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Release Blitz: A Christmas Miracle by Ruby Moone

A Christmas Miracle | Ruby Moone

Winsford Green Stories #4

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Release Date: December 16th, 2021

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Alfie Hope’s life is perfect. Managing Darley Hall for an employer who hasn’t visited the house in five years. It’s more than a job, it’s his home. A safe haven for him and the staff he considers family. That is, until their master passes away and a new master inherits. A new master who wants to live in the house.

Jolyon Mortimer Devereaux was stunned when he inherited Darley Hall. It offered an escape from his life, his lover, and his awful family. He arrives to find an estate manager who is outrageously handsome in a gentle, yet rugged way, but someone who clearly has never been a servant in his life!

Alfie and Jo grow tentatively closer. That is until a shock Christmas arrival blows everything wide apart, leaving Alfie and Jo struggling to hold on to their love. It will take a Christmas miracle to hold them together.

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It was the distinct lack of deference in the servant standing before him that alerted Mr. Jolyon Mortimer Devereaux that all might not be well in his newly discovered ancestral home, Darley Hall. Granted, no-one had expected him to inherit. It had taken a war with France and an outbreak of fever to dispense with several members of his extended family, leaving the entire estate to someone from a largely unknown cadet branch of the family: him.

Jo looked at the man standing before him, Mr. Hope, if he recalled correctly. The man would be better suited to prize fighting or running a tavern in the seedier side of London. A tall, burly young chap with straggly dark hair roughly scraped back in an unfashionable queue with one strand hanging by his cheek. Shifty, dark blue eyes and a blade of a nose that had clearly been broken, more than once, completed the ensemble. A potentially charming dimple lurked in one cheek when he smiled, but Jo paid it no attention. He was far too exhausted.

“Mr. Devereaux.” Hope nodded his head in some approximation of a bow and shifted uneasily on his feet. “We only received word of your arrival yesterday, but we have made every effort to ensure your comfort.” His words were as stilted and uncomfortable as his bow. Had Jo been a stickler, or less exhausted, he would have been significantly more concerned than he currently was.

“A light meal and a bed will suffice. We can discuss arrangements tomorrow.”

“Have you brought staff, sir?”

Jo shook his head. “Are there staff in residence?”

Hope looked even shiftier and rubbed the back of his neck. “Yes sir, we’ve kept the place tidy and stopped it falling apart as best we could, but no-one has been here this last five years. Old Mr. Mortimer lived in London and never came here.”

“There’s a cook?”

Hope nodded with a smile.

Thank God for that. If he’d have had to mess about finding staff… Jo sighed. “Then I’ll manage.”

“Um… I can take your bags to your chamber and arrange for some refreshment?” Hope hesitated. “Sir,” he added after a moment.

“If the room is ready, I’ll take refreshment in there.” He sincerely hoped that there was a good fire in the bed chamber, for the weather was damnably cold even for November and the parlour in which he stood was perishing despite the fire crackling in the grate.

Hope gave him a nervous smile. “Um… it will be … Have a seat and I’ll bring you some tea whilst I sort it out.” He gestured to a chair by the fire.

Jo blinked and quelled the bubble of hysterical laughter that threatened at the sheer informality of the man.

“Thank you. Most kind.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Dear God, what on earth had he got himself into? The man was barely civilised and certainly didn’t recognise sarcasm. “Mr. Hope?”

The man turned around with eyebrows raised in enquiry and a smile that revealed the dimple. Despite his exhaustion, Jo didn’t miss the fact that the man’s gaze took him in from head to foot.

“What did you say your role in the household was?”

“Me?” He laid a hand on his chest. “Well, I suppose I am the … ah… um … estate manager.” He scratched his head. “Yes, that’s it, estate manager.”

“We don’t have a butler?”

“That’s … probably me too.”

Jo couldn’t say he was entirely surprised. He waved the man away and slumped into the chair closest to the fire and closed his eyes.

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Dances Long Forgotten

Winsford Green Stories #1


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On Christmas Eve, Dylan, the man of James Pell-Charnley’s dreams, is on the point of walking out. Then they hear the faint strains of a waltz in the library of the empty abbey. The music is said to be heard only by those truly in love, and it gives James the courage to tell Dylan the story.

In December 1841, Lord Hugo Pell-Charnley is in a terrible mess. The youngest son of the late Marquis, youngest brother of the incumbent, never felt to fit. When his life comes crashing down, and his life and his family are threatened, he is forced to face his elder brother and confess his deepest secret. When he arrives at Winsford Abbey he finds he must also confront the shame from his past in the form of Lyndon Cross. The boy he’d loved but betrayed in school.

As they clear the ghosts from the past, they dance in each other’s arms in the library to the soft strains of the waltz, but long buried secrets threaten to destroy their happiness.

Two hundred years later, can those dances long forgotten give James and Dylan the courage to hold on to love?

About the Author

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Ruby Moone lives in the wilds of Lancashire with her husband and writes historical and contemporary romance. At school, her teachers said that she lived with her head in the clouds and if she didn’t stop daydreaming she would never get anywhere.

She never did stop daydreaming, and after years of happily living in the clouds, decided to write the stories down.

Social Media

Website – http://www.rubymoone.com/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/RubyMoone/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RubyMooneWriter

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rubymoone/

Facebook Group – Ruby’s Room – https://www.facebook.com/groups/883596845175216/

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Winsford Green Series


To celebrate the release of A Christmas Miracle, Ruby is giving away an e-sets of Winsford Green Series so far (four ebooks)

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Another wonderful visit to Winsford Green

A-Christmas-Miracle-CoverA Christmas Miracle by Ruby Moone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want to go back in time and live in Winsford Green with the wonderful bunch of characters who’ve found a home there.

Darley Hall isn’t quite Winsford but it’s close by and there’s a whole bunch of fabulous people living there too!

This post Regency historical series from Ruby is one of my absolute favourites, each instalment has brought a pairing who’ve managed to be together on a way which works for the time period.

Here is no different and I fell hard for Alfie Hope, the somewhat rough around the edges but pure of heart Estate Manager who has held together a family of those who love outside the barriers of society.

Jocelyn Devereux was a perfect partner for Alfie, a genuinely good man who’d served his country and needed a place to recoup.

Together they bumbled their way into friendship and more and I eagerly cheered them on every step of the way.

Ruby also teased me with an appearance from the fascinating Major and I am desperately hoping we get his story soon!

And, as ever, the Parson and other residents of Winsford were on hand to show how wonderful village life can be when you have the support of your community.

More please Ruby, always more!

#ARC kindly received from the author via GRR Tours (although I had it pre-ordered anyway 😉)

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Release Blitz: The Quid Pro Quo by A.L. Lester

The Quid Pro Quo | A.L. Lester

Bradfield Trilogy #2

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Release Date: November 20th, 2021

Publisher: JMS Books

Editor: Lourenza Adlem

Word Count: 50,000 words

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Village nurse Walter Kennett is content with his makeshift found-family in tiny Bradfield. However one midsummer morning a body is found floating in the village duck pond, dead by magical means.

Detective Simon Frost arrives in Bradfield to investigate a inexplicable murder. The evidence seems to point to Lucille Hall-Bridges, who lives with doctor Sylvia Marks and nurse Walter Kennett at Courtfield House. Simon isn’t happy—he doesn’t believe Lucy is a murderer but he’s sure the three of them are hiding something. In the meantime, the draw he feels toward Walter takes him by surprise.

Walter is in a dilemma, concealing Sylvia and Lucy’s relationship and not knowing how much to tell Frost about the paranormal possibilities of the murder. He isn’t interested in going to bed with anyone—he’s got a complicated life and has to know someone really well before he falls between the sheets. He’s taken aback by his own attraction to Detective Frost and angry when Frost appears to twist the spark between them to something transactional in nature.

Will Walter be satisfied to stay on the periphery of Lucy and Sylvia’s love affair, a welcome friend but never quite included? Or is it time for him to strike out and embark on  a relationship of his own?

The second in the Bradfield trilogy, set in the Border Magic universe. With a transm/m couple.


As Simon was replacing the device on the telephone table a pretty young woman put her head out of a door at toward the end of the hall. “Sylv!” she said, “Do you want tea? I’ve boiled the kettle.” and then when she realised he wasn’t who she thought he was, “Oh, I do beg your pardon! I thought you were Dr Marks!”.

“She’s still in the surgery,” Simon nodded across the hall.

The woman emerged into the hall. “Lucille Hall-Bridges,” she said, extending a hand. “I’m a friend of Sylvia’s. I help with the house.”

Simon took her hand in his. Her grip was sure and warm. “Detective Frost,” he replied. “Nice to meet you, Miss Hall-Bridges. She had a recent bruise running from her jaw to just below her eye, entering the black-and-purple stage.

“I’ve made a pot of tea,” she was saying. “I don’t know whether anyone will want any, but I do like to feel useful and tea is so…normal-making, isn’t it?”

He nodded, slightly bemused at her chatter. “Yes, indeed,” he said. “Very normal.”

She gave a perfunctory tap on the surgery door, opened it and disappeared inside without waiting for a response. “Sylv, Walter, I’ve made tea. Would you and your detective like to come into the drawing room?” Her voice faded, presumably as she joined them in the examination room.

There was a pause. Then, “Oh!” he heard her say. “Oh.” She sounded a little shocked. “What’s happened to her hands?” she asked.

“Scraped on the bottom on the pond I think,” Simon heard Dr Marks say. “She was face-down in the water.”

“Oh.” Miss Hall-Bridges’ voice was small. “Sylvia…there’s…she’s…I can feel…do you think…?” Her voice trailed off and Dr Marks spoke over her, clearly away they might be overhead.

“Let’s not worry about that now, shall we? The policeman is sending her down to Taunton to a postmortem. You go and take the tea-things into the drawing room. We’ll just cover her up.”

al lester logo

About The Author

Writer of queer, paranormal, historical, romantic suspense, mostly. Lives in the South West of England with Mr AL, two children, a terrifying cat, some hens and the duckettes.

Likes gardening but doesn’t really have time or energy. Not musical. Doesn’t much like telly. Non-binary. Chronically disabled. Has tedious fits.

Facebook Group : Twitter : Newsletter (free story) : Website : Link-tree for everywhere else

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