Five humongous floggers and clamps and humiliating stars

24407161._SY540_Just Here for the Pain by K.A. Merikan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five humongous floggers and clamps and humiliating stars, all of them!

This book is epic! I didn’t connect so much with book one in this series (Dusk & Lolly) but this one, OMG it just ticked every single one of the boxes I didn’t even know I needed ticking until I read it.

Fair warning, this >b>WILL not be for everyone. It’s a love story but it’s very definitely not a traditional romance, it’s dark, it’s deliciously twisted, it’s powerful, cleansing and – at times – cringe inducing.

Sid and Asher AKA Stan the stalker, were everything I didn’t know I’d wanted in an alternative to all the sugar and sweet of a traditional narrative. Sid needed the pain, he needed to feel used and abused and for Asher, more than six years of constant rejection from the one man he wanted to be perfect for, had stored up a whole load of emotions just waiting to pour out while he marked Sid up.

This book doesn’t pull punches, if you’ve (generic) got a tender stomach or any kind of BDSM aversion, stay away from it because it is brutal and honest in a way that makes your skin prickle and there’s times when you will gasp and possibly not quite get what’s going on in Sid’s head.

This book is dramatic, there’s all sorts of stuff going on with the band, with aspects of Sid’s past, with hints of what’s to come with Mage and Dawn, and it’s just plain brilliant.

Kat and Agnes Merikan (Copper and his creepy freaky gentlemen zombies aside) can do no wrong in my eyes!

#ARC kindly received from the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Mixed starter in this music centric romance

A Kind of Truth (A Kind of Stories, #1)A Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I’m conflicted with this one, parts of it I really loved, other bits irritated the heck out of me but, on balance, more of it was positive than negative.

Pros: The two MCs are wonderful constructs. Rand is fearless in both his desire for his band to be the best and in his convictions that he wants to do things right. He’s egotistical and a whirlwind of nature but, at the heart of him, it’s for the right reasons and when he falls for Will, he falls hard, with all the confusion of a young man in his 20s.

Will was an utter delight, a contrast of shy musical genius geek and sexy hot cross-dresser who really found his confidence in the cloak of a wig and some make-up.

Cons: Leah, sorry but she didn’t work for me at all as the protagonist, she felt contrived and irritating as Hell, simply there to provide the dramatic roadblock/angsty moment that the big HEA could hang off. It would have worked far more had it been spurned guitarist Terry who had been the villain of the piece.

Will’s parents – again just a little under developed and all on the surface, not enough was given to his relationship with them other than through the eyes of Rand. A little bit more conversation with Will about them would have helped.

Overall though, a great start to a new series with some really beautifully expressed relationship aspirations.

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Wow, not what I expected at all

ExposedExposed by Bey Deckard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5* This book was a surprise from start to finish and nothing like what I was expecting – in a most pleasant way.

I’m not really one for the daddy kink, but here it was done in such a way that it never once felt skeevy or creepy, just a natural way for Emyr to express how much Greg turned him on.

I utterly loved the Welsh/British elements to the book, the scene at the beginning along Embankment being even more poignant in the light of what’s happened in London today not that far away.

The kink was super smexy, very powerful, even the spanking, which isn’t usually a thing I enjoy reading about, worked so well. I never felt like Emyr needed the kink to be okay, which I’ve read a lot of in some BDSM books, it was just an extra level of intimacy.

I liked Greg too, he never came across as being a creeper, just a guy who’d been badly hurt and burdened with an excess of guilt to the point where he had no confidence in his Dom skills anymore.
Reading him come out of his shell was as delightful as seeing Emyr blossom into his sexuality.

A great bunch of supporting characters also helped to fully ground this novel. Loved it.

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