Fantastic fake boyfriend follow up in this college series from Lane Hayes

Out in the End Zone CoverOut in the End Zone by Lane Hayes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review tomorrow when I’m at the laptop.

Weeee, this was a delight. It overlaps with book one in the series but can still be read as a standalone. I loved Evan and Mitch.

Evan was like a giant puppy, eager but naive and sensitive and, once his past was revealed, it made perfect sense.

Mitch was just a great character, he’s out and proud and happily living his life without complications, but he’s also vulnerable, apart from his grandmother, he’s never been put first as a priority, both his parents essentially abandoning him for their careers.

There’s just a really sweet romance at the heart of this “fake” boyfriends trope when it becomes clear that pretending to have a relationship – so Mitch can use the YouTube videos for his final year project on the impact of social media – not only isn’t a hardship but, for Evan, is becoming the central part of his life.

I will say, Evan also frustrated me for a long time but, once I knew what happened in his past, it became crystal clear why he behaved as he did. It’s not horrible behaviour, so no need to worry there! Just a wee angsting about accepting his bisexuality.

Also, there was a brief bit of plotline which just didn’t seem to go anywhere and, while I got that it was a bit more background to the big reveal later, I think it may have benefitted from a small follow up reference as to whether Evan did anything or not about it. Sorry to be cryptic but it’s a fairly big spoilery type thing!

Even though these guys are college age at just 23, I firmly believed in their Happy Ever After and can quite easily picture them muddling along together for the rest of their lives.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Release Blitz: Savor Me by Beth Bolden

Savor Me | Beth Bolden

Kitchen Gods #3

Savor Me RDB Banner.png


RELEASE DATE: 02.10.18

Universal link:

Savor Me Cover



When Chef Xander Bridges leaves the warmth and safety of his car on a cold, stormy night and approaches a stranger, the last thing he expects to find is a future. He’s wanted to leave his job for a while, but with no good opportunities on the horizon, he’s been stuck in a long, painful rut.

But when he befriends the stranger viciously tearing up his own vineyard, Xander discovers something inexplicable. Maybe he’s not the bitter, sarcastic man that everyone, including himself, has endured for years.

Maybe, with someone like Damon in his life, he could be something more. Something better.

Damon Hess doesn’t just want more, he demands it. With his alcoholic past, there are no gray areas for him. Only black and white. In love or not. Sober or drunk. But the chance meeting with Xander opens Damon’s eyes and gives him a vision full of something he hasn’t experienced in years: hope.

Hope that he can expect companionship and affection, hope that he doesn’t have to grapple with his family’s questionable Napa legacy any longer, and most importantly, hope that there’s a future worth believing in.

But the longer he and Xander spend cultivating that future, the more Damon realizes that the key is so much simpler than he ever imagined–it’s Xander.

Savor Me is an 80,000-word contemporary MM romance starring an irascible man with a soft, gooey marshmallow center and another who knows he likes men, but has never been with one before. It is third in the Kitchen Gods series, but can be read as a standalone.

best of series


“What’s all this?” Damon asked when he opened the door.

“Dinner,” Xander said, hefting one of the grocery bags a little higher on his hip. “I got the impression last time I was here that you were good with that espresso machine but that you don’t use your stove that much.”

Damon grinned, unexpectedly fierce and bright, and it nearly knocked Xander right back. “Guilty as charged,” he admitted, opening the door wider to let Xander come into the house.

It looked much the same as it had that night, a year ago. A little cleaner, perhaps, like Damon had gotten that text and had decided to neaten up in anticipation of Xander coming over.

This is not a date, Xander reminded himself.

He’d had to remind himself of this more than once when he’d been at the grocery store picking up food for tonight. First he’d agonized at the meat counter. When you brought a filet for dinner, what did it mean? What about salmon? Shrimp?

Love, marriage, or maybe even eternal devotion? A white picket fence?

Xander had to stop himself before he asked the butcher if the different cuts had deep, secret meanings, like flowers. There was no cut of meat that communicated: “this is just a friendly work dinner, but if you wanted it to be more, I could be convinced. And by the way, do you like men?”

“I decided,” Xander told Damon as they walked through the living room towards the kitchen, “that it would be completely stupid for you to hire me if I’d never even cooked for you before.”

Damon shrugged, one side of his mouth quirking up a little. It had the side effect of making his bottom lip look very bitable.

Xander set his groceries on the kitchen counter and began to unpack them like they held the secret to world peace. He was attracted to Damon and it was a problem, but their partnership didn’t have to be defined by his inconvenient attraction.

“I think I’d like to see you explore what you’re interested in,” Damon said quietly as he settled in one of the barstools. The same one Xander had occupied a year ago. Xander told himself that meant nothing. After all, there were only three barstools to pick from. Maybe that one was secretly the most comfortable and Xander had just gotten lucky.

It did something to the base of his stomach to think that Damon didn’t care; that he just wanted to give Xander the freedom and the space to do what he wanted. It had been a very long time since anyone had thought highly enough of him to do that, and Xander told himself not to be fooled into thinking that’s what this was.

“You really don’t care?” Xander asked in disbelief.

He’d never hired a chef before. Maybe when you hired one, you just naturally assumed you were getting their point of view, not your own.

“My point of view is the garden,” Damon said. “As long as you use as much of it as you can, I’m good.”

And Xander had taken at least that much away from their previous conversations about the restaurant, so he’d bought lots of vegetables, which he spread out across the counter now.

“Someday,” he told Damon, “all this will be from your garden.”

Damon set his elbows on the counter, forearms rippling with muscle, because even though he was wearing another plaid shirt, of course he’d rolled up the sleeves. But his intent couldn’t be to drive Xander crazy; it was just probably more comfortable. Maybe those crazy gorgeous forearms didn’t even fit properly into shirts.

Xander swallowed hard and looked away. “I figured I’d make a quick pasta with roasted garlic and sautéed vegetables. I got a nice salmon filet too.”

“Salmon’s good. I like salmon,” Damon said.

It was weird cooking in someone else’s kitchen, and it was even weirder doing it with Damon watching him so intently.

good luck

About The Author

Beth Bolden Logo 2

Beth Bolden lives in Portland, Oregon with her supportive husband. She wholly believes in Keeping Portland Weird, but wishes she didn’t have to make the yearly pilgrimage up to Seattle to watch her Boston Red Sox play baseball. She’s a fan of fandoms, and spends too much of her free time on Tumblr.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal.

She’s published eight novels and two novellas.




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Review Tour: Darcy by RJ Scott & Meredith Russell

Darcy | RJ Scott & Meredith Russell

Boyfriends for Hire #1

RTBanner (23)

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 40,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Darcy 400



Darcy’s newest assignment is to play the role of boyfriend to a wealthy socialite but never expected the intense attraction to his date’s brother. Falling for Adrian is dangerous and certainly not part of the plan.

Adrian has been as unlucky in love as his sister, but he doesn’t approve of hiring a boyfriend, whatever the reason. Until he meets Darcy. Then he comes to realize that love can happen in the most unexpected of ways.

One week. That is all the two men needed to fall in lust, but will they have a lifetime to fall in love?

TourGraphic (24)

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RJ’s goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.RJ is the author of the over one hundred novels and discovered romance in books at a very young age. She realized that if there wasn’t romance on the page, she could create it in her head, and is a lifelong writer.

She lives and works out of her home in the beautiful English countryside, spends her spare time reading, watching films, and enjoying time with her family.

The last time she had a week’s break from writing she didn’t like it one little bit and has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn’t defeat.

She’s always thrilled to hear from readers, bloggers and other writers. Please contact via the following links below:

Email RJ (


Meredith Russell lives in the heart of England. An avid fan of many story genres, she enjoys nothing less than a happy ending. She believes in heroes and romance and strives to reflect this in her writing. Sharing her imagination and passion for stories and characters is a dream Meredith is excited to turn into reality.



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Release Blitz: Risking It All by Morningstar Ashley

Risking It All | Morningstar Ashley

Begin Again #2

Risking It All RDB Banner


RELEASE DATE: 07.09.18

Risking It Cover

Cover Artist: Designs by Morningstar

Cover Photo: David Velez Fotografia


Jaden King was raised in Boston to a wealthy family that taught him what love and hard work is. He has a challenging and rewarding career until everything was turned upside down.

What was once a promising future has quickly become a frightening and unknown reality. After months of dealing with the fall out on his own, he decided getting away – or more realistically, running away – to White Acre and his best friend sounded like the perfect plan.

Danny Keegan is a laid-back man with simple tastes and an even simpler life. He adores the little town of White Acre where he grew up, he loves his parents, and he enjoys his uncomplicated life.

He’s always told himself the fact that he’s a closeted gay man in a conservative, parochial town wasn’t an issue and coming out of the closet wasn’t necessary. But with the addition of Jaden in his life he realizes as happy as he is, he could be happier and the future of a love of his own doesn’t seem so out of grasp as it always had.

When Jaden and Danny meet, their chemistry is undeniable but playful flirting doesn’t mean anything. They start spending all their free time together, and what started as a simple friendship quickly turns into something much more than either saw coming.

But, Jaden carries a secret that could end it all before it even begins. And though Jaden is scared to tell the truth, and risk everything that has come to mean so much to him, he knows that he can’t go on without laying himself bare, leaving Danny with an important, life-changing choice to make. His content little life or what could be the love of his life.

Will Jaden’s truth be too much for Danny, or will Danny decide a life out in the open, full of love, laughter, and passion is worth risking it all?



Wrapping his towel around his waist, he walked back down the stairs, yawning the whole way. He needed to grab his clothes by the front door, throw them in the washing machine, and then grab a frozen meal or three.

Reaching the front door, he bent down and grabbed the disgusting clothes, making sure to keep them away from his clean body, he stood and started to turn back toward the kitchen when he caught something out of the corner of his eye.

Danny could feel the flush rise up from his chest to his face. There was no way he was walking away from this without being embarrassed if who he thought he saw was really standing on the other side of his front door.

Shoring up his nerves, he slowly pivoted back to the door, and yeah, it was definitely Jaden standing there looking sexy as hell with his perfectly tousled hair, flushed cheeks, and that sexy smile he wore when he was being flirty Jaden.

Which was pretty much always.

“Are you going to open the door and let me in or make me stand out here while you’re naked in there?” Jaden asked through the closed door. “ Either way, I’m going to enjoy the view.”

Danny honestly contemplated leaving Jaden out there while he got dressed, but his mom had taught him better manners than that. Although, at that moment, she might not think being polite and letting the flirty man in the house while he was naked was the path to take.

Danny stepped back as he opened the front door while tightly holding on to the towel. The last thing he needed was for the towel to fall.

Maybe. That could end up being fun.




Morningstar Ashley is a transplant from the Yankee-controlled territory of New York, and now finds herself in the heartland of cowboys and longhorns—Texas.

Armed with her imagination, wit, and trusty sidekicks in the form of her two crazy kids, devoted dorky husband, big lap dog, and rambunctious cats, Morningstar spends her time reading the books she loves, crafting her own characters, and arguing the merits of hot chocolate over the bitter brew known as coffee. (Hot chocolate wins, FYI.)

After a lifetime of trying to get people to realize her first name wasn’t Ashley, Morningstar decided the best way to settle the debate was to put her name on a book cover. Now she finds the accomplishment of publishing so satisfying her mind won’t stop creating stories of love across the spectrum of LGBTQA+.



Facebook Group:

Instagram: morningstarashleywrites

Twitter: @StarZehAshley


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Funny and sweet fake boyfriends romance is a hit

Darcy 400Darcy by R.J. Scott & Meredith Russell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, that was just a real treat of a read, humour and a bit of madcap comedy that wouldn’t have been out of place in a 40s film starring Cary Grant.

Fake boyfriends is such a brilliant trope to work with and in the skilled hands of these two authors, we get a real delight as family dynamics at a wealthy socialite wedding in The Hamptons prove somewhat challenging!

Darcy was a dream, Adrian the perfect partner once his sister had stopped needing the services of the other man.
The side plot with the bitchy cousin made much more sense by the end of the book and I could absolutely get with the program having that much-needed insight.

All in all just a really lovely low angst, funny romance with a great epilogue.

#ARC kindly provided by the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Review Tour: Promises by Ruby Moone

Promises | Ruby Moone

RTBanner (11)

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS Books

Length: 32,000 words approx.

Publisher: JMS Books



Captain Charles Hawkins has returned from the Napoleonic wars desperate for solitude. When the man who saved his life asks a favour, he feels honour bound to agree, but the request fills him with horror.

Sebastian Farrah knows the only useful thing he can do with his life is join Wellington’s army. He has tried everything else and failed. He agrees to his brother’s ridiculous request to spend a month in the country because it is the only way his brother will agree to purchase him a commission.

Charles and Sebastian clash but quickly form a bond that deepens into much more. However, they are running out of time. Charles begs Sebastian to stay, but Sebastian knows to do so he will be forced to reveal what it is that stopped him from succeeding in everything. The shameful secret he carries from the schoolroom.

TourGraphic (6)


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Another week passed, and Farrah had become an integral part of the household. He was everywhere. Working in the garden, eating with him, accompanying him when he left the house to tour around the estate, working with him with the shipping company, although he was still curiously resistant about that. Charles watched him apply himself to his evening meal with gusto.

The man ate like a horse but hadn’t a spare inch on his frame. All the physical work meant that he had arrived in reasonable shape for someone who did nothing but gamble and drink, but now, now he was bursting with good health, humour, and a physique that made Charles want to weep with envy as he thought about his own skeletal frame.

There was a warmth to his companionship that made getting up in a morning easier. He realised just how much he was enjoying having him in the house. As they talked, he hoped that he was helping Farrah to see that there were options open to him that didn’t involve him risking his life on the continent. To see that there were a whole host of things that he was good at.

Farrah’s comment about the army being all he was good for had stayed with him and it surprised him how annoyed it made him that his family had allowed him to feel that way, and constantly surprised that Farrah seemed to believe it.

Coulson arrived with the tea tray and Charles smiled as he realised Farrah had lost that slightly frantic look he’d had on realising there was no port or brandy on his arrival. When Coulson had retreated, Charles raised his cup in a toast.

“Congratulations on another sterling week Mr Farrah.”

Farrah laughed and raised his cup in response. “Congratulations on putting up with me for another week. You deserve a medal, Captain Hawkins.”

“Nonsense. No medals required.”

Farrah tilted his head on one side and observed him. “You really are the best of men. I know I’m not easy to have around. Too loud, too … much.” He laughed again.

And there he went again. He really seemed to believe that his company would not be valued. That he would be some sort of burden. Charles was stunned when he realised that in that moment he wanted nothing more than to take him in his arms and tell him in no uncertain terms that having him in the house was no hardship, and not only that, he discovered he wanted to hunt down the people who had told him that he was a burden, or a nuisance, and hurt them. It was a disconcerting.

He had to fight to retain his composure and answer in kind. “Piffle. You’ve brightened the place up no end. Once you’d sobered up, that is.” He kept his tone light, but his heart was thumping.


For a big, handsome, seemingly confident man sometimes there was a hint of such wistfulness about him, and it was there full force in that softly spoken word. It was filled with such fragile hope it hurt something inside Charles.

“Really.” Charles spoke softly and something in Farrah brightened. “Now, stop fishing for compliments and tell me what the plan for tomorrow is.” He had to resume his usual brisk tone because if he didn’t, he would have … Charles’ heart stopped in his chest. Oh God. Oh God.

He wanted to kiss him.

Copy of Signature copy

My name is Ruby Moone and I love books. All kinds of books. My weakness is for romance, and that can be any kind, but I am particularly fond of historical and paranormal.

I decided to write gay romance after reading some fantastic books and falling in love with the genre, so am really thrilled to have my work published here. The day job takes up a lot of my time, but every other spare moment finds me writing or reading.

I live in the north west of England with my husband who thinks that I live in two worlds. The real world and in the world in my head…he probably has a point!

Facebook Page –

Twitter – @RubyMooneWriter



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Release Blitz: Falling Into Love by Kris T. Bethke & Nell Iris

Falling Into Love | Kris T. Bethke & Nell Iris

RBBanner (25)

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS Books

Length: 34,305 words

Publisher: JMS Books



Liam O’Donoughue is happy with his life. He runs V Wilderness Adventures with his best friends, his chosen brothers, and gets to spend his days hiking in the gorgeous Adirondacks. What’s not to love? But when he meets Austin on a hike, he thinks he’s found something he didn’t even know was missing.

Austin Jock is content with his work as a radiology tech and playing bass in a cover band. Someday he wants to find his forever person but doesn’t believe in romantic fireworks and isn’t sure it’ll ever happen. Then Liam comes crashing into his life, igniting sparks. Huge, life-altering sparks.

The connection between the two men is instant, and things move fast. But Austin isn’t sure what to do with everything he’s feeling inside. Can Liam convince him falling in love is the easiest thing in the world?


As Austin relaxed, he smiled more, and his body lost that tight posture. He leaned against me a little as the evening wore on, and when he started to shiver, I put my arm around him.

The soft sigh he gave was one of the sweetest sounds I’d ever heard. I wanted to push him down onto the ground and devour him, taste and touch every inch of his delectable skin. But it was much too soon for that, and I definitely didn’t want to do it with an audience.

Eventually, he pulled out his phone, woke it up, and sighed. He turned into me so his entire side was pressed against my chest and tilted his head back, so he could look into my eyes.

“I have to go. I’ve got an early-ish shift tomorrow.”

Acute disappointment flooded my veins. But I nodded.

“Let me walk you to your car,” I murmured.

He nodded and stood. It took a little bit to say goodbye. I appreciated the enthusiasm Everett gushed over him, and I was pleased to see Drew give him a warm handshake. Finally, we moved out of the ring of firelight and ambled toward his car. Neither one of us seemed in a hurry for things to end.

“So, uh.” Austin cleared his throat, and then whispered so softly it was barely audible. “Poop.”

I laughed quietly, and reached out, tilting his face up. “Thanks for coming. I really wanted to see you.”

Austin sucked in a breath and held it, then let it out in a rush of words, “Was this a date?”

It took me a second to understand, because he’d spoken so fast I almost couldn’t make out what he said. But when I did, my grin was so wide my face hurt.

“Well, I certainly thought it was. I definitely wanted it to be. What’s your verdict?”

He gave a shaky laugh. “Me, too.”

“Good.” I cautiously took a step closer, wanting to be in his space, and he let me. He even lifted a hand and placed it on my waist. I cursed the layers between us. I wanted to feel his touch on my skin.

“Do you maybe want to do it again? Uh, go on a date, I mean?”

“No maybe about it. I definitely want to do it again.”

Austin nodded, opened his mouth, and then shut it again. He shook his head, mouthed a word I couldn’t make out in the dimness, and then said, “Can I cook for you?”

“I would love that,” I said fervently.

“Oh. Good.” Austin’s smile bloomed on his face, and for a long minute, I was captivated by his full, kissable mouth. I almost didn’t hear what he said next. “I have Tuesday off. Want to come over?”

“Just tell me what time.”

Austin laughed, and I swore it sounded like music. “I’ll text you as soon as I figure out what to make. You don’t have any allergies, do you?”

“Not to food.”

“Good. Then. Tuesday?”


Austin sucked in another breath, kissed my cheek again with one of those fleeting, butterfly kisses, and then scrambled to get in his car. I couldn’t keep the grin off my face as I waved him on and stood there until his car disappeared around the bend in the drive.


Nell Iris is a romantic at heart who believes everyone deserves a happy ending. She’s a bona fide bookworm (learned to read long before she started school), wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without something to read (not even the ladies’ room), loves music (and singing along but, let’s face it, she’s no Celine Dion), and is a real Star Trek nerd (“Make it so”). She loves words, poetry, wine, and Sudoku, and absolutely adores elephants!

Nell believes passionately in equality for all regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, and wants to make the world a better, less hateful, place.

Nell is a forty-something bisexual Swedish woman, married to the love of her life, and a proud mama of a grown daughter. She left the Scandinavian cold and darkness for warmer and sunnier Malaysia a few years ago, and now spends her days writing, surfing the Internet, enjoying the heat, and eating good food. One day she decided to chase her lifelong dream of being a writer, sat down in front of her laptop, and wrote a story about two men falling in love.

Nell Iris writes gay romance, prefers sweet over angst, and wants to write diverse and different characters



Twitter @nellirisauthor

Facebook page

Facebook profile



QueeRomance Ink


Kris T. Bethke has been a voracious reader for pretty much her entire life and has been writing stories for nearly as long. An avid and prolific daydreamer, she always has a story in her head.

She spends most of her free time reading, writing, or knitting/crocheting her latest project. Her biggest desire is to find a way to accomplish all three tasks at one time. A classic muscle car will always turn her head, and naps on the weekend are one of her greatest guilty pleasures.

She lives in a converted attic with a way too fluffy cat and the voices in her head. She’ll tell you she thinks that’s a pretty good deal. Kris believes that love is love, no matter the gender of people involved and that all love deserves to be celebrated

Find her on her site


or on Twitter


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