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Blog Tour: Bad at Love by Aimee Nicole Walker

Bad at Love | Aimee Nicole Walker

A Sinister In Savannah Story

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Release Date: October 14th 2021

Photographer: Natalie McCray-Krauz, Butterfly Ink

Model: Matthew David

Cover designer: Natasha Snow

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Bad at making decisions or bad at love? Either way, Kendall Blakemore doesn’t trust his judgment. He falls too hard, too fast, and always for the wrong guy. Needing a major shakeup, Kendall moves into his own place for the first time and seizes a new career opportunity. But everything he thought he wanted turns out to be the last thing he needs. When loneliness threatens to derail Kendall’s good behavior, he decides to rent out his spare bedroom. What could go wrong? Try a tenant who’s temptation incarnate.

Bad at commitment or born to roam? Either way, US Deputy Marshal Kurt Dandridge feels trapped. Maybe staying in one place for too long is the source of his unhappiness, or maybe it’s because he’s engaged to the wrong person. Finding his fiancé in bed with another man takes care of one problem but creates another. Ridge needs a place to live. He’d leave Savannah altogether if not for his vow to apprehend an elusive fugitive. Renting a room from Kendall Blakemore seems like the perfect solution until Ridge finds himself falling for the alluring man. Would one kiss derail his course? And could he stop at just one?

Hurts so good. Chemistry burns between them—hot, consuming, and impossible to ignore. And why should they? Kendall and Ridge are consenting adults who know the score. Being bad has never felt so good, but it’s a slippery slope to navigate. One misstep could have disastrous consequences for both men.

Bad at Love is a standalone novel within the Sinister in Savannah universe where both characters first appeared. It is not necessary to read that series first. Bad at Love is a romantic suspense that’s heavier on the romance than the suspense.

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The man continued to stare intently for a moment before speaking. “What are you doing?”

Kendall returned his scrutiny, noticing the weariness creeping into the handsome guy’s expression. Shrugging, Kendall said, “Hell if I know.” His remark earned him a half smile. “What’s your name?”


Kendall quirked a brow. “What a unique name. I think that’s a character in the soap opera my elderly babysitter used to watch.” The comment triggered memories of the simpler times he longed for. Rather than wallow in sadness, Kendall turned all his attention to the handsome stranger mowing through another wing. “Is Ridge a nickname or short for something else?”

Ridge dropped the cleaned bone onto his plate and took a napkin from the pile. He wiped his hands thoroughly but didn’t remove the smear of sauce from his face. “Nickname. My name is Kurt Dandridge, but my friends and family call me Ridge. It’s both a family joke and a shortened version of my last name.”

Kendall planted his elbow on the table and dropped his chin onto his upturned palm. “I’m curious about the family joke part.”

Ridge tilted his head to the side, then looked around the club. “Shouldn’t you be checking on patrons in your section?”

“I’ve already clocked out, so I’m all yours.” A flash of heat washed over him at the montage of suggestions his libido wanted to make. All of them were dirty and delicious but entirely off the table. Damn it. He was about to clear the air in case Ridge thought Kendall had offered himself up as dessert, but Ridge smiled wickedly.

“Good to know,” he said, dropping his gaze to the name tag Kendall still wore. “Sugar, huh?” Ridge picked up another wing and sank his teeth into it. Kendall couldn’t recall a time he’d been so turned on. He wanted the big bruiser to manhandle him like a chicken wing.

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About the Author

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Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee Nicole Walker entertained herself with stories that popped into her head. Now she gets paid to tell those stories to other people. She wears many titles—wife, mom, and animal lover are just a few of them. Her absolute favorite title is champion of the happily ever after. Love inspires everything she does, music keeps her sane, and coffee is the magic elixir that fuels her day.

I’d love to hear from you.

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Release Blitz: Save Me by Beck Grey

Save Me | Beck Grey

Love in the Pacific Northwest #1

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Release Date: September 2nd, 2021

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Deputy US Marshal Jamie MacDougall assumes his latest assignment is just another security detail, but when he finds himself falling for the gorgeous key witness he’s sworn to protect, it takes everything he has to keep things professional.

When Ashley Pandy enters the WITSEC program, with a new identity and a new life far away from Seattle and Jamie, he tries to move on, but a year later, with no hope of seeing him again, he still can’t forget the man who stole his heart.

Ashley walked away from love for noble reasons. Jamie let him go because it was the honorable thing to do. When a foolish decision gives them a second chance to be all kinds of wrong, can they finally get it right?

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“Do you cook?” The question jolts me out of my reverie, and while my mind catches up to the conversation I watch as he adds a pinch of this and a dash of that to the pan, never measuring anything. He must make this frequently, because that’s pretty impressive, at least to me. I snort indelicately, and that makes Jamie turn, finally giving me his full attention. My brain stutters to a halt, utterly wrecked, as I am hit with the power of a Jamie MacDougall grin. “I’ll take that as a no. Do you want to try?” I blame him for what happens next.

Without thinking I find myself right next to him, eagerly nodding. “I’m afraid I haven’t the first clue how to make anything that doesn’t involve the microwave, the contents of a can, or a telephone. You’ve been warned.” He laughs and I stare, dumbfounded. We’ve been together almost every day for months and I have never heard a full-blown laugh from him. Sure, he’s made a few amused sounds, and once even chuckled. I thought that was a miracle! Now I’m desperately trying to think of ways to make him laugh again, because it’s the best sound in the entire world.

“All right, why don’t I show you how to chop the garlic. That’s fairly straightforward.” I hesitantly set my tea on the counter. What am I doing? Jamie hands me the knife, hilt first, like I know what to do with it, and motions for me to step in front of the cutting board. “It’s not going to bite you, Ashley.”

I swallow hard and look him in the eyes. “You don’t know that. You’ve never seen me in the kitchen.” I take the knife from him and hold it in a vice-like grip while I stare at the clove of garlic, glaring it into submission.

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About the Author

beck grey logo

Beck Grey is an LGBTQ romance author who lives in the Northeastern United States with their partner and two adorable dogs. Weekdays are passed spending their employer’s money. Evenings and weekends are devoted to writing stories involving hot characters, favorite tropes, and happily ever afters.

Any additional time is spent laughing with friends, drinking red wine, printing and painting minis, and playing D&D. There might even be video games. If there’s cake involved at any point it’s a win!

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Twitter: @BeckGreyWrites

B Group: Beck’s Blanket Fort https://www.facebook.com/groups/789307111722835/

Pinterest boards for Beck’s books: @Beck_Grey

IG: beckgreyauthor


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