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Blog Tour: A Thousand Vermilion Stars by Patricia Logan

A Thousand Vermilion Stars | Patricia Logan

F.B.I. Files #3

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Release Date: February 21st, 2023

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A Thousand Vermilion Stars Cover


A copycat serial killer is driving their whole team crazy.

Dr. Leo Reeves has always considered himself a halfway decent criminal profiler. Some of his colleagues even call him brilliant. With this assignment, he sure as hell doesn’t feel that way. He’s been missing something at every turn. The case is dragging into its seventh month and every lead he and his team follow, takes them to a dead end…literally. Leo sure hasn’t come up with anything to move things along, as hard as he’s tried. They’re no closer to capturing their killer…even after following him all the way to Miami.

Special Agent Max Prince is worried.

The longer this case goes on, the farther down the rabbit hole, his partner and lover, Leo, seems to fall. To make matters worse, back home in Los Angeles, detectives Cassidy Ryan and Mike Williams have turned up a second graveyard filled with some surprising victims…victims the team know well. Worse yet, Miami has left them with even more questions. When a good cop is murdered, the whole case turns on its head. Everyone wants answers and their team doesn’t have any.

Something has to change.

Worst of all, the copycat hasn’t stopped killing, leaving strange clues behind, even inserting himself into the case. When one of their own is put in horrible danger, and DNA results reveal a shocking truth, things get even more complicated. No one likes taking risks, especially when they involve meeting the killer on his terms. But taking that risk, might be the only way to resolve this case. Whether it’s the desert graveyards of SoCal, the sexy hot nights of South Beach’s gay scene, or the sticky bayous of New Orleans, Max and Leo have vowed to end this monster once and for all…if he doesn’t end them first.

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“Leo…Leo.” He blinked awake, then slowly rolled his head on the headrest to find Max staring into his eyes. As always, his lover was the most beautiful man, even when the expression on his handsome face was serious and his pale green eyes were clouded with worry. He’d been looking at him that way for several weeks.

“Where are we?” Leo sat forward, reaching up to wipe drool from his cheek. He’d fallen asleep against the plane’s window as it flew through the night.

“Somewhere over Central Texas. We still have two and a half hours before we land in Miami. Good nap?”

Leo dragged his gaze away from him and turned to the window. With the lights low in the cabin, he couldn’t even make out shapes in the night sky. He looked back at Max and sighed, bending forward so he could take his water out of the seat back. “I guess.” He took a long sip and recapped the bottle. “I don’t get much uninterrupted sleep these days.”

Max reached for his hand and threaded their fingers together before resting it on his thigh. “Do you think I’m not aware of that, darlin’?”

Leo frowned. “I’m sorry, Max. Of course, you are.” The last three months had been one long nightmare, trying to learn all they could about their elusive copycat during the day, and trying to forget all about what he did, at night. Lincoln was finally back at work, heading up his extraordinary FBI team as they worked to shut down the cell Gunter Becker’s Road Knights had controlled. The outlaw biker was currently cooling his heels in a Federal prison after the FBI had refused to sign off on his WITSEC deal when they found Kathy Campbell dead.

Meanwhile, the team had managed to put several of their targets permanently out of business. Between Grant Jacobs, a self-professed copycat of Dean Arnold Corll, and Andrew Wiley, a copycat who took great pride in modeling himself after Dr. Harold Shipman, two less killers had been deprived of their lives. Leo couldn’t say he’d been upset to see either man meet his end. Seeing them behind bars would have been preferrable to writing reports about how neither had survived when they’d been confronted by the team and opted for suicide by cop but that hadn’t been their choice.


He met Max’s questioning gaze with one of his own. “Yeah, baby?”

“Grant Jacobs and Andrew Wiley…”

“What about them?” Leo cocked his head to the side.

“It’s like…ya know, it’s like they just tried to get themselves killed. They wanted it, right? That’s some kinda pathology, right? ‘Cause, I don’t think serial killers are usually prone to suicide. Am I wrong?”

Leo shook his head. “No. Not usually, Max, but the vast range of pathologies that go with that kind of mind are so huge, they truly can’t be painted with a single brush. A lot of the time they’re extreme narcissists, while they loathe themselves so badly, they long for death at any cost. Most of them fall somewhere in the middle on that spectrum.”

“And the serial killer working with Greg Campbell? The Sweetwater Slaughterer’s copycat? He’s not suicidal, right?”

“We don’t know that yet, Max.” Leo smiled sadly at him. “We only know one thing about him.”

“What’s that, darlin’?”

“He’s not finished.”

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About the Author

Patricia Logan Author Pic

International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California. The author of several #1 bestselling romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family.

When she’s not writing her next thriller or paranormal romance, she’s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day.

One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she types.

Married to a wonderful man for 36 years, she counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.

Social Media

Website: http://www.authorpatricialogan.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ploganauthor


Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatriciaLogan1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorpatricialogan/

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Release Blitz: The Murder Between Us by Tal Bauer

The Murder Between Us | Tal Bauer


Release Date: January 28th, 2021

Universal Link: mybook.to/MurderBetweenUs

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It was just one night.

It was just one mistake.

FBI Agent Noah Downing had questions about his sexuality that a single night in Vegas should have answered. But dawn finds him on a plane back to Iowa, back on the trail of a vicious serial killer who disappeared six years ago and has suddenly resurfaced. There’s nothing like a murder investigation to escape an existential crisis.

FBI profiler Cole Kennedy is still reeling after finding a heart-stopping connection with a seemingly perfect man, only for him to vanish. When he’s sent to Iowa to profile the killer terrorizing America’s heartland, he finds more questions than answers – both about the murderer and about Noah, the last man he ever expected to see again.

A twisted secret stretches between Cole and Noah, tangled with questions they both have about each other. But now, thrown together, they’ll have to unravel the killer’s profile and follow his trail… back to the very beginning, to where everyone’s questions are answered once and for all.

About The Author

Tal Author Pic

Tal Bauer is an author of gay romantic suspense/thriller novels.

The world needs more gay heroes, gay love stories, and powerful women kicking ass. I try to write those stories. With a background ranging from law enforcement to humanitarian aid, my stories are global in scope and with diverse characters in all roles.

My goal is to help normalize gay characters as action heroes and to bring to life strong, dynamic, holistic women in all of my novels.

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Tal Blows me away with his latest epic romantic suspense

The-Murder-Between-Us-KindleThe Murder Between Us by Tal Bauer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Tal Bauer is top of the tree when it comes to this type of romantic suspense – a story filled as much with personal introspection and doubt as it is with investigations and police procedure.

For FBI Agent Noah, the one night he allows himself to own his attraction to men means a Vegas experience that not only shatters him to his core, but which he has to deal with unexpectedly when FBI Profiler Cole, the guy he spent the night with, turns up in his serial killer incident room.

This book gripped me from the start. The opening chapter tells you everything you need to know about the two men without copious amounts of exposition. Noah is repressed, he’s never acted on his attraction to men and he’s now being confronted by the object of his desires daily.

He’s also dealing with the return of a serial killer after a six-year absence and this will be a no spoiler at all review but you can see from my updates just how it was going!

There is everything you’d expect in a suspense novel from Tal. It has rapid twists and turns, it’s fast-paced and adrenaline filled, it makes you squirm and it causes your heart to race.

It has two men who are beautifully detailed and fully fleshed out characters who leap off the page to grab your attention and hold it in a tight grip.

There are red herrings and false starts, there is a twist in the tale which I never saw coming, things are both exactly as they seem and yet not all at the same time. it’s so cleverly done but, when the information comes out, it becomes much clearer.

The romance is just awwwwwwww in word form; I fell for these two men instantly. Their chemistry skyrockets off the page but it’s so much more than just lustful hormones. They connect on a deeper level from the start, even as they tumble into their Vegas hotel bed it’s clear there could be more between them.

Surprisingly, it’s only medium steam, but it feels more, if that makes sense. The intimacy and emotional connection between them comes out of the bedroom and into everything they’re experiencing together.

And when it comes to experiences, let me say, if you have an easily turned stomach, parts of this book will make you want to vomit. Tal holds nothing back when it comes to the brutality of the killer the two men are trying to find.

There were times I actually gasped out loud when reading, my heart was thumping and I had to force myself at 3am to put the book down and go to sleep. I NEEDED to know that the bad guy would get his just deserts.

But, I should have known, as with all Tal books, there would be a final sting before our amazing two men can get their HEA.

And what a HEA, the Epilogue is so beyond adorable I had a grin like the Cheshire Cat when I finished this book.

Murders aside, I could have read about Noah and Cole indefinitely. I also seriously appreciated Noah’s daughter Katie was an integral part of the narrative too, not just there to add a bit of interest to his character.

So, get it, start reading it early so you don’t stay up half the night, and be blown away by a romantic suspense novel which hopefully ticks all your boxes like it did mine.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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