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Release Blitz: Ailuros by Matt Doyle

Ailuros | Matt Doyle


Release Date: September 7th, 2021

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#Begin *Ailuros*

In the *present // future*, Alex and Josh must face *their own // a* monster if they are to salvage *their relationship // Ailuros Unit 23* ;

These *are not* separate stories.

The following report represents a summary of the incident involving the abandoned microgravity holiday destination, Ailuros Unit Twenty-Three, and the crew of the Salvagers Guild Three ship, The Orca. The report is comprised primarily of the official transcripts of both the aforementioned events on board the unit and my interview with Guild Director, Sarah Walker. The final entry consists of my summarizing thoughts on the case.

As is often the case in investigations such as this, in the end, Ailuros itself is as much the key to understanding the events as the people involved are.

Circumstances as well as personal choices are important, after all.


Author’s Note

The physical edition of the book features an experimental layout that allows the reader to choose how they wish to read the story.

If you only read the right-hand pages, the story follows Alex Holden and Josh Byrne as they lead a group of salvagers in a mission to an abandoned microgravity resort. The holiday unit had been jettisoned into space due to a biological incident, and the crew expect it to have been viral in nature. Soon, however, they find themselves in a fight for their lives against a hostile alien lifeform.

If you also read the left-hand pages, you learn that the right-hand pages are a report on a VR sim. Here, the Government is attempted to reduce crime by vaccinating people against negative emotional responses and allowing them to let them out in a monthly simulation. Here, Alex believes they caught Josh cheating on them and is making notes on Josh’s VR sim. They hope that, through a loose-Freudian analysis, they can find out if their relationship can be saved.

The book also features several hidden passages that can be found. These alter the events of both stories.

About The Author


MATT DOYLE is a pansexual/genderfluid author from the UK who primarily writes hybrid genre fiction with a sci-fi grounding and diverse characters. In recent years, Matt’s work has included the award-winning LGBTQ sci-fi mystery series, THE CASSIE TAM FILES, and several anthology appearances. AILUROS is Matt’s first adventure in experimental fiction.

When not working on yet another story, Matt can usually be found juggling running the pop culture website ‘Matt Doyle Media’, building cosplay, and programming video games.

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