Sweet as spun sugar and a real pick me up tonic

Ready For Love (Semper Fi, The Forever Faithful, #1)Ready For Love by Stella Starling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is just candy kisses, spun sugar sweet and you know what, sometimes that’s all I want to read.

This spin off from the BeLoved a series is a delight as Brandon’s older brother Gabe gets his flirt on with Jake, the cute flight attendant from the first two books.

Gabe was clueless, his total lack of awareness that what he felt for Jake was more than just long term friendship had me smiling throughout this book.

Gabe was also hot as Hell and let’s just drop in wall sex here shall we?! That scene was jaw dropping and, for a first attempt at getting his gay on, just all ends up wow. I loved how Gabe just went for it without much angsty – except for the odd freak at demonstrating his relationship status – not his being with a man one.

There was a bit of non communication but not much and thankfully no misunderstandings. The tensions came from outside the romance element of the narrative.

And the epilogue, everything I want to read in a rom/com style setting, a huge public declaration of love in front of the world. Not something I’d be happy with in RL, but in my fiction, all the Hell yes’s!

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Very pleasantly surprised by this one

Your Fallen Star (Under the Stars #1)Your Fallen Star by Raleigh Ruebins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book as I’ve bit read this author before but the premise interested me and the story itself turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable.

Any book that not only has a hot wall sex scene but which throws in sex of the hood of a car is certainly aiming to excite the reader and it worked to its advantage because it was pinned on top of two nicely defined characters who worked well together.

I loved sweet and excitable Jamie. He was perfect for breaking through the wall of malaise and self doubt that former boy band star Leo had erected.

The other thing I loved about this was that all the band mates were still friends, I liked that it didn’t follow the cliche of having the really successful solo career guy be an arse.

Loved the cover too which worked well to reflect the story within.

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Epic catch up with Jude and Snow

Unbreakable Stories: Snow (Unbreakable Bonds #2.5)Unbreakable Stories: Snow by Jocelynn Drake
and Rinda Elliott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful set of stories, some already sneaked out on their various social media channels, giving a glimpse into life for Snow and Jude now that the horrendous threat which was following them during Shatter has ended.

I love that Rinda and Jocelyn spent the time crafting these in between shorts to flesh out the lives of the gorgeous men who inhabit the Unbreakable Bonds series. The main novels are wonderful but these little snippets into what happens next allow the reader to form an even greater bond with the characters.

This set treats us to some ridiculously hot sex, there isn’t a wall that’s safe from being exploited and abused when Snow and Jude have got their lustful desires running. But it’s not just the fun times, there’s some real emotional moments which give a glimpse into just how much Snow loves the paramedic who wouldn’t accept a one night stand only.

The camping story which finishes this set off has some hilarious bits but also some gut punches which remind the reader of what these four friends have been through and what it means to be loved by one of them.
Poor Ian and his bear 🙂 but more importantly, thank goodness for his story coming out in just a couple of months. It has to be one of the most eagerly awaited books of 2017!

And ill now not be able to look at a bottle of tequila in the same way again 😉

The insides very much match the smoking sensual heat of the cover – fabulous job all round.

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