This is my favourite one so far

The Omega's Alpha (Mercy Hills Pack, #4)The Omega’s Alpha by Ann-Katrin Byrde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s some absolutely wonderful world building in this book as the Mercy Hills Pack’s alpha is claimed by a totally unsuitable omega.

I loved Holland, the things he’d been through and the pressure he put in himself were immense but Quin saw through it all to the beautiful and brilliant shifter underneath.

There’s lots of background happenings in this book as the shifters start to question why they have to live behind walls, why they’re shunned and feared and a dawning hope that things can be changed.

There’s been an awful lot of work gone into creating the cultures and customs of the shifters and they remind me very much of the Native American tribes.

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They keep getting better

Duke's Baby Deal  (Mercy Hills Pack #3)Duke’s Baby Deal by Ann-Katrin Byrde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As with book two, this is a fully fleshed out story with more details and world building.

Bram came across as a bit of a spoiled youngster in the first two books but here he really comes into his own as a strong and independent young man finding his way through a difficult situation.

Duke’s always come across as a stable and calming influence in the Mercy Hills Pack and here he was super sweet and dedicated to making sure Bram’s life wasn’t ruined by a single mistake.

The drama is mostly through circumstances in this one and, again, there is excellent communication once the pair are together, even if they could have done with their heads knocking together earlier.

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Much more rounded story than book one

Abel's Omega (Mercy Hills Pack #2)Abel’s Omega by Ann-Katrin Byrde

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story was much more detailed and rounded out in comparison to the first one in the series. There was also a better paced narrative and more fleshing out of the world.

Bax and Abel made for a really sweet pairing, I felt their attraction to each other was given time to properly mature and there was a lot of good communication.
Most of the drama came from outside sources as Abel continued to change and challenge traditional things with his leadership of the Mercy Hills Pack.

I do like that these books don’t gloss over the mPreg element of the stories, the reader is given a ‘realistic’ alternative for birthing a shifter baby.

The more I read in this series, the more I like the setting.

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Sweet second chances alpha/omega romance

Tying the KnotTying the Knot by Casey Cameron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5* I liked this one, no silly drama or angst thrown in for the sake of plot, just two men reconnecting after a childhood friendship.

Casey Cameron’s created an interesting twist on the alpha/omega dynamic usually found in shifter stories which is enjoyable to read. There’s the ascending and mating but not as much of the “mine, mine” emotions which can overpower a storyline and turn it into a one sided power play.

Fox was sweet, uncertain of his next steps after his alpha fiancee called off their wedding. Dustin was afraid of his alpha reactions to the man he’d never stopped thinking about since he’d left for catering college six years earlier.

It was nice to watch them waking up to the fact they’d never stopped loving each other. There was also a low slow burn with sex not really happening until the final quarter but when they finally did come together, it was passionate and emotional.

There a nice epilogue which glimpses into their future.

#ARC kindly supplied by the author in return for an unbiased and honest review.

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Another good paranormal romance from Cameron

Omega StudiesOmega Studies by Casey Cameron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like the paranormal world that Casey Cameron has created for her alpha/beta/omega romances. There’s no shifters here but a lot of the dynamics work in a similar fashion.

This is a romance but it has a nice side order of college politics running alongside it. I did think there were a few plot elements which didn’t get properly resolved like Andy’s fate for one, but overall it was an enjoyable read.

I found Matt a little too abrasive at first but he slowly grew on me. Derek I liked from the off as he seemed determined to try and not fulfil stereotypes and was willing to listen.
I liked the secondarily characters too and I liked that all the alphas weren’t jerks.

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