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Release Blitz: The Gentle Wolf by Pia Foxhall

The Gentle Wolf | Pia Foxhall

Perth Shifters #2


Release Date: November 13th, 2020

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Omega Aodhan Donne has buried his past, his life revolves around his chocolaterie, Little Star, a place where he creates sweet and happy memories. Demisexual, and used to being shoved in the friends category by the time he falls for someone, he throws all his energy into creating romantic moments for others in his store, neglecting his needs. His highlight for two years has been the man who visits his shop every Tuesday.

Beta Thomas Wilson is a historian who believes the past should be unearthed, working as the curator at Western Australia’s only shifter museum, educating children and adults about shifter history. Quiet and hard-working, he allows himself to visit Aodhan at Little Star once a week, as a treat.

When Aodhan decides he wants to get know Thomas better, he offers him a window into a complicated history that influenced the lives of shifters in the whole of Australia, and faces the possibility of Thomas learning too much about his dark past.

After deciding to take it slow, their unconventional relationship becomes a whirlwind, sweeping them up together and blowing open the doors hiding their painful pasts. They couldn’t face their truths alone, but if they’re willing to face them together, Aodhan and Thomas may get the love they’ve always yearned for.

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When Aodhan returned, he tangled his fingers together, then reached past Thomas to take his coffee and bring it over to the table. He picked up the Reserved sign himself, and Thomas followed, placing his briefcase down by the chair he always occupied, before sitting.

‘I’m a little alarmed,’ Thomas said.

‘It’s nothing like that. I didn’t want to be interrupted. That’s all.’

Aodhan cleared his throat, then cleared it again, then shook his head like he was exasperated with himself. He shoved his fidgeting hands beneath the table, and Thomas saw his forearms tense, his shoulders bunch.

‘Aodhan,’ he said, at a loss.

‘No, god, look at me, I’m making you worry for nothing. Honestly, it’s nothing. But I want to be honest with you.’ He shook his head again and sighed. ‘There’s a few things about me that other people might think of as strange. Whether it’s how I paint my nails. Or how I think gender is stupid, at least for me. It’s also that, I’m- Man, I imagined this conversation would be a disaster and even what I saw in my head was smoother than how this is going.’

He placed one of his hands on the table, his fingers tapping restively. Thomas reacted without thinking, reaching up and placing his hand over Aodhan’s. The fingers stilled, and Thomas thought he was being too forward, breaking the rules, but Aodhan just stared at the place they touched.

Thomas felt Aodhan’s smooth skin, the alternating heat and coolness; heat from the coffee machine, coolness from being in an air-conditioned shop that was designed to protect chocolate from the elements. He wanted to trail his fingers up Aodhan’s forearm, and with how agitated he seemed, Thomas wanted to hold him. In that moment, he didn’t care about how scared he was of repeating whatever he’d had with Chris, he just wanted to hold him.

‘Tell me,’ Thomas said.

‘I like you.’

Thomas blinked at him, fingers tightening helplessly on Aodhan’s hand.

‘I know it’s stupid,’ Aodhan said in a rush. ‘I know it’s too late. I know it’s been two years. I’m not even what you’re looking for, I’m sure of it. I’m demisexual, but it’s not even that, because most demi people- Okay, I don’t know most demi people, to be fair! But on the internet, it sure seems like I’m an odd one out among people who feel like odd ones out. It was really nice when you thought I was normal, honestly, please tell me to shut up now.’

‘I like you, too,’ Thomas heard himself say.

Aodhan’s eyes snapped up to his. ‘I mean I like you as more than a colleague-friend.’

‘Yes.’ Thomas couldn’t help smiling at that. ‘So do I.’

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Perth Shifters #1

Blackwood Cover

In a world that is still getting used to shifters, where everyone thinks omegas are second-class citizens, nature photographer and omega Braden Payne lets everyone think he’s a beta. That way no one gives him a hard time and he doesn’t have to live a repeat of his failed relationship.

But when his car breaks down in the remote Blackwood forest in Western Australia, without the medication that lets him hide who he is, he’s faced with what he fears most: an unmated alpha.

Government forest guardian and alpha Coll MacDubhar is tired of illegal loggers, foolish tourists and people who underestimate the wilds of Western Australia. He discovers Braden lost and in need of medical assistance in the forest he protects and knows something’s not right.

But there’s hidden depths to Braden that capture his interest, and no decent alpha would walk away when Braden’s unwelcome past comes to visit.

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About the Author


Pia Foxhall is a queer, nonbinary and disabled Australian author who lives in the most isolated major city in the world – Perth, Western Australia – with two rescue cats. Much of their time writing is spent working on the Patreon-supported Fae Tales serial, a dark fantasy BDSM erotica epic that has been in production for many years.

They’ve always been fascinated with all types of trauma recovery stories, and they like their character’s comfort to be earned, and the growth to feel real.

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Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dJsDhQ

Tumblr: https://not-poignant.tumblr.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/ravenari

Twitter: twitter.com/ravenari

Patreon: patreon.com/foxhall


To celebrate the release of The Gentle Wolf, Pia is giving away 3 e-sets of the Perth Shifters so far (2 books)

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This West Wing homage goes all out with an agents romance I’m totally here for!

400xFriendsFriends by Nora Phoenix

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even better than book one!

I love me a good slow burn and I love me a good friends to lovers, but most of all, I love The West Wing, so this series from Nora really is the icing on the cake atm.

This book is like if The West Wing’s Secret Service Agent Simon Donovan got together with FBI Agent Mike Casper and I’m so here for it!

Nora’s own Agent Casper is divorced and badly in need of affection. Seth, who he’s partnered up with to investigate events from book one, is openly gay and recovering from a training injury. They hit it off straight away as colleagues.

The way their romance then unfolds, while they’re dealing with potential moles inside the Secret Service, terrorists, uncovered assassination plots and loads more security threats, is so beautifully done.

Like I said, it’s slow burn, not only because the reader soon realises that Coulson is actually demisexual way before he does, but also because Seth doesn’t even twig they’re falling in love until his well-meaning but interfering family point it out.

The friendship between these two men is a solid bedrock on which they slowly slide into a relationship without them consciously acknowledging their changing affections.

Seth’s attracted to Coulson from the off, but as a straight man he’s off limits. Coulson begins to notice he has feelings for Seth that aren’t just friends when he gets jealous at the thought of him having a hookup with a fellow agent.

Once he gets over the shock of accepting not only his demisexuality, but also that he’s not straight but pansexual, Coulson is all in and oh boy does he go for it without any qualms or shame.

They are not only emotionally tied together, but their sexual encounters are dynamite. Seth is a self-proclaimed size queen and Coulson delivers him all the inches 😉

This book has light kink references to fisting, but no scenes on page. Seth’s desire to be wrecked by rough sex with a guy who has the necessary equipment to do so, is fully explored and satisfied put it that way!

I was also really happy with the way the investigation is going into not only an incident of terrorism five years earlier – which we again see at the start of this book from both agents’ perspectives – but also the later events of book two.

From the off, I was hoping Nora wasn’t going what looked to be the obvious route and now things are starting to show that’s the case and I can’t wait to see where else the overall plotline goes.

This is another fabulous entry to this lovechild of The West Wing and The American President and I am so here for it!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Briar’s Happy List certainly did it for me!

eTheHappyListThe Happy List by Briar Prescott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Blooming brilliant.

I just love the way Briar Prescott writes. Her narratives always speak to me and I fall madly in love with the characters she creates and the worlds her men inhabit.

This one hits one of my favourite tropes, realising you’re in love with your best friend. It also has sexual awakening, demisexual rep and an opposites attract plotline which sings as it marries up a repressed lawyer with a free-spirited furniture maker.

I loved both Gray and Kai. Each of their personalities sparked and when they were together, the sense of that bone deep lifelong friendship, where you know all the secrets was clear to see.

Except for the one secret that Kai never told Gray – that he’d had a crush on him when they were teenagers that he’d basically run away to deal with 10 years earlier. When he lands back in Boston, he thinks he’s over it but Gray’s got a few surprises of his own to reveal.

What I appreciated a lot about this romance is that it really does flow organically from the moment Gray realises his life is missing something, to his dawning awareness of not only how much he loves Kai as a friend, but how he’s actually attracted to him.

The fact he’s demisexual isn’t obviously declared, but Gray’s aware he doesn’t like the idea of one night stands, he’s never felt great passion outside of his friendship with Kai, and the woman he was with two years never made him feel the jealously he gets when he sees Kai out on a date.

I also really appreciated that Gray went all out! There’s no casual I might be experimenting here, it’s a full on I’m attracted to you and you make me horny when he finally twigs about his feelings.

They’re incredibly hot together, but it has a weight of feelings too, because of their shared history, Kai’s crush, his fears of having his heart broken, and Gray’s inability to work out Kai’s thoughts for the first time in their long friendship.

This is much lighter in tone that Briar’s previous book Rare, and obviously more grown up than Project Hero, and I think it worked even better for me because of that.

It’s just a really happy read. It’s sweet and has a great sense of its setting, Kai’s family is fab, Gray’s grandmother is a riot, even his stuffy brother Con is coming from a place of love.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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