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Another scorching hot and emotionally satisfying read from Roe

58038447._SY475_Naked Games by Roe Horvat

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Picture a flowing river of molten lava, the steam bursting off the surface, the crackle and pop of the liquid as it rolls down the hillside, the heat filling the air.

That’s how hot this book is. But, as with any of Roe’s erotica, this book is so much more than just incandescent sex.

I wish I could put my finger on the secret ingredient which turns his stories from just loads of sex into an emotionally engaging narrative that delivers a compelling romance alongside all the steam.

This one is an absolute cracker. Not content with writing almost perfect throuples. This time he’s turned his hand to a quartet.

It starts off as a one-time sexcapade in a club – three men who’ve been committed to each other for years looking to have a night of fun.

Curtis attracts their attention, and he gets to fulfil one of his wildest fantasies at the club owned by one of the men, Ethan, a giant of a bear with all the heart of your favourite teddy. He’s huge in every way and Curtis can’t wait to find out just how that feels.

The other two men, Jack and George, are as different as night and day. Jack is analytical, driven, a perfectionist in his work, no matter what that might be. George is like liquid flame, a dark-skinned dancer who oozes sensuality in his every move on stage or off.

They’ve been together since Jack fell for George having seen him dance three years previously. Jack and Ethan had been together seven years before that.

Curtis is understandably nervous at how he’ll fit in with this solid throuple.

But Roe, as ever, makes it work. Ethan needs someone to take care of, Jack and George are both independent and don’t want to be his boy. Curtis craves the attention. His upbringing has been less than stellar, he thinks he can’t commit to a relationship because he’s had no good examples to show him how.

I’ll leave it up to you to find out how Curtis discovers he’s not only capable of commitment, but actually needs it when you pick up this stunning book.

Let’s just say it worked perfectly for me.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Simply brilliant Rainbow Cove romance

Tender with a Twist (Rainbow Cove, #2)Tender with a Twist by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simply brilliant writing, that’s what Tender with a Twist is. Unlike book one, this not only touches on loss and heartbreak but it also has some of the best emotionally driven BDSM kink I’ve ever read.

Each time Logan puts Curtis through a scene the feelings underpinning their attraction to each other bleed out. I was interested in Curtis in book one, it’s not often a chainsaw carver pops up as a character, but Logan was sort of just there in the background at the tavern.

Well not in this one, here Logan is very much front and centre and his quiet strength and determination to be the person he truly knows he is carries the narrative forward at all times.

The humour is gentle, Curtis’ fears are palpable, he knows he’s not the typical ‘hero’, the one people flock to. Life’s beaten him down so much over the years and he’s not sure he can cope with any more.

But Logan, wonderfully optimistic and driven Logan, knows he can bring light and much needed release both sexually and emotionally, to Curtis.

Their scenes together are topping Annabeth’s efforts in her latest Out of Uniform story for being the most kinky. They’re delicious and sensual and painful and emotional and erotic and loving and so hot they risk spontaneous combustion.

The drama is caused not only by Curtis’ own fears, but also by the interference of family who should know better. Logan is 27 but his parents still look on him as if he’s a scared and shy teen. Their helicopter parenting leaves him frustrated and doubting his own determination to be his real self.

And I could have slapped Troy’s mother, even though I also absolutely understood and sympathized with her feelings, for her guilt tripping as she sees Curtis making tentative steps towards a new life with Logan in it permanently.

I could wax lyrical about this one for hours more, I never wanted it to end. Utterly gorgeous cover too, the lumbersexual look isn’t usually my thing but Curtis just floated my boat.

#ARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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