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Audio Release: Nothing Special V by A.E. Via Narrated by Aiden Snow

Nothing Special V | A.E. Via


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Audible US | Audible UK

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Narrated by: Aiden Snow

Length: 12hrs 29mins


Atlanta’s notorious narcotics task force is at it again. They are stronger, bigger, and better than ever. Especially when a city councilman sends RECON Marine Edwin Steele – who’s been blacklisted from his Oakland department – to join the team.

Steele was ready to hang up his shield. He was done fighting with bigoted bastards that couldn’t respect the job. He was good at fighting; he just needed the right team to fight with. When his uncle – City Councilman Rasmus Steele – shows him a video of God’s team in action, he knows right away it’s where his nephew belongs in order to restore his faith.

Steele was skeptical about his new placement, but when he meets God’s technology specialist/computer genius, “Tech”, he’s willing to give it his all, and he definitely shows and proves.

Tech is stunning. His sweater vest and khakis, a stark contrast to the blue-jeaned roughnecks he works with. A beautiful sheep amongst the wolves. Steel thinks there’s no way the brilliant man would be interested in a hardhead like him, but Tech has a few badass hidden talents of his own and manages to surprise him…surprise all of them.

Nothing Special Series

Book #1 – Nothing Special – Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #2 – Embracing His Syn – Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #3 – Here Comes Trouble – Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #4 – Don’t Judge – Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

About The Author

Copy of Copy of Copy of 60532747_491248644952641_8458585425412358144_n.jpg

A.E. Via has been a best-selling author in the beautiful gay romance genre for five years now, but she’s no stranger to MM. She’s been an avid reader of gay lit for over fifteen years before she picked up her laptop to place her own kiss on this genre. She’s also the founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books, having published a couple great new up and coming MM authors.

A.E. has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Virginia Wesleyan College that she used to start her own paralegal firm after she graduated in 2008. She spent five years preparing and filing bankruptcy petitions for struggling blue collar workers who couldn’t afford to file with a lawyer. It was a rewarding and satisfying career… but another path called to her. Writing.

A.E.’s writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to adventure, to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

Now that she’s gotten over her 10 books published hump, she’s kind of known now for her hardcore, play rough and love hard, bad boy, alphas. However, she does like to push herself to step out of her comfort zone, exploring different tropes, but she won’t push herself into a whole other genre. She’s head over heels for gay romance and she has tons of more hot stories to tell.

Be sure to visit Adrienne on her social media pages and subscribe to her newsletter to never miss another release date! Go to A.E. Via’s official website for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak at upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she’ll appear next.

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Series Review Tour: Shadow Unit by Jamie Lynn Miller

Shadow Unit Series | Jamie Lynn Miller

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Shadow Unit Series

Book #1 – Broken Soldier Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #2 – Rogue Solder Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #3 – Hunted Soldier Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book #4 – Dying Soldier Payhip

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Series Blurb

Meet Sergeant Connor Finley and Sergeant Shawn Weller – elite covert ops soldiers with Shadow Unit – a joint UK/US anti-terrorism task force.

Connor and Shawn’s harrowing missions take them across the globe from London to Kuala Lumpur to India to Pakistan to Bangladesh and Sierra Leone. Fighting to stem the flow of ever-increasing terror attacks and to protect innocent civilian lives, they battle arms dealers, drug smugglers, biological weapon threats, and a madman hell-bent on revenge, facing death at every turn.

Their private lives are fraught with struggles as well, both Connor and Shawn battling personal demons from their past that threaten their future.

Amidst a backdrop of guns, bloodshed and violence, Connor and Shawn’s love and dedication for one another never wavers, standing resolutely side by side, drawing strength from each other to continue their never-ending fight.

TourGraphic (11)

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Author Bio

Jamie Lynn Miller has been writing fiction since childhood and decided to take the plunge and go pro in 2008, finding to her amazement that people truly enjoyed her love stories. She’s a romantic at heart, and her tales reflect the desire we all have to find “the one,” persevering through trials and heartache for that happy ending.

Jamie has a degree in fine arts and has spent the last twenty years working as a graphic designer, though she’d much rather be writing. She was born in Chicago and still lives there today with her husband and their two furry, four-footed children, er… cats.

If she’s not brainstorming story ideas, you can find Jamie at a sci-fi convention, in front of a furnace doing glass blowing, or on a mat twisted into a yoga pose.

Email: jamielynnmiller@live.com
Blog: http://www.jamielynnm.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamielynn.miller.3


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Easy to read military romances are an enjoyable mix

Broken SoldierBroken Soldier by Jamie Lynn Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hmmm, there’s an awful lot of “just run with it” to be had when reading this book.

As it’s only novella length, I think the author did pretty good to get as much background and scene setting on without it feeling like an info dump.

But, having said that, a big pinch of salt is needed throughout as things go somewhat off the rails and the mission gets deadly serious.

Rogue Soldier (Shadow Unit, #2)Rogue Soldier by Jamie Lynn Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like book one in the series, this one is majorly dramatic with all sorts of things going on and a body count which gets higher as it goes on.

The basic premise is good, double-crossing your fellow for gain isn’t anything new and this works well, even when the identity of the baddie is established from the off.

The tension lies in waiting for the treachery to take place and it’s carried out with skill and a lot of plotting.

All is brought to a satisfying conclusion and out two heroes are able to fight another day together.

Hunted Soldier (Shadow Unit #3)Hunted Soldier by Jamie Lynn Miller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sometimes I just want to be entertained without having to think about the practicalities or the realities of whether a plot would actually work. This series does that for me.

There’s ever more increasing dramatic military operations but at the heart of this series is the incredible love and partnership between Shawn and Connor and I love that.

Book Three ramps up the tensions and sees the guys back on the anti-terrorist trail, hooking up with an MI6 operative in Bangladesh and falling into the hands of a previously unknown enemy. I liked the twist in this one, finding out who the bad guy was worked well.

The rest of the team is on hand to come in and rescue our boys at the last minute once the task’s been completed and I just like that these books are an easy read without any mental mathematics.


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