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This book made me smile

Enlightened (Enlightenment)Enlightened by Joanna Chambers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“He’s not the love of my life, you are, you stupid man,” (words to the effect of that is) – a glorious declaration which highlights the beautiful nature of the relationship between David and Murdo.

This Scottish based historical romance has been an utter delight from start to finish, firmly rooted in the beginnings of the 19th century with King George IV on the throne.

The side plots of the beginnings of workers rights, female emancipation and the change in attitude within a nobility which had been resting on its laurels, are all superbly touched on throughout this series.

And the icing on the historical cake has been the truly beautiful men both depicted in this love story but also those representing them on the covers.

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