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Release Blitz: Between The Pipes by V.L. Locey

Between The Pipes | V.L. Locey

Watkins Glen Gladiators #1


Release Date: January 11th, 2023

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Universal Link: http://vllocey.com/Read_Between_The_Pipes

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Between the Pipes cover


Two men who have sworn off romance are about to crash headfirst into love.

Liam Kneller-Polkman has no time for dating. None. Zero. Zip. His mind has to remain focused on hockey if he wants to secure a goaltending spot on the Watkins Glen Gladiators. He’s committed his whole summer—heck his whole life—to play in the pros someday and he’s not going to lose focus now.

Eyes on the prize is his new motto. As training camp grows closer, he accompanies the Gladiators’ team captain to a race at the famed speedway in his new hometown. There he meets Tarcy Hayward, the smolderingly hot, much older driver of the famed number 66 stock car. One look, one smile, and one memorable dinner are all it takes for Liam’s good intentions to stay on track to crash and burn.

Tarcy Hayward’s been around the romance track a few times, each lap leaving him a little older and a lot more wary of giving his heart to someone again. Ever since his wife died, his life has been devoted to his two adult children, his grandson, and racing.

He’s happy now that the only thrills he gets are on the racetrack. Or so he thought. When Liam Polkman enters his garage, all the safety barriers in the world aren’t enough to save his heart from the impact. It takes just one night with the stunning young goalie with light green eyes to launch Tarcy’s heart into a high-octane sprint where love always takes the checkered flag.

Between the Pipes is a low angst, age gap gay hockey romance that features an outgoing young goalie, a cautious older race car driver, two families who are not above meddling just a bit to see their loved ones happy, lots of on-ice and high-speed action, and a straightaway sprint to a happy-ever-after.



I waved a hand at the elevated open-air suite. On this scorcher of a day, the see-through plastic walls were down and secured, giving those inside the perfect cool atmosphere to enjoy their catered meal and cocktails. Schaffer Salt were frequent visitors as they were a huge part of the village of Watkins Glen by supplying jobs for hundreds of people in the vicinity.

“This is pretty swank,” Liam said, his sight roaming over the suite and then falling to me. When our sights met, I felt the jolt all the way to my toes. “Thanks for escorting us.”

“My pleasure. We do it all the time,” I tossed out all Mr. Cool and Collected as sweat ran down the crack of my ass.
“We do?” Lee enquired in that teasing tone I knew far too well. My boy was onto me.

“Sure we do,” I replied with pure Southern charm.

“We do appreciate it,” Carson said, seeming to be just as willing as Lee to stand back and watch Liam and me strutting around with our plumage ruffled like peacocks. “Why don’t we get out of this heat and let Tarcy get ready for the race?”

Liam nodded but didn’t make a move. I gave him a soft smile and got to see his nostrils flare. Which made my suit tighten in private places.

“Liam?” Carson prodded. “Cold beer, hot wings, fast cars? You ready?”

“Oh, what?” Liam tore his gaze from mine to stare at his team captain. Carson rolled his eyes as Lee chuckled/coughed behind me, the wise ass. His sister wasn’t like this at all. “Oh! Yeah, a cold beer and a hot racer sound good. Race! Race! Hot race. No, hot wings. Fast racer. Race. Shit. I’m going to stop talking now.”

We all laughed as Liam’s face went red. “I’ll leave you to the hot wings and cold beer then,” I said as we all shook hands once again. Thankfully, it wasn’t the final handshake Liam and I would share.

“Where are we doing dinner?” Carson asked as a gust of wind so hot it felt like it had blown in from the sun rushed over us.

“How about at that paddle boat that cruises the lake? They have great food and the atmosphere is nice. Or we could eat in my motorhome,” I suggested as a matter of convenience. This way, all I’d have to do was order in some food. Old men like things easy and close. “Choice is yours.”

“You don’t stay in a hotel?” Liam asked, and I shook my head.

“No, we all have coaches that are parked by the track. We should be free to meet you around seven or so if the race runs fast and there aren’t any delays, no matter what decision we make.”

“Seven yeah, that’s great. We can totally do seven. But if you’re late, we’ll know because we’re right there.” Liam hitched a thumb at the suite filled with people soaking up all that cool air. “We can do dinner in your motorhome so you can relax.”

Lee began humming “Get outta my dreams, get into my car” from somewhere behind me. He was so going to get a lecture.

About The Author

VL Locey Logo

USA Today Bestselling Author V.L. Locey – Penning LGBT hockey romance that skates into sinful pleasures.

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee.

(Not necessarily in that order.)

She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand.

Social Media

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Release Blitz: Star of the Game by Amy Aislin

Star of the Game | Amy Aislin

Stick Side #6

Release Date: December 27th, 2022

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 94,000 words / 360 pages

Buy Links:

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Felix only wants two things
1. To make music.
2. His best friend, Emery.

But he’s not willing to risk two decades of friendship for something more. Besides, a bout of writer’s block is preventing him from creating new material, and he’s got deadlines to meet. He doesn’t need any distractions—and Emery is the biggest distraction of all.<

Emery only wants two things: 1. To play hockey. 2. His best friend, Felix. He’s ready to risk it all for a shot at being together. While he should be concentrating on playing his best hockey so his team will grant him a contract extension, there’s no reason he can’t multitask.

With their careers at a crossroads, the timing for romance couldn’t be worse—but when Felix is forced to move in with Emery, will Emery finally convince him to take a chance at becoming the stars of their own game?

Two-Man Team

Stick Side #5

is on sale for $0.99 on all platforms from December 20th – January 3rd.

Amazon | Apple | B&N | Kobo


Music was his heart and soul. It would never not be a part of his life. But he was ready for something different, whatever that “something” looked like. It was a vague, nameless something that poked at the back of his brain like a child lazily poking at a drum set.

He had tour dates and venues for this summer to firm up with his tour manager, and although he loved performing, the thought of touring made him slump back against the wall.

Twisting open the bottle cap, Felix chugged half his water, mopping up a drop that spilled onto his chin with the back of his hand. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to get home, even though Vancouver in January was as dreary as Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3. He had a house in LA too, in Playa del Rey, but Vancouver was home. He wanted to sleep in his own bed, visit with his parents and younger sister, help out at his mentor’s after-school musical theater program, and spend time with Emery.

His phone rang, and he pulled it out of his pocket. Well, speak of the devil. Emery Stanton read his caller ID next to a photo of his childhood best friend’s face, and Felix’s heart skipped a beat, an automatic smile pulling his lips upward despite his exhaustion. Felix remembered snapping that picture. “Smile,” he’d said one day when they—along with their other best friend, Kris—had been strolling along Vancouver’s Seawall a couple of summers ago, and instead Emery had made a kissy face.

“I was going for pouty and sexy,” Emery had explained, but the result was that he looked like he’d eaten a lemon.

Felix swiped to answer the video call. “Hey, Em.”

“Oh, hey.” Dark eyes flared in what Felix wanted to believe was pleasure but was probably surprise. “I thought you were still doing the show. I was going to leave you a message.”

See? Surprise.

“We just wrapped up,” Felix said. “What’s up?”


Felix waited out a whole ten seconds of silence where they did nothing but stare at each other. Emery scratched his bristly jaw. Felix sipped more water. Amusement tickling the back of his throat, he finally said, “What was your message going to be about, then?”

“Oh, nothing. I was going to ramble on about the latest movie I saw with the guys just so you didn’t forget the sound of my voice.”

The guys being his friends on his NHL team.

Felix rolled his eyes. “I haven’t been gone that long.”

“It’s been two weeks, Fe. You disappeared right after New Year’s. I miss your face.”

Felix did not let that go to his head—or his heart. This was just Emery being Emery. “You were in Winnipeg playing a New Year’s game, and then in New York, then Colorado. If I’d have been home, we wouldn’t have seen each other anyway.”

Emery scowled. “That’s not the point.”

“What is the point?”

“The point is that it’s the middle of January and I haven’t even said ‘Happy New Year’ to you in person yet.”

“Oh, the horror.”

“Sarcasm is unbecoming,” Emery quipped, quite primly.

About the Author

Amy’s lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she’s read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess.

Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she’s been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn’t at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada’s largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram, or sign up for her infrequent newsletter.

Social Media

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Release Blitz: Perfect Gifts by RJ Scott & V.L. Locey

Perfect Gifts | RJ Scott & V.L. Locey

Harrisburg Railers #12


Release Date: November 18th, 2022

Publisher: Love Lane Books

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Universal Link

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Perfect Gifts cover


Family comes first in all things. Whatever the cost.

Ten had always heard the saying, “Out of the mouths of babes,” but he hadn’t expected it to hit home as it had. After a comment from their daughter, Ten and Jared ponder an addition to the family. Moving into the adoption process is nerve-wracking and riddled with anxiety—kind of the way the Railers have been playing as of late. Bringing two young men into their homes and hearts won’t be a smooth ride. But with patience, humor, and love, the bumpy road might just be a little easier to travel.

Expanding their small family was always in the cards, but no one could have foreseen the process clashing with the worst ever start to a Railers season. A string of losses, a vital player missing from the defense, a captain in the emergency room—and winning a single game seems impossible, let alone getting the team to the playoffs. Faced with hard decisions, Jared refuses to take his work home, but it’s difficult when your husband is at the leading edge of the losing streak. His focus fractures when one sibling they’re matched with is frustrated, angry, and has a healthy dose of mistrust.

Jared and Ten’s parenting skills are tested, but they’ll do anything to make a place in their home the perfect gift for two children lost in the system.


“Levi, my… the middle brother, he’s in L.A.?”

“I know Levi.” When you’ve married into a dynasty of skaters, you get to know others in the same situation pretty quickly, particularly if they are likened to the Rowe family in a ton of articles. I knew I was biased, but not one of the Bonetti family were as good as my Ten. Hashtag, so biased. 

“He’s uhm… he’s…” Tanner’s face crumpled, and I didn’t know what to do as tears rolled down his cheeks. “He’s…” His words were choked.

I was up and out of my chair in an instant, pulling it with me, grabbing the box of tissues I used to clean the whiteboard, and handing them to him as I settled next to him. I didn’t know what to do, but I placed a hand on his arm, and he leaned toward me as if he needed to check I was there. 

“It’s okay,” I soothed and patted his arm gently, wishing there was someone in the room who knew the best thing to say right now.

“It’s not,” he sobbed suddenly, and fuck, it was painful watching someone cry with such depth of emotion and pain dragged up from some deep dark place where grief lived. 

“It’s okay,” I repeated, “I’m here, talk to me.”

He took a Kleenex, blew his nose repeatedly, and then swiped at his eyes. He was wearing a training T-shirt and sweats, and he looked smaller than six-foot, all hunched up in the chair. 

I thought on my feet—I knew Genevieve was here today, our team counsellor, and maybe she was better suited to helping Tanner. “I can listen if you need me to, or I can get Genevieve down if you need to—”

“He’s my brother you know, he’s my hero.”

Okay, so this was a brother thing? 

“I get that.” Ten didn’t like to admit it often, but he idolized Brady and Jamie, and even though they were rivals, they were brothers first. Siblings who were there for each other in good times and bad, able to form such a strong bond that together they were better than when they were apart. 

“He used to train with me, you know, because Alfie was older and was drafted first round and was gone so quickly; so, it was just me and Levi for a long time, and then, he left, and it was just me, and I lost him for a while. We texted, met up, but we were apart. All three of us were apart, and they were the ones who knew the real me.” He stopped again, tears collecting in his eyes, making the blue sheen fracture into tiny diamonds. “I hated being apart so much.” He tore at the Kleenex, and I offered him the bin and some replacement tissues, which he took. “But we were always there for each other, you know?”


“He’s been… he has… cancer.” My stomach fell. I was so hoping this would be a sibling argument or something way less serious. “Medullary thyroid cancer, and they hope… but they won’t be able to tell until… I can’t… I don’t…”

About The Authors

RJ Scott logo

RJ Scott, author of M/M romance.

Writing love stories with a happy ever after – cowboys, heroes, family, hockey, single dads, bodyguards

USA Today bestselling author RJ Scott has written over one hundred romance books. Emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, single dads, hockey players, millionaires, princes, bodyguards, Navy SEALs, soldiers, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, cops, and the men who get mixed up in their lives, always with a happy ever after.

She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn’t with family either reading or writing. The last time she had a week’s break from writing, she didn’t like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a box of chocolates she couldn’t defeat.

Social Media

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V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee.

(Not necessarily in that order.)

She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand.

Social Media

Website |  Email  | BookBub | Amazon | Pinterest   | Goodreads   | Instagram | Twitter |  Facebook | Facebook Reader Group | Facebook MM Hockey Romance Group

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