Regent’s Park Pack: Bitten by Desire by Annabelle Jacobs is out now

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Length: 78,000 words approx. 

Cover Design: Natasha Snow
Regent’s Park Pack Series
Bitten By Mistake (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Bitten By Design (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK

Two lovers from rival packs. Have they come together only to be forced apart?

Alec Knight, a beta in the Regent’s Park pack, guards his heart carefully. Ghosts from his past keep him alone and angry, any hope of a relationship impossible while guilt from the pack wars still haunts him. With the anniversary drawing near, Alec needs a distraction.

As a lowly member of the Primrose Hill pack, Mark Appleton isn’t used to having his alpha’s attention. Lately he’s had more than his fair share, and not for the right reasons. Despite growing suspicions that all is not well, Mark tries hard to do better, but constant criticism leaves him desperate for a stress outlet.

Sex is a good way for shifters to let off steam, and while their packs attack each other with accusations and lies, Alec and Mark work out their frustrations in bed. Pillow talk and shared secrets lead to a closeness neither was expecting, but when pack relations reach an all-time low, any future for them seems out of the question.

If they want to be together, they’ll have to go against their alphas’ wishes—except Alec won’t and Mark can’t.


Mark’s scent might have been lost to him before, but standing this close to him, Alec had no trouble picking it out—a light citrusy undertone to the spicy edge he’d detected earlier with just a hint of the tequila working its way out of his system. Even with the alcohol, he smelled good.

Alec took a deep breath in, not bothering to be subtle about it. Might as well put the offer out there. He wasn’t in the mood for games tonight. Maybe he hadn’t consciously gone in there with the intent of hooking up with Mark, but he liked what he saw. Dark hair and blue-green eyes had always done it for him.

It was a bad idea; the worst one Alec had had in a while probably. But like it had done on the street outside, Mark’s scent stirred Alec’s interest, making his wolf perk up and take notice. He didn’t always get that with people he fucked. When it happened, it boded well for the night ahead.

And it was just sex, right? After Cam’s accusations, Alec couldn’t make relations between their packs any worse. Cam might disagree, but Alec needed to get all this tension out of his system if he was to be any use to his alpha over the next few days. And both he and his wolf had decided on Mark.

Author Bio

Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with three rowdy children, and two cats. An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They’re usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end.

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Brilliant paranormal from Jay Northcote examines a sense of self and place

The Half WolfThe Half Wolf by Jay Northcote

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Jay said he was thinking of writing a shifter story I was enthusiastically cheering him on and this book is proof positive that he can turn his hand to the paranormal side of MM romance as well as he does young and new adult.

It’s inherently British too, set in the Welsh valleys where it’s entirely too easy to believe there really are shifters living among the tiny little farming communities.

It also very much shines a light on another typically British tradition – that of travelling people who follow the routes their families have driven for generations around the country.

By that I don’t mean the New Age Travellers, as they came to be known, but the genuine Romani families whose lives have changed little only to exchange a horse and vardo for a pickup and a caravan.

There’s also an element of self-discovery, as Quinn begins to feel something’s up after meeting Kellan and and having an instant attraction to the shifter.

I also loved that this didn’t feel in the slightest bit paranormal outside of the turning into a wolf bit that is! Now by that I mean there wasn’t an emphasis on the supernatural fact that these people could turn into wolves. It was just treated as one of those things.

Mostly The Half Wolf is a book about discovering your true self, about falling in love, about family being more than just blood, it’s about friendships and fears, about ancient mistrusts and new hopes; it’s settling down and digging in roots, and it’s about always being willing to listen to the voice inside when it nags you to go out and find your place.

It’s lovely and passionate and sweet and emotional and it packs a lot in to a fairly short length. I hope Jay lingers in this world for a while.

The beautiful cover from Garrett Leigh perfectly sums up the delights inside as Quinn awakens in a number of ways.

#ARC provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Gentle pacing and lacking in angst equals a sweet romance

Maybe This TimeMaybe This Time by Annabelle Jacobs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just like her fellow West Country author Jay Northcote, there’s something about Annabelle Jacobs’ writing which speaks to me and I always enjoy her romances.

This one is no exception with two older MCs, one 30 and one 38, who almost accidentally fall into a friends with benefits relationship that slowly develops into more.

I loved both Matt and Ryan, neither of them were dramatically angsty, the majority of tension and conflict coming from Matt’s father’s frailties and his stubbornness over wanting a ‘proper’ relationship.

Ryan, having been burnt before with an FWB relationship, is keeping his feelings guarded but the way they slip I’ll not something more felt organic.

This book is also unashamedly British, another thing I love this author’s work for. We have bacon butties and brown sauce, copious cups of tea, drunken Friday nights with curry afterwards, fry ups for breakfast and Tesco Express (a supermarket mini-store for the non Brits).

Loved it. It only loses a star for being perhaps a bit too sweet and easy, not that I’d expect dramady just for the sake of it. But Matt’s turnaround was possibly a little quick.

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Another cracking addition to the series

Chocolate Cake and Chaos (Peridale Cafe Mystery #4)Chocolate Cake and Chaos by Agatha Frost

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another brilliant addition to the Peridale Cafe mysteries from Agatha Frost, a series which is rapidly becoming one of my favourites.

There is a real lightness of style to these stories, even with the murderous themes running through them, the humour and Britishness stands out.

Julia is a delightful addition to the female “detective” cannon and she’s beginning to rank right up there with Christie’s Tuppence Beresford for me.

In this one things become even more personal for Julia when her beloved Barker’s life is in danger and, as in all the previous books, there’s a neat twist which is never obvious which gives Julia the insight she needs to discover the truth.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an unbiased and honest review.

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Another cracking little book

Like a Lover (Housemates, #2)Like a Lover by Jay Northcote

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second in this series from Jay Northcote is just as good as the first one.
The story is a bit more complicated than the first where that was two guys realising they loved each other.

This one has at its heart a young man determined to stand on his own feet and so turning tricks as an escort.

He gets stood up one night and meets someone else and there begins the tale.
I liked both Josh and Rupert and although Rupert’s wealth made him being able to keep seeing Josh a bit of an easy ride, it wasn’t enough to distract from reading them beginning to mix pleasure with business.

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