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Release Blitz: In A New York Minute by Felice Stevens

In A New York Minute | Felice Stevens


Release Date: May 22nd, 2023

Cover Design: Reece Dante

Photographer: CJC Photography – Book Cover Imagery

Model: Jamieson

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In A New York Minute cover


Garrett Steiner loves his grandmother.


But when she rents a billboard in the middle of Times Square, hoping to find him a husband, he isn’t so sure anymore. Bad enough everyone at the “Crossroads of the World” thinks he’s a joke—now his face is plastered all over the news. He’s already in enough trouble with the principal of his school, who isn’t thrilled to have a gay teacher. It might be two dateless years since his divorce, but no way is he going to answer any of the thousand emails he’s received.

Except….maybe one. The long-haired man with the soulful eyes.

After the devastating loss of his husband, rock star Remi Angel has hit rock bottom. His career is in shambles and he’s spiraling. Fast.

With the media ready for the next juicy scandal, he leaves the limelight behind to return to his roots and spend time with his beloved grandfather. Seeing Garrett’s billboard ad, Remi sends him an email, figuring nothing will come of it, but hey. At least he’s trying.

Except Garrett does answer, and when they meet, both feel that special spark. It’s terrifying yet wondrous, a combination of desire and hope mixed with fear.

The fear of loving again.

Of coming alive again.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

But anything can happen in a New York minute…even love.

In a New York Minute is a slow burn, rock star, M/M romance filled with longing, doubt and swoony moments. There are love songs, a secret identity, a wise, bagel-loving grandpa, and an unrepentant bubbe who knows what’s best for her grandson.

It answers the question: once in a lifetime can’t happen twice…or can it?



“I always worried about you when you told us you wanted to be a famous rock star, that you’d change from the loving young man you were brought up to be. I’m glad to see you haven’t.”

Remi bit off the end of his sandwich. “I have. I’ve done lots of things I’m not proud of.” He chewed without tasting it. “Sometimes I don’t recognize myself.”

“I do.” A surprisingly strong hand gripped his wrist. “You might be older and carry scars around your heart, but you’ll always be that little boy who didn’t mind spending time with me. In your grief, you might see only darkness trapping you in a world that knows you as Remi Angel, famous rock star, but to me, you’re my Jeremiah. My shining light. All I want is for you to be happy so I can see that light shine for someone else.”


About The Author

Felice Stevens Logo

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending around the corner. Her characters have to work for it, because just like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.

Felice is the 2020 Lambda Literary Award winning author in best Gay Romance and two time e-Lit award winner in romance.

When not writing or watching reality television, you can find her in her reader group: Felice’s Breakfast Club

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This love after loss and betrayal romance is an absolute delight

In A New York Minute coverIn a New York Minute by Felice Stevens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love how Felice Stevens unapologetically writes Jewish men falling in love and fills them with all the cultural notes which makes them such authentic reads.

This one is pure delight, it’s a tale of love after both loss and deep emotional betrayal between two men with strong family culture that has held them up and supported them in difficult times.

Both Garrett’s Bubbe (grandmother) and Remi’s Grandfather are true forces of nature, loving and accepting and there for their grandsons when they truly need them – if only Rose’s didn’t come along with a billboard in Times Square seeking a loving husband for her beloved grandchild!

This book has subtle humour alongside the romance, there’s nods to the prejudices both Jews and gay men can face within their personal and professional lives but it’s never overly stated or preachy.

The nods to the song New York Minute, which title the book, are cleverly played out throughout the narrative, where life can change in unexpected ways in such a short time and I adored the more muted and quiet friendship and romance which grows between the two men.

This is an homage to New York as much to love, as is often the case with Felice’s work, and I loved the surprise guest appearances towards the end of the book with characters from her wider universe of stories.

There’s no stupid drama here, no ridiculous miscommunication or 75% break-up to bring tension, instead the two men talk, they express their fears and hopes, they talk about their dreams.

It’s a beautiful story and I loved it all.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Release Blitz: Waking Up Filthy by R. Cayden

Waking Up Filthy | R. Cayden

Love Unexpected #5


Release Date: March 15th, 2023

Buy Links:

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BWYVMHPW

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BWYVMHPW

The book is on offer at 99c for the first week of release.

Add to Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/123172675-waking-up-filthy



Why in the hell is there a naked, tattooed man in my bed?

I’m a closeted tennis pro, and I’m certainly not accustomed to waking up with strange men.

Never mind that Gabriel is a notoriously flirty rock star and, according to the marriage certificate we find in our Vegas hotel room, my new husband.

Last night is a drunken blur, but there’s no doubt in my mind what needs to happen this morning.

Annulment. ASAP.

Gabriel might be annoyingly charming and hot, but he’d spell disaster for my life and career.

Then the photos surface, the ones where we’re making out at the chapel.

A fake relationship might be our only way through the media frenzy, which means playing nice with the man who makes me want to scream and swoon at the same time.

The long-haired rocker who makes me laugh when I least expect, who swears that his songs aren’t sad, and who I definitely don’t want to kiss.

Except for maybe one more time. Just to get it out of our systems…

Waking Up Filthy is a steamy and sweet M/M romance about two guys who try hard but just can’t resist each other. It features dirty talk, sunrise serenades, and a touch of angst. The fifth book in Love Unexpected, Waking Up Filthy can be ready as a standalone or as part of the series. Enjoy!

About The Author


R. Cayden writes steamy M/M romance and sweet, easy reads.

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