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Review and Blog Tour: Rebellion by Naomi Aoki

Rebellion | Naomi Aoki

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Length: 51,835

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1899: Political tensions are rising with the emergence of the Boxer Movement in Northern China, straining ties between the Chinese Imperial Government and the Eight Nations with stakes in the country.

As a Captain in the Royal Marines, Alfred Cartwright is deployed to Shanghai, where he discovers more than he’d dared to dream of – Love. Not even the struggles with language, or the fear of reprisals if their relationship is found out, can stop Alfred from falling for the Chinese man he encounters.

But as the anti-foreigner sentiment of the Boxer Movement grows in strength, their relationship will be put to the test.

Where do Alfred’s loyalties lie? With the man he loves or his country, as they stand opposite each other on a battlefield neither can escape.

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Author Bio

Naomi would love to run away to Japan or China and live there for a few years… but she can’t. Instead, she goes there in her books, hoping to drag the reader into a world they’ve never been to before.

Historical. Contemporary. Time offers no constraint to the stories she writes, happily dabbling in both so long as there is a happy ending.

She is a mother of three teenage children, one of whom loves to tell people that her mother writes romance stories about gay men just to see their reaction. While she could never claim to be fluent, she has just completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Chinese, with minors in Creative Writing and Japanese.

Her stories are based predominantly in Japan or China and her historical stories often involving time periods or situations not often talked about with her characters often being actively involved in the events occurring around them.

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