Release Blitz: Pisces Hooks Taurus by Anyta Sunday

Pisces Hooks Taurus | Anyta Sunday

Signs of Love #4


Release Date (Print & Ebook): October 16, 2018

Length (Print & Ebook): 69000 words / 285 pages

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It’s a time for searching, and a time for finding, Pisces: keep casting your line and you will hook what you’re looking for.

Zane has it all planned out: land the perfect Meet Cute, fall in love, and live happily ever after.
Should be simple enough if he put his mind to it. A little creativity and some thinking outside of the box, and voila, he’d be married to the woman of his dreams.
It would be perfect.
And it would be before his visa ran out.

But why are his feelings running wild now that the pressure’s on? Why is his picture-perfect plan turning into a muddled mess of morphed metaphors he can’t make sense of any more?

Just as well he’s met an English professor to help. And even though their first meet is anything but cute, this down-to-earth teacher may just be the realist Zane needs to ground him and give him a shot at love after all.

Don’t cast your line too wide, Pisces. Your perfect catch may already have bitten.

Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) is an MM opposites-attract romantic comedy featuring an unapologetic romantic and a broken realist.
More wit, banter and bad puns – and even more heart-stopping slow burn!
Can be read as a standalone.

Tropes: friends-to-lovers, slow burn, will-they-or-won’t-they

Genre: New Adult, light-hearted, contemporary, gay romance

Pisces Hooks Taurus 1

~ – ~ – ~


“What is that?
Beckett’s mum and guests had left, and Beckett had brought Zane and his worldly belongings into an exposed-beam attic with a chain-pull light.

Zane set his box and suitcase against a slanted wall. The small, empty space contained a tiny window, a chest of drawers, and a low futon. Dust spokes glittered under the swaying light.

Beckett pointed at Zane’s box, one brow arched.

Zane laid the bearskin rug on the floor and straightened out the kinks. Beckett gaped at the bear poised as if to eat his ankle.
“I thought it was romantic,” Zane said with a sigh. He rested back on his heels, soft fur against his knees. “Now I’m kinda stuck with the beast.”

“Tough cross to bear.”
Zane grinned. “What’s with the word-wittage, anyway?”

“Word-wittage. Nice alliteration. I like playing with words.” Beckett sidestepped the bear and gestured around the attic. “The wooden slats are creaky, the bathroom is back down the ladder. My sister is returning from Europe Thursday, staying here until she finds her own place. The couch is too small for you, so . . . .”

“I’m totally cool to bunk with you.”
Beckett swept a hand through his hair, gaze darting toward the bed, the window. “There’ll be no bunking.”

Understood. He had a few days to find another accommodation—or convince Beckett that bunking could be fun.
Zane pulled his drawing tablet and stylus from their cushioned compartment. “Did you want to head to Chiffon with your friends? Whatever Chiffon is.”

“It’s a bar where we professors drink pinot noir and pontificate on the pleasures of punning.”
“Um . . . .”
“It’s a pretentious penis party.”

Zane turned around, armed with the supplies he needed to finish—or fix—the comic. “Sounds like a . . . picnic?”
The corners of Beckett’s mouth pulled up. Zane dropped the electronics to the bed and crossed over to the professor.

He tapped a finger against the wine stain at the side of Beckett’s blazer lapel. “Proof that you snorted your wine while we texted? I’ll have it dry-cleaned, if you’d like?”
“It’s not your fault. I’ll sort it out. Use it as an excuse to buy another one.”
Zane caught a whiff of Beckett’s clean scent with a subtle spicing of aftershave. Blue eyes met his, curious and hesitant.

A fat, black spider bungee-jumped from the beam above them and dangled in Zane’s face. He dropped the fingers that had lingered on Beckett’s chest and scrambled to the wall.
“Does a big, strapping man like you need me to remove the tiny bastard?”
“That’s a big, strapping yes.”

A few precise movements later, Beckett trapped the hairy beast in his hands. Insane yet heroic.
The bed squealed as Beckett kneeled on it. Zane crawled next to him, opened the window, and beat a quick retreat as Beckett set the spider free. “The sheets are freshly changed, and you can help yourself to breakfast.”

Fresh bed and breakfast? Lovely. But Zane was more concerned about suicidal spiders. He studied the ceiling with a shudder. “Do you think there are more?”
The window clapped shut, sealing off the cool breeze. “Would you feel better sleeping with my cat?”

Zane’s attention pivoted to Beckett’s hands fitting the lock. Long-fingered, deft, sure. “I’d feel better sleeping with you.”

Beckett let out a strangled sound, swung off the bed, and zipped to the ladder. “Good night, Zane,” he said, and dropped out of sight.

Zane called after him. “Fine, I’ll take the cat.”

Pisces Hooks Taurus 2

About Anyta Sunday


A bit about me: I’m a big, BIG fan of slow-burn romances. I love to read and write stories with characters who slowly fall in love.

Some of my favorite tropes to read and write are: Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Clueless Guys, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Oblivious MCs, Everyone (Else) Can See It, Slow Burn, Love Has No Boundaries.

I write a variety of stories, Contemporary MM Romances with a good dollop of angst, Contemporary lighthearted MM Romances, and even a splash of fantasy.

My books have been translated into German, Italian, French, and Thai.

Connect with Anyta

Author website:

Author newsletter signup:





Win an e-book set of 3 Signs of Love books: Leo Loves Aries, Scorpio Hates Virgo, and Gemini Keeps Capricorn or a reader’s choice of back catalog e-book by Anyta Sunday

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New Release Blitz: Out In The End Zone by Lane Hayes

Out in the End Zone | Lane Hayes

Out in College #2

Out in the End Zone Banner

Release Date: October 10

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 44,000

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Bisexual, College romance, Football, Coming out

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Out in the End Zone Cover



Evan di Angelo is an upbeat, good-natured goofball who loves his friends and family… and football. A traumatic accident may have ended his hopes of playing professionally, but he’s made the most of his four years on the field at a small Southern California college.

He’s learned the hard way to embrace change, take chances and try things outside of his comfort zone…like agreeing to play fake boyfriends for someone else’s senior project.

Mitch Peterson knows that being his authentic self is the path to true happiness. He’s grown from a shy, quiet kid from a broken home to an out and proud budding internet sensation bound for grad school. An awesome senior project is the key.

It’s unlikely anyone will believe the hunky, straight athlete is Mitch’s new lover, but it’s worth a shot. However, as their tentative friendship blossoms into unexpected attraction, the lines between reality and fiction blur for both men.

Evan is forced to face old demons and decide if he has the courage to take the next step and come out in the end zone.


Mitch scoffed. “Cooperate, please. This is your intro. Maybe you should put your arm around me and kiss my cheek.”


“Yes. This is a rehearsal, so…go for it.”

I moved to his side, slipped my arm around his waist, and kissed his cheek. His scruff threw me off stride. It wasn’t noticeable because his facial hair was blond, but I could feel it. He smelled and felt different from anyone I’d ever kissed before. Sure, I’d kissed male relatives. I was part Italian. No one in my family shied from physical contact. But a hug and kiss on each cheek from my Uncle Gianni was different from kissing an attractive man. I caressed his cheek impulsively and then leaned in to sniff him the way I’d wanted to since the party. “Mmm.”

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“You smell good. I’ve never kissed a guy I wasn’t related to who had a five o’clock shadow.”

Mitch gave me a funny look. “You kissed me yesterday at lunch.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t shaved since this morning, right? The texture is like sandpaper but in a good way. I like it,” I assured him.

He looked flustered for a second but recovered quickly. “Well, that’ll make the real kiss easier then.”

“Right. When do we kiss, and what’s the intensity level supposed to be? G, PG, PG-13? Or are we going straight to the nasty?” I teased.

“Ha. G is peck on the cheek, which we just covered. PG is peck on the lips. So somewhere in between that and PG-13 works.”

“Got it. Maybe we should practice first,” I said.

“Um…sure.” Mitch turned around and gestured toward the bar stools at the island. “We can sit there, and I’ll set up the tripod a foot or so from where you’re standing now.”

“We don’t have to be in exact position. I just need to get used to touching you. It would be the same with anyone. Guy or girl.”

Okay, fine. I wanted to do it again. I’d thought about him nonstop since the party last weekend. And that throwaway kiss yesterday at the restaurant had opened a Pandora’s box. I was consumed now. I didn’t want to practice kissing him. I had to or I’d go crazy.

“Maybe you’re right. Um…okay. You can kiss me,” he said in a low voice.

“Well, you have to participate,” I chided as I stepped into his space.

“I’m…yes. Do you want to go first? Like…” Mitch set his hand on my hip and inched closer still. “This?”

I lifted my right hand and hovered it above his ear for a moment before threading my fingers through his hair. He suddenly looked nervous, which somehow worked in my favor. I held his gaze, then moved forward and gently pressed my lips to his.

And fuck, it felt amazing to be here again. I tilted my head slightly, loving the intoxicating contrast of his soft lips and scratchy chin. Mitch closed his eyes and hooked his arms around my neck so we stood toe to toe and chest to chest.

All the ways this felt different no longer applied. I knew what to do here. I was practically a fucking expert.

Meet the Author

Lane Hayes is grateful to finally be doing what she loves best. Writing full-time! It’s no secret Lane loves a good romance novel. An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters.

These days she prefers the leading roles to both be men. Lane discovered the M/M genre a few years ago and was instantly hooked. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and won First Prize in the 2016 and 2017 Rainbow Awards.

She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in a newly empty nest.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Guest Post: The Agitated Agenda by Candace N. Ford


About the Book

Priscilla Richardson had her life fully planned; graduate top of her class from Georgetown Law School, snag a job at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country and become partner within five years.

She had it all figured out. There would be no interruptions and no delays. Her agenda would not be agitated… or so she thought. After working against all odds to finish law school and get hired at a high-powered law firm, what’s a beautiful and brilliant attorney to do when her plans for success are disrupted by a handsome colleague and unexpected and unexplainable spiritual messages?

Thankfully her best friend Sylvia, and Sylvia’s parents step in as her family when Priscilla must face unimaginable situations that rock her world and force her to acknowledge a faith in God that had always surrounded her but that she had not quite come to terms with yet.

The first in this contemporary new adult series will set the scene and leave readers wanting to know how Priscilla will deal with agitations to her agenda.

In the Presence of the Great

by Candace N Ford

You can ask any author and they will tell you they have high hopes when their book is
complete. They want the money, positive reviews and exposure to come rolling in.

They have dreams of their book being a top seller on Amazon, listed on the New York Times’ Best Seller’s list, heck even one of Oprah’s book of the month. However, all those these things are nice, yet they aren’t strong reasons as to why an author should write.

An author is one who can creatively wield words to teach, inspire and entertain and that is where your passion to write should come from.

You should want to write to teach, inspire and entertain. Yes, I know what you’re saying, “that’s all good and dandy, but will those things pay my bills?”

My answer would be yes! Proverbs 18:16 (NIV) says: “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”

As an author, your gift is writing and if you write and do it in an excellent manner, it WILL bring you in the presence of the great. Now does great denote money, not always, but it truly denotes a place that you will not achieve if you don’t allow your gift to be
experienced by others.

Authors, writers, poets, bloggers have a gift the world needs, especially in our society where people read more social media than they do books. The world needs our gift to teach the next generation as authors did before us.

The world needs our gift to inspire other authors to take the leap to write. The world needs our gift so it can laugh, cry and see life through different perspectives.

Writing is a gift, it will make room for you in the areas in which your readers reside and it will bring you to a place of great accomplishment for not everyone can be an author.

About the Author

Candace N Ford Headshot

Candace N. Ford is an avid reader, entrepreneur, author, speaker, an ordained minister and spiritual strategist, who loves to be creative and encouraging through her writings.

In 2011 while working in the accounting field Candace decided she wanted to give back to others and began writing her first book which she self-published. She soon discovered that self-publishing was a daunting task and that there were more questions than answers; although the book was published, the journey was hard, long and expensive.

She began pursuing online courses in graphic design, marketing and publishing so she could help advocate for others who desired to be published. In 2012, she founded her own publishing company, Above The Line Press, to service authors, teachers, poets, ministers and anyone who desires to entertain their audiences through the power of words.

Candace has 13 published works and is passionate about Christian Fiction. She and her husband live in McKinney, TX, with their son Nicholas and daughters, Brianna, Madison and Charis.

Book Blitz: Ascension by E.A. Weston

Ascension | E.A. Weston

Avalon #3

Publication date: October 2nd 2018

Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

After encountering a fairy in the human world Reagan Lunasa learned to love again.

Following her heart and the prince of fairies she crossed into another realm, where her life was put at risk time after time.

Escaping the torment of Connor’s wrath, Reagan returns to her home in Faircrest with the beloved princess of Avalon, someone who was long thought dead.

Learning to co-exist and help each other through hard times Reagan is soon eager to get moving with her life. Soon, Reagan, Aurelia, Brokk, and Claudia are crossing back into Avalon with determination.

Intent on finding her prince, Reagan sets out on a path to her true love. Nothing will stop her or come between them again not even an all out battle between good and evil.

With plans to follow Killian into battle, Reagan soon learns that the best laid plans don’t always go the way they were intended. Ghosts from her past resurface forcing Reagan to make a choice that could tear her world apart forever.

Goodreads / Amazon / iBooks

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Sign up for the blog tour here!

Author Bio:

E.A. Weston is a USA Today bestselling author of New Adult contemporary, paranormal, and Fantasy romance novels. By day she stays at home with her daughter but each night she slips away to spin her tales and gets lost in her fantasy worlds.

As an avid reader, E.A. Weston enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she’s not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family or watching movies.

E.A. Weston was born and raised in Dublin Ireland, She now resides in southern California.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Bookbub / Pinterest

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Cover Reveal: Promise Me Forever by Jennifer Woodhull

Promise Me Forever | Jennifer Woodhull

Promise #3

Publication date: November 8th 2018

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

He Knows How Lucky He Is…

That Doesn’t Mean He’s Happy

There are a hundred guys in Nashville who would kill to be in Rome’s shoes.

He’s a damn good guitar player, and in Nashville, that means one thing – country music is his bread and butter. Rome’s passion is classical guitar, though, and in Guitar Town, those gigs are few and far between.

His brother-in-law offers to get him an audition with an artist in the United Kingdom who needs a guitarist to play classical and Celtic music with her on tour. The opportunity is a dream come true.

When Rome meets Lauren, the brooding and mysterious musician, though, he finds out the tour may be more than he bargained for. He’s the magnet to her broken steel. Lauren’s painful past keeps her at arms’ length.

Is the promise of forever one Rome can really keep? Or will he end up leaving her behind, just like everyone else?

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Author Bio:

We all need moments of escape. With all the demands on us day in and day out, we each need something just for ourselves.

Perhaps nothing provides a private moment – a brief respite from the everyday – like escaping into a great story. When you pick up one of my books I hope you find that place that you can escape to.

Explore the streets of Paris with new heroines, or fly around the world to reclaim your lost love with a favorite hero. Whether it’s the romance that takes your breath away or those climactic encounters that make your pulse race, I hope you find that solitary moment of enjoyment while lost in one of my stories.

Jennifer Woodhull is based in the Southern United States, spending time in her second home of England, and traveling as often as she can. Her love of travel permeates her work, and her characters often find themselves exploring new and foreign surroundings.

A keen observer of human behavior, Jennifer often draws inspiration from something as simple as a fleeting connection, or the glimpse of a unique trait or characteristic. Her favorite place to write is on airplanes.

“The drone of the engine, the scores of people, all traveling to something or from something, and being disconnected from digital distractions are a combination that provide the perfect place to write,” she says.

“If you see a woman in seat 9F who is balancing her Macbook on her lap because it’s time to close your tray table, please have patience. I’m just trying to finish one more sentence.”

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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New Release Blitz: TSC: The Studio by Mike E. Galloway

TCS: The Studio | Mike E. Galloway

Tribal Culture Studio #1

TCS The Studio Banner

Release Date: 9/7/18

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 76133 Words

Genre: Romance, Erotica

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TCS The Studio Cover 300


Jason Gelardi is a college dropout who wants the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend.

With a knack for photography, he establishes Tribal Culture Studio, a modeling agency in San Diego, and hires several hot guys to be models for him.

Over the course of his career, he works with a charming surfer, a mechanical engineering graduate student, and a rising water polo athlete, among others.

TCS: The Studio is a coming-of-age experience for Jason as he learns responsibility and self-reliance.

Find out which of the lucky studs he ends up with, and how successful he becomes at not only love but in business.


Now was my time to truly explore Noel, the epitome of muscle-bound perfection. He sat, eyes closed and relaxed, right next to me in the hot tub. Why he had to wear his swimsuit was beyond me, but at least he was here. I examined him once again, his bubbly pecs hanging just above the surface of the water. The frothy foam prevented seeing his toned abs from up on top, but If I really wanted to, I could try and touch them, and it was worth it to try. “Mind if I touch?” I asked, pointing towards his chest.

“I guess. I am feeling a little tense there right now.” Score! With no delay, I placed the palm of my left hand on his right pec muscle, turning my body so it faced his. With my knees planted on the fiberglass flooring, I let go of him with my palm and pressed hard, but gradually on his chest with my knuckles. I could see his facial expressions as I made circles with my hands to relieve the tension. His teeth clenched together, but I wasn’t sure if he was in any pain. I looked down into the water, and still couldn’t see anything down there. I did about twenty circles on his chest before patting each pec a couple of times and moving on down to his stomach.

As I placed my hand on his toned, rigid abs, he pushed me away, almost making me lose balance. “You suck at this,” he said. “Turn around and bend over.”

I turned myself around and felt a chill down my spine, thinking it would chill the soothing waters. Was he going to fuck me? I hoped so, but his stoic expression told me that wasn’t going to happen. After all, he was wearing a swimsuit. I tried taking a deep breath without inhaling the steam coming from the tub, but a little bit of it got in. I wanted to sneeze, and just as it was about to come out, I felt an iron grip on my right shoulder. It sucked out all the sneeze. I felt another iron grip clasping on my other shoulder as I looked towards my right. I guess Noel decided to give me a massage.

He started with just my right side, his hands beating into my shoulder with more pressure than I was giving him. It was agonizing to say the least. Tears began to form up in my eyes from the excruciating pain he gave me. I couldn’t say stop, because I wanted him to worship my body. Even though only around five minutes had passed, it seemed like an eternity before he stopped. It was only for a moment, but the pain continued on my left side, this time with twice the magnitude.

He gave me a beatdown of a lifetime, pounding my shoulders and back like I was his drum. The painful massage ended as he gently patted my neck afterwards. “Okay, Jason. Turn around again and sit down.”

I turned myself and sat in the seat I was originally facing. Noel towered over me; his abs right in front of my face and sprinkled with drops of spa water grouped up on each muscle. “Now I see why you became a model,” I said.

Meet the Author

Raised in Central California, Mike E. Galloway grew up in a world filled with the expectations of heteronormativity and homophobia. He overcame these expectations by writing LGBT stories and vignettes ever since the age of 14 and has never turned back since.

Mike lives in Las Vegas, NV and is currently working on a 3-book series featuring a young gay photographer who is on a journey to find love and his way in the world. Find out more or join the community:

Website | Facebook | Twitter Tribal Jason | Twitter Tribal Ryker | Twitter Tribal Noel |eMail | Instagram

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Cover Reveal: Alpha Breeds by Milana Jacks

Alpha Breeds | Milana Jacks

Alpha Horde #1

Publication date: October 29th 2018

Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction

Omegas belong to the King. But this one belongs to me.


At the frat party, someone must have spiked my beer, because I see a bright light and find myself sitting on a bed with a huge, green monster looming over me. I screech and throw every sharp object within reach.

But you know what’s really weird? I’m terrified and, at the same time, there’s something about those black eyes, that scent, that purrrr that makes my body come alive.


I fight for the honor of someday owning an Omega, a rare breeding female reserved for Alphas hand-selected by the King. For years, fighting alone has been enough. Until I scent this alien female, and my body emits a mating call.

Omegas are King’s property. If I don’t deliver her to the Omega Compound, I’ll lose my life, the lives of my Horde Alphas, and risk starting a full-scale rebellion. And yet, I can’t part from her. This one belongs to me.

***Science fiction alien captive romance with MF Omegaverse flavor. No cliffhanger. No cheating.


MF Omegaverse readers -> Hard core non-con is not gonna be the heat factor in this one. I hope that by being upfront about this, I’ve helped you make a purchasing decision. Cheers! Milana =D

Add to Goodreads

Author Bio:

Milana grew up with tales of water fairies that seduced men, vampires that seduced women, and Babaroga who’d come to take her away if she didn’t eat her bean soup.

She writes devious paranormal and science fiction romance from her home on Earth where she lives with her mate and their three little monsters.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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