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Ruby weaves a delightfully kinky tale of historical age gap romance

54397174._SY475_People Like Us by Ruby Moone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second entry in Ruby’s Winsford Green historical series is utterly fabulous because it not only twists tropes, but it provides a gorgeous romance between two men who are so different.

There are so many layers to this narrative that it’s difficult to do them justice with my review, but I loved how the Dom/sub trope was given a new dynamic here with stiff upper crust valet Alfred fighting against his nature while blacksmith Joseph explores his newfound abilities for control.

The age gap works perfectly to give this light kink romance the spark it deserves and to tie in with the wider issues of class, position and the security of employment which exists in the time period setting.

I adored the wider Winsford Green community, the village welcomes Arthur without question and I appreciated the kindness of Joseph’s friends in offering their support to him and coming up with ideas to keep him there.

There’s a lovely guest appearance by Sir Hugo and Mr Cross, which I appreciated, and the Marquis also pops by to demonstrate that not every nobleman is an utter arse, unlike Arthur’s ex-employer!

I’m really hoping Ruby comes back and gives the Major a happy ending next and I would love to know more about the rest of the Winsford Green villagers!

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