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Skye and Dante don’t disappoint with a beautiful slow burn romance

58311425._SY475_Cold Moon by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is definitely one of my favourites from Sam and Waverly.

It has everything I enjoy in a paranormal romance – good world building, interesting characters and a strong plot which threads it all together.

This book focuses on Linden’s young assistant at the client, Skye, who is an omega who has had The Condition since birth and has been very poorly all his fairly young life.

As a result, the pack tends to still baby him and treat him like he’s made of glass.

Except for Dante Reid, alpha son of the hated Reid pack who kidnapped Brook but a completely different type than his insane father.

Dante is the one who helped Brook escape, he’s gentle, out of place in his own pack and afraid he’ll not be left alone by those in the Grove pack who don’t think he should still be alive.

This is a slow burn romance, which absolutely makes sense. Dante is almost dead when we first meet him, Linden saving his life, and he carries a weight of guilt on his shoulders.

What I loved best about this book is that both Skye and Dante bring out the best side of each other, they make choices which empower their own sense of self and are the support of the other is what makes them stronger.

I will also say, Sam and Waverly threw in a plot element I never saw coming and which left me jaw a-dropping and then, when I thought I might have an idea about where they were going with it, they did another out of left field switcheroo which, now I think about it, actually makes perfect sense and has me dying for book five!

Things also move along with the investigation into The Condition and we finally get more of a hint as to the sinister reasons behind it.

I still have many questions though and I definitely also need Rowan and Cliff to get their happy ending, plus I’m also intrigued by Dr Lawrence, who we meet in this book and I want more of Nick’s story (Aspen’s Navy SEAL buddy) so hurry up you two!

#ARC kindly received from the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review

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