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Release Blitz: Fathers of the Bride by Marshall Thornton

Fathers of the Bride |  Marshall Thornton


Release Date: August 28th, 2021

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After more than two decades together, Andrew Lane and Miles Kettering-Lane are going through a nasty divorce. Not only are they unraveling their relationship but also their business—Miles once had a popular home show on cable with Andrew serving as his producer/manager—the failure of which they blame on each other.

Now, they’d be happy to never, ever see each other again. But the daughter they both adore, Kelly, announces she’s getting married, and that means one very important thing: a wedding.

Thrown together, at event after event—meeting the in-laws, planning the wedding, throwing an elaborate engagement party—the two clash over everything until, their future in-laws, Bradley and Pudge Lincoln and Terry and Lissa Collins, try to take over the entire wedding. The Lincoln-Collinses’ are very wealthy, to quote Pudge, “People think we’re in the one percent but that’s so embarrassing. We’re barely in the two percent!”

Andrew and Miles realize they have to work together in order to compete with the overbearing Lincoln-Collinses’ and give their daughter the wedding she deserves.

Along the way, they realize things just might not be over between them.



Kelly Kettering-Lane

Growing up with two fathers in L.A. was not a big deal. Yes, there was the occasional uberdude who tried to make a lame joke about some sitcom from like a zillion years ago. I don’t even know why that was supposed to make me feel crappy. It never did.

Honestly, I’ve had more trouble with the fact that my name sounds more like a street address than a real live human being. That’s been pointed out a few hundred thousand times and it always makes me blush.

Yes, if you dig around on the Internet you can find right-wing trolls who claim to have data proving that I suffered terribly when two gay men snatched me out of foster care, dressed me in Baby Versace, and sent me off to private preschool.

The horrid abuse continued with day school at the Hollywood Schoolhouse garbed in Little Marc Jacobs, followed by middle and upper school at Harvard-Westlake where—my social conscience having sprung to life—I refused to wear anything that didn’t come from the Goodwill. Much to my fathers’ chagrin.

Capping off the complete and total destruction of my life, my fathers sent me to college. Such evil! I picked UCLA refusing to even consider applying to USC. They retaliated by giving me a brand-new BMW 228i, which I traded in on a 1999 Volvo, giving the leftover money to Habitat for Humanity. That was a tense Sunday dinner.

Seriously, the only truly terrible thing my fathers ever did to me was separating during my senior year of college.

According to the trolls this should have been the best thing that ever happened to me. They were wrong. It wasn’t. It so wasn’t.

And then there was my wedding… my awful, horrific, disastrous wedding worthy of Dino De Laurentiis. (BA: Women’s Studies, Film History minor.)

Of course, my apocalyptic wedding would not surprise anyone in my generation. After all, our parents are the ones who’ve plundered the world, bringing it to the brink of destruction; compared to that, ruining a wedding is a piece of cake.

About The Author


Marshall Thornton writes two popular mystery series, the Boystown Mysteries and the Pinx Video Mysteries. He has won the Lambda Award for Gay Mystery three times.

His books Code Name: Liberty and Femme have been Lambda finalists for Best Gay Romance. Other books include My Favorite Uncle, The Ghost Slept Over and Masc, the sequel to Femme.

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