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Release Blitz: Raised By Wolves by Elaine White

Raised By Wolves | Elaine White

Surviving Vihaan #2


Release Date: May 16th, 2023

Publisher: Nine Star Press

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Bad news always comes in threes.

As do the hits that knock Keon’s perfectly laid plans into chaos. His no-good brother conducted a hostile takeover of their pack, became Alpha, and got killed in the space of a year. Grief has crippled their father, leaving Beta Weston desperate for Keon’s return, as Simeon’s last act as Alpha was to name Keon his successor.

Leaving his friends is heartbreaking. Arriving home to a hostile pack is unsurprising. But finding a rival pack hovering on the boundaries of his land, vying for blood, could be a problem. With Simeon dead, they don’t seem to care which Alpha bleeds for the crimes.

With no other choice, Keon shoulders the burden of being Alpha. Fighting, bleeding, and sacrificing.

As a new Alpha, he needs to prove himself to get the respect needed for them to accept change…like dragging Vihaan into the 21st century. On the top of the list is finding a mate. But who would want to mate an Alpha whose own pack doesn’t respect him?

Content Warnings: This book contains sexually explicit content, which may only be suitable for mature readers. Depictions of discrimination; on-page violence, injuries, disabilities; past trauma; past death of family members; homophobic language; domestic abuse of secondary character; depression; kidnap of minor; and minor in peril.

The Surviving Vihaan series must be read in order.





Seven Months Ago

Alpha Thatcher’s Pack

E’Boolou Region, Vihaan

HE ALWAYS KNEW this day would come. Thatcher was too old and selfish to fight his own challenges, but part of Milo had naïvely presumed it would be Usher standing in his place. Or one of his many other brothers, who were better fighters.

But Milo supposed that was the point. This wasn’t about the challenge. This was about punishing Milo, because the Fates had given him a male true mate. This was a reminder of his place in the pack, in the world.

Every challenge was to the death, and if Milo died, he doubted his father, Thatcher, would spare a second thought. The loss of Milo’s gift would be a small price if he could give the pack this important lesson―there would be no gaoj tolerated in Thatcher’s pack or his family.

It didn’t matter that Milo hadn’t asked to be born gaoj―someone attracted to the same sex. The fact he was would be enough of an insult to Thatcher’s opinion on what made a man a man.

Beating each other bloody counted, apparently. With not even the Meskli to preside, as was usually the case.

Alpha Farley was a m’weko, but as the Meskli, he was a neutral party who governed within Vihaan. Settling disputes and resolving problems between packs, villages, and species of foame―those half-human who could call forth a beast form. He wasn’t a man to disobey and held tight to tradition.

No, waiting for the Meskli would mean prying eyes and someone willing to―and with the power to―interfere on Milo’s behalf.

He didn’t recognise his opponent, and Thatcher hadn’t bothered to tell Milo what this challenge was about. What dispute or grievance required the shedding of blood. A secret part of him wondered if the problem had been fabricated purely to punish him. Milo would put nothing past his father.

The moment the challenger stepped forward―a brute of a man, made of muscle―Milo’s nerves shook. He tried to hide it, summoning long buried memories of his most hated brothers, bullying and goading him, from his childhood. The only way he’d survive this was to remember one important thing―he’d rather spend an eternity in reedav than let his father win. An afterlife in Vihaan’s version of hell would be worth the chance to make his father suffer.

As long as Milo remained breathing by the end of the fight, it would be enough. He’d drag himself to his home, with his insides hanging out, if it meant denying Thatcher the satisfaction of seeing him fail.


MILO WAS DOWN, beaten bloody and could barely feel his legs, but not dead. He could only see out of one eye, but his reflexes remained quick enough to roll away from the foot aimed at his head.

It had been a long, excruciating fight, with his opponent employing every dirty trick possible, and Thatcher didn’t object once.

At some point, Usher had arrived to watch horror-stricken, as Milo fought for his life. At least neither his mother nor his sister, Haley, had been dragged from their beds to witness his humiliation.

After five minutes of struggling to make his legs move, Milo froze at the first sign of rain. Dismay filled his heart, but he fought to stand and dodged through another ten minutes of attacks, too bone-weary to do anything but defend and protect himself. His opponent showed signs of fatigue, and it was satisfying to see bleeding wounds where Milo had left his mark.

Then the opponent backed away to shift into his m’weko form―a giant beast, all fur and fangs, and far scarier than the Dnaran tales of wolf beasts. Something Milo was too weak to do.

Lightning flashed across the sky, and he feared his fate was to die here.

As a massive paw swiped at his head, Milo ducked, rearing back to avoid it gutting his stomach on the way up. Too late to see the other hand lowering over his bent body in time to counter-strike.

He saw the claw descend, knew he had neither the time nor energy to avoid it, and felt the skin tear as it made contact. Milo screamed, a sound he’d never made before, and crumpled to the ground to an angry shout,


In the haze of his vision, he made out Usher shifting to tackle the m’weko challenger, tearing at his throat. Milo lasted long enough for Usher to kill the man, then shift to human.

A Touch of Danger

A Touch Of Danger

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About the Author

Elaine White Logo

Elaine White is the author of multi-genre MM romance, celebrating ‘love is love’ and offering diversity in both genre and character within her stories.

Growing up in a small town and fighting cancer in her early teens taught her that life is short and dreams should be pursued. She lives vicariously through her independent, and often hellion characters, exploring all possibilities within the romantic universe.

The Winner of two Watty Awards – Collector’s Dream (An Unpredictable Life) and Hidden Gem (Faithfully) – and an Honourable Mention in 2016’s Rainbow Awards (A Royal Craving) Elaine is a self-professed geek, reading addict, and a romantic at heart.

Social Media

Website: https://ellelainey.wixsite.com/author

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elainewhite.author

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6895396.Elaine_White

Blog: http://ellelainey.wordpress.com


Release Blitz: The Rest of the Story by Tal Bauer

The Rest of the Story | Tal Bauer


Release Date: January 8th, 2023

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The Rest of the Story cover


Let me earn it.

I keep things simple. I’m a classic one-night wonder. Relationships? Are you out of your mind? No. No way. Not interested. My heart is vulcanized rubber, puck hard, and that’s the way I like it.

Then I’m traded to the absolute worst team in the NHL, the Rocky Mountain Outlaws, and I’m hit with a one-two punch.

First: I’m asked to step up and lead the team, which is every kind of bad idea you can imagine. I’m a head-down, mind-my-business kind of guy. Mr. Uninvolved, Mr. No, Not Me, Mr. Find Someone Else. But these players have been through a mess of hell, and someone thinks I can help pull them together.

The Outlaws are made up of jaded veterans and wide-eyed rookies, and we have no business whatsoever succeeding. We are scrappy and plucky and built out of spit and duct-tape… and whatever we’re doing, it’s working.

Second: The first day I’m in Boulder, I go over the boards and come face-to-face with a pair of blue eyes and lose my heart. Boy, howdy: meet my new co-captain, Shea Darling.

He’s way, way off-limits. It’s a stratospherically terrible idea to want or crave him. This crush, this infatuation, is going nowhere fast.

Yeah, right. I’m gone for Shea. I’m head over heels, and I’m all tangled up in something I can’t understand or control. This isn’t me. I don’t fall in love. And there’s nothing simple about Shea, or about the Outlaws. This team is finally putting up the wins, and we are making something of ourselves. Falling for my co-captain while we’re on a Cinderella run could jeopardize everything we’re striving for.

But then there’s this one night.
And this one kiss.
And everything changes.

Eighty-two games in a season.
Twenty men hungry for redemption.
One co-captain who could be my forever.

This is the rest of the story.


The Rest of the Story is a friends-to-lovers, hockey players/teammates MM romance, and includes themes of survivorship.

The Rest of the Story is set in the same universe as Gravity, but each novel can be read independently. You do not need to read Gravity first to enjoy The Rest of the Story.



We picked up a win in Tampa and got to enjoy an off day before our flight home. Snow was already falling on the peaks in Colorado, but Tampa Bay was eighty-five degrees and drenched with sunshine. We hit the beach.

It was a postcard day. Waves shimmering like scattered diamonds, the surf playing peekaboo with the nearly ice-white sand. I plopped my ass on my towel, buried my toes, and listened to the waves… and the sounds of my team, roughhousing in the shallows, shit talking their way through a beach volleyball game, and then deciding it would be a fucking brilliant idea to rent Jet Skis and race each other around the bay.

I lay back, ready to blank out my mind and replace everything in my skull with sunshine and indulgence. Float around on my subconscious, daydream the afternoon away.

A body thudded onto a towel beside me, wet enough to flick damp seawater across my chest and kick sand over my calves. I rolled, glowered, ready to unburden my substantial irritation at my intruder—

Shea—shirtless, in low-slung board shorts that barely clung to his hips, water dripping down his skin—was propped on one elbow and grinning. “Hi.”

I couldn’t have told you my name with a gun to my head. Every thought had been replaced with him, with the way seawater was moving down his clavicles, with how the sun was already bringing out hidden freckles across his chest. His long legs were lazily crossed, toes tickling the sand, and his hair was finger-combed back from his face. Miles of hockey-player-pale skin was on display. It was almost lewd, lascivious, even, how he’d show the world how gorgeous he was. Were other people as stunned, as speechless, as absolutely bamboozled as I was? Was he causing traffic accidents on the road fronting the beach? What if someone drowned because a lifeguard couldn’t tear his eyes away from the happy trail escaping down Shea’s abdomen and disappearing beneath the shoelace tie of his board shorts? Jesus, one tug of that lace and God’s gift was on display.

I exhaled, grunted some kind of vocalization, my wonderful way with words really coming in clutch. He kept right on grinning, head tilted and resting on his shoulder, his eyes hidden behind sexy little mirror aviators. It should be fucking illegal to smile like that, looking like that.

I hadn’t dressed to impress on this beach trip. My own board shorts were probably ten years old, stamped with big, bold hibiscus flowers in a gaudy tropical print. And no one who looked at me—broad, furred chest scattered with old scars, a layer of padding around my middle that made me “stocky”—was going to be singing hallelujahs or crashing their car in wide-eyed delight.

Why was he here? I found my tongue and kick-started my frontal lobes. Put words in order. Breathe in and out. My standards for getting through the next few minutes were not high. I wasn’t sure I could meet them. “Uhh, you’re not— You’re not going with—” Down the beach, we heard the roar of engines and the high-pitched laughter of Logan and Brody.

“Nah.” Shea flopped back, threw his arms over his head. I could trace his biceps and his forearms into the sand with my fingers, create a perfect outline of him. “You have the right idea,” he said on a sigh. “This is perfect.”

Sure, perfect for him. But now there was a marching band in my chest, fireworks blazing beneath my skin, and big ol’ bongo drums and shimmy-shimmy tambourines going wild inside my skull. Plus, I needed a moment and some deep breathing exercises. Certain things had to calm down.

There went my afternoon of not thinking about Shea.

About The Author


Tal Bauer writes breath-taking, heartfelt, and often action-packed gay romance novels. His characters are head over heels for each other, and fight against all odds for their happy ending.

Nothing stands in the way of love. Tal is best known for his romantic suspense novels, including the Executive Office series, The Murder Between Us, The Night Of, and his MM sports romance, The Jock.

Visit Tal at www.talbauerwrites.com and on Facebook or BookBub today.


Tal delivers a powerful story about hope and love

The Rest of the Story coverThe Rest of the Story by Tal Bauer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, so good!

Tal Bauer owes me another four hours sleep because, as I read this relatively low angst (as in there’s not loads of whinging whining!), but still with its own heart-breaking moments romance, I just knew he was going to lay down a gut punch which would totally blindside me.

And he did, waaaaaaaaay past the usual 75% break-up/Third Act crisis point comes a crashing blow which you never see coming and I couldn’t even be mad with him, because it completely fits within the narrative.

You’ll get no spoilers here, but it’s not dramady, it’s not Tal throwing in something just to raise the tension stakes. It feels wholly believable and it’s an earned part of the plot which rocks your very core.

However, this is also Tal Bauer, so happy ending absolutely guaranteed and how he brings around that resolution is an incredible piece of writing that drags on every tender part of your soul and makes you wish with every breath of your body as he mends what was broken and turns it into something beautiful.

Rather like the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

Before that he’s given us a tale of so many emotions. Those of an ice hockey team which has not only hit rock bottom, but plummeted beyond the surface and into a cave of despair. Those of a jobbing player who’s hit his 30s and knows he’s reaching the end and those of a young gun, a 24-year-old rookie who’s holding on to every bit of hope he can.

This is a romance about hope, about opportunities which open where you’d never expect them. It’s about finding strength in the hidden places. It’s about love, oh boy is it about love.

And not just romantic love. It’s about families, both those made in blood and bones and those created in the molten fire of an ice hockey dressing room and out on the arena. It’s about making promises and then doing whatever it takes to make that future happen.

It’s a barnstormer of a book and I fell head over heels for every single person – bar one! – who appears within its pages.

And I want my four hours of sleep back please Tal Horatio Nelson Bauer!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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