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Blog Tour: SYN: Consulting by A.G. Carothers

SYN: Consulting | A.G. Carothers

Dragon War Chronicles, Book 1

SYN Tour Banner.png

Release Date: Aug 17th

Page Count: 189

Gay, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2xXrAoK

AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2IoModj

AMAZON CA: https://amzn.to/2DN97l0

SYN Cover


Continue to hide or help save the very kin she’s hidden from?

Welcome to SYN Consulting, the top business strategy consulting firm in Europe, home to a motley crew whose leader has a life-changing secret. CEO, Danica Lestrange, is the first female dragon born in the last 800 years. Hidden from the rest of her kin and raised in the human world, she built a life that she would defend until her death.

A devious plan is unearthed while working on a new business deal that could plunge the dragons into another war with the humans. The humans may have forgotten the last dragon-human war, but the dragons have not. Will the war reveal this hidden world to the humans, or will the clans come together to defeat their enemies and maintain their anonymity?

Danica must gather her allies and help the very dragons she’s hidden from her whole life. She can only hope that she’ll be strong enough to protect her chosen family.

This is the first book in a new series about dragons who want nothing more than to live in peace but refuse to be subjugated. In war, there’s also love, and love is blind. Love doesn’t care about gender, race, species (in this case), or sexuality.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content between consenting adults. The sexual scenes are MM, MF, and MMF. There are romantic relationships depicted that are MM. There is also a high level of explicit language, snark, kink, and possibly bad puns and fart jokes.

This book does end in a cliffhanger. Book 2 will be released in November 2018.

SYN Teaser 2


Matthew finished the last bit of his sandwich as he stood up going over to a wall of glass that overlaid the actual wall. The glass was one large computer interface, much like most of the glass in the building from the table they were eating on to elevator walls, to all the glass panel monitors of various sizes.

Matt tapped on the panel bringing up several windows and enlarging them so that everyone could see. He pulled a photo of Kollin Olsen and moved it to the center.

He reached back, grabbing his bottle of water. Swallowing a mouthful, he cleared his throat and started his report. “I finished my preliminary research into KleanTech and Global Gas. You’ll never believe who Kollin Olsen is.”

Danica was completely occupied with a large mouthful of her sandwich and gestured for him to continue. “He’s the next alpha to the Norwegian Dragon Clan, son of none other than Hafthór Ormsson, making him Jǫkull Ormsson, The Glacier himself.”

“Fuck!” Danica thought, looking over at Xander, who could hear her thought clearly.

“Fuck is right,” he answered out loud.

Danica took another bite of her sandwich and looked around the table at the family she had created, mulling over that bombshell. Matt, thankfully, let her take her time and waited silently while she came to terms with that disturbing news.

These SLIPs who stood by her, supported her, and loved her were, for the lack of a better word, her pack, as motley as they were. They were hers to protect as much as they protected her.

She thought about that as she continued to eat. Xander placed a hand on her thigh and squeezed it reassuringly. If she took this job, she risked exposure of what she was. With that, she risked not just her life, but all of their lives.

AG Carothers Logo

A.G. Carothers is actually a dragon very cleverly disguised as a human. They are a non-binary author of LGBTQIA Urban/Paranormal Fantasy, who enjoys writing original and entertaining stories. They are very excited to share the worlds they’ve created with you.

A.G. currently lives in Tennessee with their platonic life partner, who is not a dragon. They yearn to live back in Europe and will someday. In their spare time, they are addicted to losing themselves in the lovely worlds created by other authors.

A.G. is committed to writing the stories they see in their head without restrictions. Love is blind and doesn’t see gender, race, or sexuality.

Website: https://www.agcarothers.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AGCarothersAuthor/


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Release Blitz: Taught by Tarilyn Sparks

Taught | Tarilyn Sparks

Cypress Springs Trilogy #1

Taught RDB Banner


RELEASE DATE: 06.08.18

Taught Cover


If two are better than one, then three must be… perfection?

Out of housing options while she works to complete her thesis, Kara Clarke sneaks into the drama building to spend the night—and almost finds herself kissing a wrecking ball the next morning.

When she’s rescued by Jack Donoghue—the fun-loving, sexy foreman of the crew responsible for demolishing the building—he takes pity on her and takes her home to meet his boyfriend while she figures out what to do.

Dr. Theo “Teddy” Whitman is Grecian-sun-god-gorgeous, highly intelligent, and feared by all the students at Cypress Springs College—especially his TA, Kara.

Although they both want to run the other way when they realize who Jack is trying to introduce them to, Kara and Teddy find a way to make peace once Teddy discovers the situation she’s in and Kara realizes that he’s not as gruff as he pretends.

Kara feels safe enough to take the men up on their offer to stay in their guest room. Besides, how much trouble could she get into by staying with two gay men? Except… they aren’t gay. They’re not only bi, they’re both intrigued by the sweet PhD student.

While Teddy helps his grad student finish her thesis, Kara helps him—and Jack—learn how much fun it can be when you add a third heart to your home.

This is the first in a trilogy about three best friends finding their forever. Each book can be read as stand-alone and definitely has an HEA. It is intended for audiences over 18 years of age since it includes scenes between all three characters in every way you can imagine—and maybe a few more.

AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2vlzffZ

AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2vhupjE

Taught Teaser 1


Teddy stood up and leaned over to kiss me. “And you think you have nothing to contribute,”he said. I reached up and threaded my fingers through his.

Kara’s eyes darkened. “Is it time for bed?” She asked, her voice hinting toward what we all knew that meant.

That night, like so many nights since the night we went bowling, Kara walked up the stairs to our bedroom, her hands in our hands. We formed a chain, three in a row, her in the middle. For weeks, we’d done this. Every night we made love, and she stayed in our bed and slept between us, like she’d been there all along.

That night I lay awake long after she and Teddy had fallen into gentle breathing and drifted off to dreamland. The drapes were open, and the warm night air billowed the fabric framing the window.

I watched Teddy and Kara, sunken into the bedding and spooning like old lovers. The breeze fluttered Kara’s hair, and Teddy adjusted to pull her closer.

We made a great trio. And everything between us was so good and easy. Why couldn’t it be like this forever? But thinking that way, even hoping for it, was unrealistic.

All good things must come to an end, especially flings with temporary house guests who were just getting ready to start their lives.

The last thing Kara wanted was to be tied down to us. She had her whole future ahead of her. Only an asshole would try to take that away from her for his own selfish desires.

I inhaled as deeply as I could, steeling myself against melancholy. I just needed to enjoy this time while we had it. It felt so magical, I had to memorize it, soak in every detail, so I could remember it always.

I looked out the window, trying to remember my place in the universe. Trying to keep perspective on it all. High in the sky, a waxing moon shone down on us. The moon would get larger before it would shrink again. It worked in cycles, just like life did. I just had to enjoy this cycle.

After a moment, I squeezed my eyes and opened them again, this time looking beyond the moon. There, deeper in space, in a larger place than our solar system, glittered billions of stars. I knew they moved, and I knew their light might be years old, but they seemed constant to me. More constant than the moon. Maybe they only lived millions of years, but that was almost like forever.

Maybe we could have Kara for the lifetime of a star, and not just for a cycle of the moon.

But maybe that was too much to hope for.

Tarilyn Sparks Logo

I’m a fun-loving chickadee who’s probably either cuddling my precious kitten, dreaming about my latest book-boyfriends, or plotting my next book about some lucky lady caught in the middle of a beefcake sandwich.

I wrote my first short story in a college English class, and have been hooked ever since! Now if I’m secretly writing my own alpha male fantasies into my books, well… you can’t blame a gal for dreaming.




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Release Day Blitz: Inked In Vegas by K.M. Neuhold

vegas release banner

Inked In Vegas – a Heathens Ink novella | K.M. Neuhold

MM Romance | Release Date: 06.04.18

Inked in Vegas


“We’re going to be married in a week. You’re going to be my husband, and we’re going to live happily ever after.” ~Madden

It feels like I’ve been waiting to marry Thane my entire life. And with our big day only a week away, our friends insist on a bachelor party in Vegas.

An outrageous scavenger hunt, an unexpected trip to the altar, and a wild night with an ex-boyfriend. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…right?

Join the Heathens crew as they hit Sin City to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Madden and Thane; you know these men never do anything half-assed.

***This is a multi-POV novella with lots of sexy times (including one MF and one MMF scene). Unlike the rest of the Heathens Ink series, this one CANNOT be read as a standalone.

 IiV teaser 2


“I’m looking at them right now, and they say, ‘Jane and Madden Forever’.”

“And that’s incorrect?” The woman on the other end of the phone asks in an infuriatingly calm voice.

“Yes, that is incorrect,” I snap. “I don’t know who the hell Jane is; I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, but I’m marrying a man named Th-ane. Say it with me sweetie…T.H.A.N.E.” I admit I might be bordering on hysterical, but it’s eight freaking days before my wedding, and the programs say Jane and Madden. Who the fuck is Jane?

“Okay sir, I understand. I’ll get the corrected programs shipped straight to you.”

“Thank you, but our wedding is in eight days. That’s one week from tomorrow. They’ll be here in time, won’t they?”

Before I can hear her reassurances, my phone is snagged out of my hand.

“Thank you very much; we appreciate it. You have a lovely day,” Thane says in a smooth voice before hanging up my phone and putting it in his own pocket. “You need to relax, sweetheart. I hate to say it, but you’ve turned into a bit of a groomzilla.”

“You don’t understand,” I say, trying not to slip into a full-on pout.

I just want to make our wedding perfect, so I can show Thane how much I love him and how deeply I appreciate his patience with me when I was struggling so hard to cope. I acted like a complete dick early on in our relationship, and maybe if I can give him the most perfect wedding in the history of human civilization it will make up for it. He deserves a perfect wedding and so much more.

“What I understand is there’s no reason for this much stress. All I care about is getting to call you mine for the rest of our lives. I already told you, I’d be more than happy to tie the knot in Vegas this weekend during our bachelor party.”

I gasp in indignation, even though this isn’t news to me.

“After all this planning, you’d better believe we are having a damn wedding next weekend, come hell or high water.”

“Whatever makes you happy,” Thane says before pulling me in for a slow, sweet kiss.

Most days I can’t believe this incredible man wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I’ve faced down my fair share of demons in my life, and even more so in the last year and a half, and now that I’m safely on the other side of those nightmares, my life doesn’t feel real, in the best possible way.

“You make me happy,” I tell him between kisses.

“I bet I can make you even happier,” Thane teases, fingers finding their way to my button fly.

As if on cue, there’s a loud knock on the front door, and we both groan in frustration.

IiV teaser 1


KM Neuhold Logo

I’m an author of m/m and new adult romance. I have a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well.







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