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It’s a me thing but this romance just didn’t spark my fire

Who We WereWho We Were by Melissa Collins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know what it is about me and this author but, once again, everything is on paper for a book that I should absolutely adore but I end up feeling vaguely disappointed with.

I’m sure it’s a me thing as there is a lot of really good things about this romance. It’s a second chance one, it’s a steamy read, it has well-developed characters and world building.

But, at the end of my read, I was left a bit flat. I spent half the time wanting to punch one of the MCs and the other half telling number two MC to get a backbone.

The big reveal I had guessed the main element of as soon as it was alluded to and I honestly don’t think it played out in a way which justified all of Ryan’s dickish behaviour towards Quinn at all.

I just couldn’t buy into why Quinn would have waited 12 years pining for someone who had treated him like he didn’t matter.

Oh yeah, and Patrick was an utter arse and everything to do with his relationship with Ryan read like an overly dramatic soap opera.

I suspect most of this criticism is just me though so give it a go if you want a romance which spans two eras.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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This book ripped me right down the middle

Patchwork ParadisePatchwork Paradise by Indra Vaughn

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This book ripped me in half.

I’m rating it right in the middle because, for me, it’s two stories in one and while I absolutely adored one aspect of it, the other annoyed me.

So, to explain further, the love story and the love after loss element was wonderful. The insight into Sam and Ollie’s relationship was perfect.

The pain, the gradual awakening of realisation that you have to move on in whatever way works best, that there can be a new love without betraying the old. This was done brilliantly.

What I didn’t need, and what drove me to a point of almost stopping reading, was all the rest of the unmitigating angst. From Sam’s parents turning into arseholes, from the angsty of Ollie’s best friends Cleo and Imran’s relationship exploding into drama, to the unexpected baby drama, it just became too much.

Now, I actually loved baby Milo and how he brought along a new future for Ollie with Thomas but everything else about his appearance was just more drama!

So, as a love after loss romance, wonderful, as a new romance in its own right, just too much dramady!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Gives a whole new meaning to slow burn!

Someone Worth SavingSomeone Worth Saving by Ruthie Luhnow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lordy this is slow burn and then some with the first kiss not happening until 80% in, but surprisingly, it works.

It’s not like there’s massive UST either, for a long part of this story the two MCs are just becoming friends. It suited the setting, the slow rolling ranch lifestyle, the Wyoming hills, the sleepy town. To have had a fast and frantic love story would have felt out of place.

There was a bit of dramady which the narrative could have still worked without but I was glad that Reed found the courage to stand up for himself and reject the way his family treated him.

I didn’t warm up to either of the MCs particularly though, one of the reasons for my slightly lower rating, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t fall in love with them.

I did, however, love Mona and the book’s setting as a whole, which felt realistic and welcoming, even if everyone who interacted with Brady ended up being bisexual (apart from him and Reed that is).

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Just my cup of tea

Rule BreakerRule Breaker by Lily Morton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh this book suited me perfectly, the right amount of banter, a British bite of sarcasm and humour, insanely hot sex, a broken man who finds his way and another who provided the port in a storm.

Gabe, tormented and broken Gabe, I’ve had my own version of you, a man afraid to let go of his heart, afraid of love because of the pain it can bring with it.

He was an utter arse at times but I understood him completely, he was frightened of his feelings for Dylan and couldn’t take the risk of being abandoned so he fought back with his whole arsenal of emotional weapons.

And there’s no one can hurt you as much as the person you’re in love with. I ached for Dylan, but he didn’t sit passively by when pushed, he hit back too, using the knowledge he’d built up to stab Gabe where it would hurt the hardest – into the fragile part of his feelings he’d slowly been letting out.

The scenes in Devon at Dylan’s parent’s farm were among my favourites. The contrast between the family’s acceptance of Gabe, his own awakened feelings which allowed him to just let go, and the explosively hot Fleshjack edging sexual encounter was perfect.
And gawd, the sexual chemistry between these two men hit volcanic status, it oozed off the pages alongside the tensions and the emotions.

His shirt is hanging off one shoulder, the arm seam ripped where I’d fisted it, and his trousers are round his ankles. I’m stark, bollock naked apart from one black sock. We’re both covered in sweat and come and breathing heavily.

I know other reviewers have described the relationship between them as toxic but I don’t think it was as straightforward as that. Gabe never hid from Dylan that he couldn’t do real, that it would only ever be sex. But Lily Morton did brilliantly to show the reader, through only Dylan’s POV, that he was fighting more than just sex, that feelings and emotions were involved whether Gabe wanted them to be there or not.

Dylan knew what he was doing when he got into bed with Gabe and he managed to run with it for quite a while, hoping there’d be a change in circumstances as anyone in love would do. It wasn’t until Gabe started shutting himself off – and the Valentine’s Day incident – that he took a stand.

I understood why he reacted as he did, it was a natural consequence of being pushed away too far. I loved how Jude and Henry, best friends of the two men, saw what was really going on and started their plotting, knowing Dylan and Gabe really did need each other.

For me, there was enough groveling and genuine expressions of remorse to enable the narrative to come together for the ending. The epilogue was all ends up awesome too.

I’d love to read more about Jude and Henry too. I would say though, that the setting itself, outside of the sarcastic banter, didn’t really have a huge British feel to it. The odd words threw me, elevator instead of lift, intern instead of apprentice or trainee (as has been my own work experience) but whisky was spelt right 🙂

Also major kudos goes to Lily for including Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes as the tune which reminded Gabe of Dylan. It’s one of the most beautiful songs in the world imho.

Watch the Say Anything moment here

Make sure to grab the free short from Lily’s website of what happens next, it’s awesome.

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Didn’t work for me at all

To Love and ProtectTo Love and Protect by Kay Simone

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


I usually love Kay Simone’s books but unfortunately this one with Jason Collins was a dud for me.

The plot just didn’t stand up and was so muddled, the book felt like it went on a bit too long and the relationship between Hank and Ben was all on the surface.

The stalker plot really made no sense, neither did the big reveal and there were just too many story threads all over it.

Sadly not for me and I nearly DNF but I hate doing that. Please don’t dismiss it on my account though, if you like sweet books with a hint of a mystery it might work for you.

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Bones of a good story but some niggly grammar errors

Rescue Me (Heathens Ink, 1)Rescue Me by K.M. Neuhold

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This one had all the makings of a good story but I kept getting thrown out of it because of bad grammar editing and typos.

It’s a shame because on paper the story narrative had lots of good elements to it, although I did raise a question about the setting of the incident which kicks it all off and whether it was too soon.

Still, there was only a little bit of angsty dramady and I didn’t feel like this was too much of an insta love romance and the steam level was on the higher and hotter side.

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