands the subject would be dealt with honestly and with a gentle surety that change is possible if you want it for yourself and not for any external reasons.

For both Eric and Corey it was a change of mindset about how they mentally viewed food and the associations eating brought along with it.

I loved how they were flawed and didn’t solve their issues instantly, that they accepted poor habits were not just going to go away from both ends of the weight spectrum. I loved that this book addressed how being too thin is also a problem and brings its own set of self worth issues.

But most of all I loved that this is a love story about how two men who’ve struggled to connect to the world could find the strength and joy in each other which made them want to live without fear.

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