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I love this series so much!

58565535._SY475_Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco by Sam Burns

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The third entry in this fabulous urban fantasy/paranormal romance sees Sage, Gideon, Fluke and the rest of the gang having to find out what’s happening with the convergence and dealing with a threat that could see Junction literally blown off the map.

Sam navigates through the complexities of the narrative with ease, one moment focusing on Sage’s growing confidence in his own arcane magic skills, at others giving quiet moments of family life with Iris.

There’s the same humour that has been present throughout, the steam level is understandably low as this focuses more on the paranormal/mystery and suspense elements of the storytelling than the romance.

Having said that, Sage and Gideon are as solid as ever, they have a few steamy moments which confirms that they’re still utterly committed to their relationship and each other and there is one particular scene which sees a very vulnerable Gideon that had me having all the feels!

Speaking of vulnerabilities, Freddy in this book almost broke my heart! He’s such a study in contrasts and here he really does prove himself in all ways up as a top bloke who is yearning to not only be useful but also to belong. I’m intrigued by where his story arc may go next!

I said in my review of book one The Fantastic Fluke that the series gives me a Scooby Doo mystery vibe and that remains strong in this particular instalment.

The bad guys were a surprise, not who I had been expecting at all, the suspense element works well, it’s an intriguing twist on what the other two books have used but still in the same we must destroy X Magic because ballpark.

More secrets about Great Uncle Jonathan are revealed and oh boy was he an absolute arse and, speaking of family, we get to find out a bit more about Gideon’s past and his connection with the local Dominus Anson.

Cannot wait for more!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Release Blitz: Unspeakable Vice by Quinn Wilde

Unspeakable Vice | Quinn Wilde


Release Date: July 21st 2021

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0994R734X

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Oh, where could I put an errant decimal or two in Mr. Brodie?

Murder and blackmail at Oxford University, accompanied with some digestive biscuits, bread, butter, tea, and a dog who is not all he seems.

The year is 1895, and grossly indecent acts between men are illegal and punishable by two years’ hard labor.

Sebastian Pope is a student of the classics, a known gadabout and aesthete.

Andrew Brodie is a Scottish clerk, a respectable calculating machine.

The two men could not be more unalike. Yet when a wicked lord and circumstances throw them together, they find that they have one thing in common, namely the same unspeakable vice.

A diverse MM historical romance in the tradition of K. J. Charles and Cat Sebastian with Wildean flare.


About The Author

If Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen had a literary brainchild, Quinn Wilde fancies they’d be the result. (With a side order of jazz hands.) Quinn writes diverse queer romance, with a focus on the 19th and early to mid-20th century.

Quinn is an unrepentant former theater kid, a lover of black coffee and dark chocolate, and has fallen in love with too many obscure British actors on blurry uploaded YouTube videos to name.

Quinn Wilde also writes as Mary Pagones.

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marypagones

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pagones721

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mary-Pagones-Author-106178421345656


Release Blitz: Netminder by Jeff Adams

Netminder | Jeff Adams

Codename: Winger #4

Netminder Banner

Release Date: July 13th 2021

Universal Link: https://getbook.at/Netminder

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After a summer that was nothing like he’d planned, teenage secret agent Theo Reese is back to school and to work with Tactical Operational Support’s IT department. His world turns upside down arriving home from hockey practice to a major security breach.

On the run, he soon discovers the TOS network is down and he’s cut off.

As he uses his unique skills to find out what’s happened, Theo discovers the evil agency Blackbird is responsible. A nemesis from Theo’s first field mission is out for him and will stop at nothing to force Theo to help Blackbird realize their goal of taking global control of the internet.

Getting help from some unexpected sources, Theo must stop the internet takeover while trying to keep those closest to him safe.

Netminder Teaser 1


I slept in short bursts and felt terrible as I attempted to force my tired eyes to focus as a dull throb pulsed across the back of my head.

The buzz went off again, and I recognized the pattern as Mitch’s. A glance at my watch showed he was texting and that it was six thirty. He’d be on his way to pick me up—if he wasn’t already there.


I should’ve told him last night not to pick me up.

I propped myself against the headboard and grabbed my phone from the nightstand.

Are you all right? I just drove by your house and there’s three black SUVs there and a scary-looking dude outside the front door. I’m around the corner if you want me to pick you up. Let me know.

Who was at the house? It sounded like more than the regular police. Was TOS looking for me? Had Mom sent them? Or was it whoever had been in the house yesterday?

I pulled my legs to my chest and held them to me while I dropped my head onto my knees. I didn’t know what to do.

Another buzz from Mitch.

You’re freaking me out. Text me back.


What could I tell him, so he wouldn’t worry?

Staring at the screen didn’t help.

Unlocking the phone with my thumb, I stared at the messages. He’d know I’d seen them.

I typed: Sorry. Should’ve texted. John’s meeting some people for Mom and Dad. I left early. Catch you at school.

I sent it and almost immediately the three dots appeared as he typed. In a few seconds the response arrived.

No worries. Just glad you’re okay. Tell your parents they need less scary colleagues. Didn’t expect to be freaked out first thing.

Mitch knew the basic cover for my parents with the FBI and Homeland Security jobs and that John worked with them.

Of course, this would only satisfy Mitch until he got to school and discovered I wasn’t there. Eventually news about John would get out, unless somebody was already keeping that quiet. That had to be why so many people were at the house.

Maybe TOS had mobilized without the network. A quick look in the corner of the phone screen showed that the network icon wasn’t present. Maybe I could find Lorenzo now or…. I still didn’t know what the or could be.

Netminder Teaser 2

About the Author


Jeff Adams has written stories since he was in middle school and became a published author in 2009 when his first short stories were published. He writes both gay romance and LGBTQ young adult fiction…and there’s usually a hockey player at the center of the story.

Jeff lives in northern California with his husband of more than twenty years, Will Knauss. Some of his favorite things include the musicals “Rent” and “[title of show],” the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey teams, and the reality TV competition “So You Think You Can Dance.” He also loves to read, but there isn’t enough space to list out his favorite books.

Jeff is the co-host of the “Big Gay Fiction Podcast,” a weekly show devoted to gay romance as well as pop culture. New episodes come out every Monday at BigGayFictionPodcast.com.

You can find out more about Jeff’s books at JeffAdamsWrites.com

Social Media

Website: http://JeffAdamsWrites.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/writerjeffadams/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WriterJeffAdams

Jeff (& Will’s) PodCast’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biggayfiction/

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