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This polyamorous romance was a pleasant suprise


I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. The idea of an MMMMM! romance on paper is always one which sounds hotter than Vesuvius but doesn’t always deliver the emotional connection too.

Well in this one, Lily G Blunt comes out on top with both aspects of the story narrative. There are some amazingly hot scenes with first Zach, Shaun and Colin, and then later with Wes and Dane as well, but they’re also fully immersed in believable relationship development.

The setting is Northern England but (speaking as a girl who lives in Northern England!) I can’t say I felt a particularly strong sense of location or place. Yes there’s lots of wild regions (on my doorstep in fact) where I could quite easily believe this paranormal activity could take place, but the general language and descriptive elements didn’t really emphasise the location.

I loved all five men. Each had a unique personality, their interactions were a little hesitant at first and the dialogue at times was a bit basic, but I did honestly believe in the attraction to each other.

The side plot didn’t work as well for me though, it seemed to come a bit out of nowhere and then petered off with a tiny bit of drama but I thought the paranormal aspect of the men finding out about vampires and werewolf shifters was dealt with in a smooth way.

I’d like to read more of these five, they were all very vividly depicted for me and I absolutely love the cover from Jay Aheer.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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