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Release Blitz: Stray: MM Paranormal Fantasy | Lee Colgin

Stray: MM Paranormal Fantasy | Lee Colgin

Outcast Mates #3


Release Date: August 25th, 2022

Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 65,000 words / 250 pages

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Leonas is a cranky panther shifter set in his ways. He handles security for an exclusive brothel and takes the safety of the staff at The Twig and Berries seriously, to the extent of sacrificing his love life for work.

When a young vampire called Jeno shows up with heart eyes and disturbing news, Leonas is taken aback. Who is this curious youth and why is he hitting on Leonas of all people? More importantly, when is he leaving? Because Leonas has no time for romance.

Though Jeno is running from a dark past, he can’t help but to stop in his tracks for Leonas. The grumpy cat shifter might be prickly on the outside, but inside? Well, Leonas is prickly there too. He needs someone like Jeno to escape the lonely trap of his own making.

Can Jeno evade the snare of Hungary’s notorious opium slingers? Will Leonas break the chains of his past? Together, they stand a chance, but suffering alone is all they’ve ever known.


Stray is a steamy MM Paranormal Romance featuring lusty incubi, greedy goblins, and mouth-watering lamb-on-a-stick. A grumpy/sunshine, age gap, opposites attract, reluctant fated mates pairing that must overcome the odds to win their forever HEA!



He takes the stairs two at a time in a bounding, clumsy sort of fashion unlike most vampires I’ve encountered. A wide grin stretches across his youthful face, but you never know with a vampire. He could be older than me, though for some reason I doubt it. He doesn’t just look young, he acts it too, flopping into the small room, into my space without so much as a by your leave, and dropping his pack on the little table next to me. The urge to bat it right off again strikes, but I resist.

“Wow. You must be Leonas. You’re even scarier looking than Ivaz warned. But he also said not to worry. That you would act mean but that you weren’t really mean. ‘Just a kitten,’ he said. That true? I’ve never met a panther before.”

Irritation crawls beneath my skin and settles at the back of my neck and the tip of my tongue. I’ll have a few words for Ivaz when next I see him. “And you are?”

“Jeno!” He says his name like it’s a prize rather than a basic introduction and thrusts his hand toward my center, dopey grin still intact.

I stare at it through lowered lids. No. Will not be touching him. He’s already acting too familiar for my comfort. I don’t plan to encourage it. “What’s your business here?”

His brows crumple as he withdraws his hand. “Letters.” He regains a modicum of his former exuberance. “I’m the new messenger.”

Since when do the vampires allow messengers to be this young? I study him. His tanned skin still retains human pores. His mouth, a rosy shade of pink with slight protrusions where fangs lay hidden beneath, trembles as if he’s finally realizing he stands before a true threat and not the harmless kitten Ivaz so erroneously made me out to be.

My own lips part as I take in his wide eyes, hazel jewels sparkling with questions, staring at mine as if it’s I who hold the answers. They spell me with their beauty. A rush of warmth fills my chest.

I shake myself out of it with an irritated huff. “And so? Hand over the letters, then.”

He squints. It’s cute. I hate him.


About the Author

Lee Colgin has loved vampires since she read Dracula on a hot, sunny beach at 13 years old. She lives in North Carolina with lots of dogs and her husband.

No, he’s not a vampire, but she loves him anyway. Lee likes to workout so she can eat the maximum amount of cookies with her pizza. Ask her how much she can bench press.

Social Media

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Blog Tour: Make Me Fall by Riley Nash

Make Me Fall | Riley Nash

Water, Air, Earth, Fire #2

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Make Me Fall Cover


You can’t fly without falling, so close your eyes and let go.

People ask me if I’m human. If I have feelings. If I’ve ever loved anyone. I’m the lawyer who has never lost a case because I have nothing else to live for.

Until Jonah.

He’s my complete opposite: a reckless boy twelve years younger than me, made of sunshine and wicked smiles, pure and breathtaking.

It all starts with a secret. He wants to find out if he’s bi, and he begs me to teach him because we’ll never see each other again.

Until he shows up on my doorstep with nowhere else to go. I can’t draw lines faster than we blur them. He’s the unstoppable force; I’m the immovable object. When we collide, things get filthy. Complicated. More beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

He’s the only person ever to learn the truth: I’ve always been human. I’ve always had feelings. I’ve been so, so afraid to lose.

Because the moment we find enough trust to jump is the moment we realize our wings might be too broken to fly.

A heartfelt, emotional story of two lonely souls searching for meaning, featuring a bi awakening, grumpy/sunshine opposites attract, an age gap, and a main character with a disability.

The books in this series take place in the same universe and have recurring characters, but each book is a standalone that can be read separately or in any order!

IG Sized MMF Teaser 1



I sit on the rubbery floor of the huge first-class lavatory, fingers shaking as I try to text Elliott. I’m gullible enough to believe whoever told me that using a phone mid-flight takes out the comms and makes the plane crash, but today’s a fucking emergency, so I guess we’re going down.

He answers instantly. –What did you do now?

-I flirted with the person sitting next to me on the plane. I grimace. -And it worked.

-I fail to see the problem. Is she hot?

The word she gut-punches me, reminds me that a stranger on a plane knows more about me than my family or my best friend ever will.

-Insanely hot. And way, way, way out of my league.

-She must not think so.

A noise scares the shit out of me, but it’s just a flight attendant banging a cabinet. I’m dizzy and nauseous and almost completely sure I hallucinated the last ten minutes. –Just tell me how to take it back, man.

There’s a long enough pause that I start to hyperventilate, watching the three dots bouncing under my text. –Nope. You’ve landed how many girlfriends? Believe in yourself for once, loser.

He should take up motivational speaking.

None of those girls were like this.

Is she a seven-foot-tall glamazon with a whip?

I cough a panicked laugh. -Closer than you know. I’m not sure if he’s a CEO or a stock broker or what, but that man was like a damn god with that expensive suit, the perfectly sculpted face and stern brows. Apparently a pissed-off bi-curious wet dream that tells you what a sorry piece of trash you are and makes you love it kind of does it for me.

-Sounds like it’s too late. Hope you enjoy flogging.

-Fuck you.

-That’s the spirit.

Relief sets in as I stuff my phone in my pocket. He didn’t show up. That’s a good thing. As I open the toilet, I try to figure out how two full-sized guys could even fuck in here, all sweaty and pressed together.

Now I’m just a little too aroused to pee. I stand there, staring into the bowl, suffocating on my pounding heart.

I jump out of my skin when someone raps sharply on the door, fumbling to do up my fly. “Sorry, I’ll be right out—”

When I flip the latch, he strolls in like it’s unoccupied, shutting the door behind him as I back up, trip over my own feet, and land on my ass on the plastic toilet lid.

I thought I had taken the measure of him, but in here he feels massive, a foot taller than me and broad-shouldered enough to eclipse the only escape route. His lidded, hazel eyes study me as he brushes a hand through his slicked back blond hair. It doesn’t make me bi to think he’s fucking gorgeous. Anyone would.

He waits silently, his stillness like a deep, dark lake in winter and my throat so dry I don’t think I’ll ever speak again. I’m confident that if I want to leave he’ll let me, because it’s glaringly obvious he’s just doing me a favor. He’d rather be balls deep in that John Adams biography than in a smartass kid from Iowa who should be sipping flat ginger ale in the back of coach class.

The thing is, I don’t want to leave. Even if this is the worst idea I’ve ever had.

IG Sized MMF Teaser 2

About the Author

Riley Nash logo

Riley Nash, based in the rainy PNW, writes M/M romances about boys who fall hard, face the darkness, and never give up on each other.

Fueled by cute dogs, those weird Coke with Coffee drinks, and projecting my personal issues onto handsome men and making them fall in love.

Social Media

Instagram: @rileynashbooks


Facebook: Riley Nash Books

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Release Blitz: Reigniting Chase by Jeanne St. James

Reigniting Chase | Jeanne St. James


Release Date: July 30th, 2022

Publisher: Double-J Romance, Inc.

Cover Artist: Golden Czermak @ FuriousFotog

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 368 pages

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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An unexpected collaboration between two authors that’s hot enough to spark a fire…


After an excruciating loss, I’m desperate for a fresh start.

Away from the painful memories.

Away from everyone I know and anyone who knows my story.

That’s how I end up in Eagle’s Landing, Pennsylvania.

As a bestselling author, my main reason for moving to a remote mountain cabin is to overcome the writer’s block that crushed my creativity for the past two years. My hope is to rediscover my words in the quiet, small town where no one knows me. Or my past.

A place where I can blend in enough that I become invisible.


Even though Chase, one of my favorite authors, insists he wants to be left alone, I refuse to let him wallow in whatever’s drowning him.

As a local bookstore owner and author myself, I’m intrigued by the man who’s a master of the written word. Unfortunately, his social skills could use a lot of work.

Even so, I’m determined to pull the irritable and frustrating man out of the dark pit he’s fallen into and back to the surface, no matter how hard he fights it. I only hope dragging Chase down that fiery path just might reignite his spark and that I don’t get burned in the process.

Note: Please check the content warning before reading or purchasing. It can be found at the beginning of the book (accessible by Amazon’s “look inside” feature or by downloading the sample) as well as on my website. This standalone gay romance has a guaranteed HEA, no cheating and no cliffhanger.



I paused my fork halfway to my mouth. I had only made a small dent in the diner’s belly-busting breakfast special so far. It was criminal how much food the server had delivered for five bucks.

Five freaking bucks. On Long Island, it would have cost me at least fifteen.

And for only two more dollars, the coffee came with unlimited refills. If I could mainline that welcomed caffeine right now, I would.

My whole body ached and I was exhausted, not only from sleeping like shit in the motel, but from tackling the seemingly endless job of cleaning the cabin from top to bottom. I didn’t want the furniture I purchased down at a mom-and-pop store in Picture Rocks to be delivered until the place was completely spotless and all my unwanted roommates had been effectively evicted.

While I liked bats and knew they were beneficial, I just didn’t want to share the same space with them. If they returned to sleep in the rafters today, then I needed to find how they were getting in since I had covered the broken window with plastic-sheeting.

But all of that wasn’t what made me pause my eating, it was the man across the diner who wouldn’t stop staring.

Like me, he also sat alone, but unlike me, he seemed to know everyone in the diner. A local just like everyone else there.

The first morning, all eyes had turned in my direction as soon as I walked through The Eagle’s Nest’s door, but now the waitresses were used to seeing me since this was my third day eating in the diner, for both breakfast and a late dinner.

The food was good. The prices and attentive, friendly service even better.

Even one of the thirty-something-year-old waitresses had tried flirting with me. She had no idea she was barking up the wrong tree. Even if I was on the dating market, she was playing on the wrong team. While I had the utmost respect for women, I simply didn’t want to sleep with them.

However, the man who kept staring at me was most likely not on my team, either.

Was he staring because I was simply a stranger in a close-knit community, where everyone apparently knew everyone?

It couldn’t be because I was gay. While I had never hidden it, I also didn’t flaunt it and most women, when I broke it to them gently, were shocked to find out the truth.

Most men, too.

I’d heard, “My gaydar must be broken,” more times than I’d ever wanted to.

Even so, dating wasn’t on my agenda anytime soon. Or ever, since I had no plans on dating anyone ever again.

Life would be easier that way. Plus, at this point, being a team player didn’t matter, I preferred to remain a free agent.

Ignoring the man, I finished shoving the forkful of scrambled eggs into my mouth, hoping the guy would get bored staring at me.

Still ignoring the man, I stabbed a piece of sausage, also shoving it into my mouth and chewing, hoping the guy would lose interest in whatever had caught it in the first place.

Continuing to ignore the rude man, I sucked down half a cup of black coffee, hoping the guy would simply fuck off.

Finally, unable to ignore him anymore, I dropped the fork on my plate with a clatter, tipped my head down and rubbed my forehead. I steadied my breathing in an attempt to lower my quickly rising blood pressure.

I only wanted to eat in peace. I wasn’t here to make friends, or even enemies.

I only wanted to be left the fuck alone.

But of course that wasn’t going to happen.

This was exactly why I left Long Island, everything I knew and everybody who knew me.

I wanted to live somewhere no one knew me or my backstory. I had gotten to the breaking point, swallowed up by pity on one hand, or people thinking it was time I “got over it” on the other.

I’d never get over it.

Not fucking ever.

Fuck! screamed through my head when the dark-haired man rose from where he sat at the counter. After throwing a few singles next to his plate, he turned and headed away from the entrance and toward my booth.

Of. Fucking. Course.

Dread rose from my gut into my throat and began to choke me. The man might have recognized me somehow.

Lifting my coffee cup, I peered over the rim to keep an eye on the approaching man. My muscles and spine stiffened more with every step taken closer to where I sat. Trying to mind my own business.

Trying to eat breakfast.

Trying to exist in peace.

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About the Author


JEANNE ST. JAMES is a USA Today, Amazon and international bestselling romance author who loves writing about strong women and alpha males.

She was only thirteen when she first started writing. Her first published piece was an erotic short story in Playgirl magazine. She then went on to publish her first romance novel in 2009.

She is now an author of over fifty contemporary romances. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages, including interracial. She also writes M/M paranormal romance under the name J.J. Masters.

Social Media

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