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Brilliant sneak into what made Theoden who he is in New Haven

Theoden (New Haven)Theoden by Nicholas Bella

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brilliant exploration of what makes the greatest vampire tick and how he was turned by Ara centuries ago.

Theoden is Nicholas Bella at his kinky best, full of gorgeous erotic exploration of the power of sexual desire and the violence which comes from being all powerful in a world which doesn’t know the dangers living within it.

I loved how from the very start there was something different about the young Italian child who was being harshly brought up in a priory and subjected to an austere and joyless life while others around him are of the forbidden fruit.

His warrior talents were fully expressed once he was turned and the rebellious journey he had to go through before he became accepting of his fate mirrors a similar one his child Noel goes through in the later books in the New Haven series.

Reading this gives an insight into why Theoden is as ruthless and powerful as he is and gave me a hankering to read all the other books again!

#ARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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No Shame brings a great conclusion to this debut series

No Shame (No Shame, #4)No Shame by Nora Phoenix

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I first started reading this series, I really wasn’t sure where the story was supposed to be going. Book one was a bit mixed up with a “not quite menage” feeling that meant I hadn’t a sense of the narrative.

But, I have to say, Nora Phoenix has book on book improved the relationship development between the four main characters and also managed to skilfully introduce five more diverse men into this narrative.

This was probably my favourite of the lot as the secondary plot of Indy’s gangland ex still hunting him was concluded in book three – to my immense satisfaction with a wonderful take down scene.

So here the tone throughout is way more chilled and the story can focus on laying down the firm ties of friendship between all seven men living in the main house.

I loved Miles when he appeared as Indy’s FBI handler man in book three and in this one the reader gets a deeper glimpse into his life with an unusual and embarrassing sexual condition.

Thankfully for him, Blake’s brother Brad (who we met also in book three), is an absolute perfect match with his deep seated desire to please and to be used by a daddy in the best possible way.

The menage in this is extremely well crafted, Charlie has been in love with Brad since he rescued him from two bullies who were going to stick him in the dumpster at school. Brad is older than Charlie but their dynamic has always been equal.

Once these three meet, the slow build up from just meeting each other’s sexual needs into a fully loving relationship was excellent.

This series surprised me in the end and there’s not many that can do that these days.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Just my cup of tea

Rule BreakerRule Breaker by Lily Morton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh this book suited me perfectly, the right amount of banter, a British bite of sarcasm and humour, insanely hot sex, a broken man who finds his way and another who provided the port in a storm.

Gabe, tormented and broken Gabe, I’ve had my own version of you, a man afraid to let go of his heart, afraid of love because of the pain it can bring with it.

He was an utter arse at times but I understood him completely, he was frightened of his feelings for Dylan and couldn’t take the risk of being abandoned so he fought back with his whole arsenal of emotional weapons.

And there’s no one can hurt you as much as the person you’re in love with. I ached for Dylan, but he didn’t sit passively by when pushed, he hit back too, using the knowledge he’d built up to stab Gabe where it would hurt the hardest – into the fragile part of his feelings he’d slowly been letting out.

The scenes in Devon at Dylan’s parent’s farm were among my favourites. The contrast between the family’s acceptance of Gabe, his own awakened feelings which allowed him to just let go, and the explosively hot Fleshjack edging sexual encounter was perfect.
And gawd, the sexual chemistry between these two men hit volcanic status, it oozed off the pages alongside the tensions and the emotions.

His shirt is hanging off one shoulder, the arm seam ripped where I’d fisted it, and his trousers are round his ankles. I’m stark, bollock naked apart from one black sock. We’re both covered in sweat and come and breathing heavily.

I know other reviewers have described the relationship between them as toxic but I don’t think it was as straightforward as that. Gabe never hid from Dylan that he couldn’t do real, that it would only ever be sex. But Lily Morton did brilliantly to show the reader, through only Dylan’s POV, that he was fighting more than just sex, that feelings and emotions were involved whether Gabe wanted them to be there or not.

Dylan knew what he was doing when he got into bed with Gabe and he managed to run with it for quite a while, hoping there’d be a change in circumstances as anyone in love would do. It wasn’t until Gabe started shutting himself off – and the Valentine’s Day incident – that he took a stand.

I understood why he reacted as he did, it was a natural consequence of being pushed away too far. I loved how Jude and Henry, best friends of the two men, saw what was really going on and started their plotting, knowing Dylan and Gabe really did need each other.

For me, there was enough groveling and genuine expressions of remorse to enable the narrative to come together for the ending. The epilogue was all ends up awesome too.

I’d love to read more about Jude and Henry too. I would say though, that the setting itself, outside of the sarcastic banter, didn’t really have a huge British feel to it. The odd words threw me, elevator instead of lift, intern instead of apprentice or trainee (as has been my own work experience) but whisky was spelt right 🙂

Also major kudos goes to Lily for including Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes as the tune which reminded Gabe of Dylan. It’s one of the most beautiful songs in the world imho.

Watch the Say Anything moment here

Make sure to grab the free short from Lily’s website of what happens next, it’s awesome.

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