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Release Tour: Stronger Than Passion by Katherine McIntyre

Stronger Than Passion| Katherine McIntyre

Chesapeake Days #2

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Release Date: June 11th, 2022

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Hudson West is the enemy. Nico Shah is trouble. However, when they’re forced to collaborate on a town project, they can’t stop the passion from burning.

Hudson West is the enemy.

The calm, arrogant, stupidly hot owner of the rival restaurant in town never fails to push Nico Shah’s buttons. So when he and Hudson are invited to collaborate to cater the Chesapeake Days festival, he wants to say hell no. But with his mother’s upcoming transplant, he needs that money.

Nico Shah is trouble.

Hudson’s noticed the gorgeous, witty flirt and has veered far away. He’s looking for commitment while Nico’s looking for his next flavor of the night. Except now that they’re working together, neither can ignore the chemistry that’s one spark away from burning down a forest. And when they finally collide, the connection is beyond anything either has experienced.

But with Nico still terrified of the word “boyfriend” and Hudson needing someone who belongs to him, this can only end in heartbreak.

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With the way this week had started out, Nico was two steps away from dousing the town in turpentine and tossing the match.

Crumpling the paper in his fist, he tried to suck in a deep breath. Not like it did much to calm the artillery fire in his chest. Fucking asshole.

He and Hudson West were going to have words. Some pithy, some sharp, and most of them unkind.

Harbor Pointe loomed in front of him, all beige walls and hunter-green shutters on the quaint historic house. Wide windows allowed plenty of natural light in, and the patio on the side of the restaurant was full of the high-end patrons this place attracted. Honestly, he couldn’t stand clientele like that, but while he’d love to say good riddance, he couldn’t afford to. Not when they swarmed during the summer and made up a lot of Chesapeake City’s business.

And right now, his pride and joy, Port of Call, needed any extra business it could get.

Nico sucked in a deep breath and slid his Ray Bans off, hanging them from the center of his V-neck. He preferred to avoid Harbor Pointe at all costs and rarely paid an in-person visit, but this… this warranted one. Hudson West had been trouble from the moment he rolled into town a little over a year ago and started a restaurant good enough to compete with Nico’s, and it didn’t look like he showed any signs of easing up.

Nerves. Settle them. Right.

He strode toward the side entrance of the restaurant, wanting to keep this confrontation as private as possible. No need for any onlookers; that would be bad for his own business. He balled his hands into fists and then flexed his fingers, rinse and repeat, as the crisp freshwater breezes wound around him, the picture-perfect view visible from the patio. The servers looked like they’d been plucked out of a country club in their white polos and dark slacks, which worked just peachy for the rich assholes who frequented the place, owner included.

Nico soaked in the pristine cloth napkins, hickory tables and chairs, and barely-there food against spotless white plates. Not for him in the slightest. He’d take his rowdy crowd of boozers at Port of Call any day. He ducked inside the restaurant, the slight chill of the air-conditioning prickling his skin. The lights were dim, gliding like gossamer over all the polished surfaces, since rich folks seemed to have an incessant need to view their own reflections. The paper in his hand was probably unreadable at this point from too many creases, but he’d brought it along to make a point, not be legible.

He skimmed through the room that preached quiet elegance, even with a fair number of patrons dining inside. The bar sparkled with glassware, the back lined by top-shelf liquors, and there, amid it all, stood the man he’d been searching for.

Hudson West was the epitome of preppy white boy with a square jaw, intense blue eyes, and thick, dirty-blond hair. Of course, the guy was built too, all well-defined arms, broad shoulders, and thighs that filled out his slacks far too well. Like Captain freaking America without any of the integrity. Fine, the man might also be stupidly hot, but even with Nico’s sloppy track record of one-night stands, he drew his line in the sand at pompous dickbags. And Hudson had proved to be a jackass from the first day they met.

Nico made his way forward, mentally daring Hudson to glance his way. He was sure the irritation in his look alone would rip the guy a new one.

Hudson’s gaze darted in his direction, those blue eyes darkening. Still, he didn’t bother to wave, nod, or acknowledge, just continued shaking and pouring an old-fashioned into the polished rocks glass. Basic politeness would be far too much of an effort. He handed the drink to a stiff-looking older guy sitting at the far end of the bar and returned to the center. Nico sucked in a breath and approached the bar, sliding onto the stool in front of Hudson.

Hudson arched a brow. “I’m assuming you’re not here for a drink?” His rich, low voice dripped arrogance, something Nico had marked about the man from the start.

Nico let out a snort. “Safe assumption. I like my martinis without the extra shot of condescension.”

Hudson rolled his eyes. “We all know you’re allergic to a little class, Shah.”

Nico’s jaw twitched. Asshole. “I’ll take personality over class.”

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Stronger Than Hope

Chesapeake Days #1

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One man looking to set down roots, the other looking to leave…

Fresh out of a relationship, Nate’s searching for a change—what better way is there than renovating his uncle’s old coffee shop in Chesapeake City? He has a new job, in a new town, and a new lease. And when he almost runs over his hot neighbor, Linc, who happens to be his contractor? Well, based on the explosive attraction between them, maybe he’ll find something new there too.

Linc’s been treading water ever since his wife passed away in childbirth, focusing all of his energy on raising his son, Beckett. The obvious solution? He needs to get the hell out of Chesapeake City. But when Nate charmingly fumbles his way into Linc’s life, he finds his defenses lowering for the first time in years. One date leads to another, and hell, this man makes him feel in ways he’d forgotten.

Even though Nate just finished piecing his heart back together, he falls fast. Yet Linc’s made it clear he’s a bad bet. The man hasn’t clicked with anyone since his wife, and if Nate ends up being “not enough” again, that won’t shatter just his heart—the fragile home he’s trying to build in this town will crumble too.

About the Author

Katherine Photo

Katherine McIntyre is a feisty chick with a big attitude despite her short stature. She writes stories featuring snarky women, ragtag crews, and men with bad attitudes—and there’s an equally high chance for a passionate speech thrown into the mix.

As an eternal geek and tomboy who’s always stepped to her own beat, she’s made it her mission to write stories that represent the broad spectrum of people out there, from different cultures and races to all varieties of men and women.

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Social Media

Website: http://www.katherine-mcintyre.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kmcintyreauthor

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pixierants

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6473654.Katherine_McIntyre

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Katherine-McIntyre/e/B00J8U4VNU

Newsletter sign-up: http://eepurl.com/duIScb

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/katherine-mcintyre

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/authorkmcintyre

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A powerhouse demonstration of how to write an epic love story

58919071._SY475_The Long Game by Rachel Reid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s been a long wait for this book. I suspect the pressure on Rachel Reid for writing this book was immense.

Their original decade long love story was told so beautifully in Heated Rivalry that, although it finished with them both still closeted, their own HEA felt very much a guarantee.

What I didn’t want from this book was anything which messed with that solidity, that hard-fought for place they’d reached when all the world thought they were rivals.

Ilya Rozanov is on my top ten list of favourite MM characters ever, he’s the almost perfect depiction of what I’d hope to see in a Russian star Ice Hockey player.

He has attitude, he’s a god on the ice, in perfect control of the puck, he’s ambitious, arrogant.

But, he’s also vulnerable, he hides great pain and hurt, he has a darkness inside him that he fears my take him down the same road as his mother Irina.

And he has Shane.

Shane Hollander, who is a character I alternate between loving almost as much as Ilya and, not quite hating, but finding it very difficult to be sympathetic towards.

He has always been the centre of Ilya’s world, but sometimes the reverse hasn’t always felt true and a lot of the tension points in this narrative come from his fears over what might happen if they’re outed and his career was affected.

And I get it, I totally understood Shane’s fears, they’re not coming from nowhere. This book obviously loosely overlaps with everything onwards from their first appearance, but more specific attention is paid to the same period as Troy and Harris’ story in Role Model so we’ve seen what the League can threaten to those it feels don’t “fit in”.

But, when push comes to shove, Shane shows not only Ilya, but the world, that he is a one-man guy and will never be anyone else’s but his Russian’s, and it’s a moment that brought tears to my eyes.

I don’t think there was an emotion I passed over while reading The Long Game. It took me from humour through happiness, into confusion, anger, despair, back into hopefulness.

There is heat which scorches, intimacy which brings tears to the eyes, passion which could light a room, fear which would fell even the strongest army.

But it ultimately all folds together into a bone deep satisfaction for not only a story well told but for a pairing that is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Do what makes you happy. Live how you want, love who you want. People will judge you, hate you , criticize you, but plenty more will support you and love you. And, in the end, no one matters except the people you care about.

I care, I care about Ilya and Shane. I love that there was no dramady made up purely for plot tension, I loved that they had moments where their love was so palpable I could feel it surrounding me as I read.

I loved that Rachel took two men and the journey they’d already been on through 10 years of hiding their love and gave them an ending which will make your soul sing.

This Game Changers series has been immense, while Ilya and Shane might stand out as the couple most readers fell for, for me every book has brought something new to the sports romance MM sub-genre and I really hope there might still be more to come.

#ARC kindly received from the publishers Carina Press via NetGalley in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Tennant, Jared and the gang go to the Olympics

60029533._SY475_Rivals by R.J. Scott & V.L. Locey

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This was a lovely catch-up with Ten and Jared as they face each other on different teams at the (fictional version of) the 2022 Olympics, along with some other familiar faces from this writing duo’s interconnected ice hockey series’.

It’s both a lot of fun, and also carries a more serious note, as it looks into not only the homophobia still prevalent in many parts of the world, but also the trauma suffered by both Ten and young goalie Bryan Delaney at the hands of Finnish player Aarni Lankinen (yes him of the almost killing Ten on the ice infamy), when the douchebag is called in as a last minute replacement for his country.

With the usual deft hand these two authors have, we get a rollercoaster of a ride through the highs and lows of professional sport – after all there can only be one Gold Medal winner 😁 and a closeup look at the wonderful love which drives the relationship between Tennant and Jared and their extended family.

#ARC kindly received from the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review

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