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Release Tour: Honeymoon Ever After by Ariella Zoelle

Honeymoon Ever After | Ariella Zoelle

Suite Dreams #5

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Release Date: February 18th, 2022

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Rory’s never been attracted to a man before, but Kieran changes everything from the first moment they meet. Will he be able to embrace his unexpected feelings for the Hollywood celebrity?

Rory Kinsella

My new life plan is going great:

1. Dump my awful fiancée who was in love with her best friend and not me? Done.

2. Celebrate my newfound freedom and happiness by going on a solo “me-moon” honeymoon? Great, that should be awesome.

3. Fall in love with a famous Hollywood action hero when I’m straight? Wait, what?!

Besides being absurdly handsome and incredibly charismatic, Kieran looks at me with his magnetic and captivating green eyes in a magical way that makes me feel like I’m the only person in the world that matters. But is that really enough to make me forget that I’m normally attracted to women?

Apparently, the answer is “Yes!” However, it’s not only his gorgeous good-looks that sway me into switching teams. No, what really makes him tempting is something much deeper than that. How can an academic nerd like me resist someone as sweet as a man who wears TARDIS pajamas and wants to shower me with all the love my ex-fiancée never gave me?

Kieran Aiello

My hide out from the paparazzi “vacation” plans:

1. Go to Sweden to escape from a scandal? Easy, I can do that.

2. Stay in my hotel room without leaving for any reason per my manager’s orders? Yeah, that’s not happening.

3. Find a hot Swede to hook up with in a sauna? Definitely doable.

But things take a surprising turn when I accidentally run into Rory instead, a cute grad student who actually sees the real me that most people don’t believe is hidden under all my Hollywood muscles. He wasn’t part of my original plans, but what could be more tempting than that?

I always thought the insta-love romances I portrayed in my movies were a little hokey, but Rory turns me into a true believer. The chemistry between us is undeniable, but I want more than just a physical relationship with him. If he’s willing to take a chance by opening his heart to me, then why should I settle for anything less than a true romantic ending of a lifetime of love together?

Honeymoon Ever After is the fifth and final book in the Suite Dreams series and part of the Sunnyside universe. This novel features a bi awakening, insta love, celebrity/regular guy, age gap, forced proximity, gay romance.

If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and no angst stories that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll enjoy this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Chapter 1: Rory Kinsella

As I continued looking at the man across from me in the hot tub, I couldn’t get over the similarities between his appearance and the celebrity’s. “Are you Kieran’s Irish cousin or something?” He laughed boisterously, but I couldn’t stop myself from continuing. “If it wasn’t for your accent, I would assume that you were him or maybe his redheaded twin we’ve somehow never heard about.”

“What if I said I was him?” He flashed a roguish grin at me that made me laugh.

“Come to think of it, he had an accent when he played that Irish mobster turned good guy in Banjaxed.” I wasn’t seriously sitting across from the real Kieran Aiello, was I? “It’s really you, isn’t it?”

His shoulders slumped as he sighed in defeat. “Damn it, I thought nobody would clock me if I had my natural hair and used an Irish accent,” he grumbled in his regular American voice. “I’m supposed to be hiding, but the hot tub was too inviting to stay in my room.”

I blinked at him in shock, having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I was face-to-face with the real Kieran Aiello. “Holy shit, it’s really you!”

“Surprise.” His smile turned wan as some of his playfulness disappeared behind a guarded wall.

I couldn’t process how I had ended up half a world away from home and in a hot tub with one of the biggest Hollywood stars of all time. But I didn’t like seeing him withdraw into himself. “I can’t even imagine the hell you’ve been through these past few days with the scandal playing on an endless loop everywhere. You have my word. I won’t tell a single soul that you’re here. You deserve your privacy.”

The walls that had gone up between us disappeared as he gave me a genuine smile. “Thanks, that means a lot.” He ran his hand through his hair, making it stand up in spikes. “My agent would fucking kill me if I got busted over an appearance in a public hot tub, of all places. He sent me here to keep me out of the spotlight.”

I gestured around us. “It’s a smart plan because it doesn’t get much more remote than this.”

“True. What brings you out here to the middle of Nowhere, Sweden?”

“I’m supposed to be on my honeymoon.”

He arched an eyebrow up in silent questioning. “Supposed to be?”

“I broke up with my fiancée, so I’m on a me-moon instead. It’s great to be here without her here to ruin everything.”

“A me-moon?” Kieran laughed hard at the funny term Jude had come up with. “I love it. Wow, she must have been a disaster to make someone as nice as you break up with her.”

I flushed at the compliment. “That’s a polite way of putting it. I got tired of being punished for not being her best friend she was in love with, so I called off our wedding and broke up with her. The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner.”

“Was it a dramatic breakup at the altar, or were you smart enough to escape before then?”

“That was about eight months ago, so I’ve had time to detox and heal.” I basked in the contentment of knowing I had made an excellent decision to save myself. “Now, I’m enjoying being single.”

He smirked at me. “Uh-oh, don’t say that too loudly. That’s usually when the universe drops somebody into your lap, right when you least expect it.”

The absurd idea caused me to snort in amusement. “No, thanks. I’ll be fine if I never have another girlfriend again.”

His smile turned coy. “That sure sounds like you’re tempting fate into giving you a boyfriend.”

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About the Author

arielle website-1000

Ariella Zoelle adores steamy, funny, swoony romances where couples are allowed to just be happy. She writes low angst stories full of heat, humor, and heart. But sometimes she’s in the mood for something with a bit more angst and drama. If you are too, check out her A.F. Zoelle books.

For real time updates on her writing progress, please join her Facebook group for exclusive teasers or follow her on Twitter or Instagram. You can also sign up for her newsletter to gain access to bonus chapters, previews of upcoming books, exclusive visual guides, and more.

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Social Media

Website: https://www.ariellazoelle.com/

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A.F. Zoelle’s Books: https://amzn.to/3BAgypg

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Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/ariella-zoelle

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To celebrate Ariella’s new release, we are giving away 2 e-sets of the now complete Suite Dreams Series (5 ebooks)!

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I’m so glad Nic went back to her boy band world!

Code Blue CoverCode Blue by N.R. Walker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having thoroughly enjoyed Code Red I was very happily surprised to see that there would be a second book in the series as I’d not really picked up on any vibes from any of the other characters for a return.

Well, I’m very glad that Nic saw something in the relationship between singer and songwriter Jeremy and Head of Security Steve because Code Blue is a beautiful romance, filled with all the feels, some angst, a lot of plot tension and a wonderful ending.

On the way I will admit there were moments when I was shaking my head thinking not sure that’s actually possible even with the best hacking skills in the world, (plot point not relationship) but I just let it go and it works within the narrative.

I loved how this isn’t an easy journey for either of the two men, Jeremy’s never been attracted to a man before and he can’t understand his feelings, while Steve’s got lots of hidden traumas from an incident when he was younger.

But, together they just work and, as they navigate the attraction between them, the stalker plot plays out alongside their growing feelings and it totally worked for me.

While it’s only low/medium steamy, everything was still full of great emotional connectivity and a lot of vulnerability from both men and it definitely had me going awwww a lot!

I’m not going to go into too much detail but I really loved seeing how this played out and I think it had an ending which fit well.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Cover Reveal: No More Secrets by Becca Seymour

No More Secrets | Becca Seymour

Zone Defense #2

NMS Banner Cover reveal

Release Date: March 16th, 2022

Cover Art: BookSmith Design

Pre-Order Link: readerlinks.com/l/2309156/nl

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Some things you can’t just blurt out… right?

When you’ve shared a kiss with your best friend and it blows your mind—and other parts of your body—it’s inevitable that everything changes.

That’s the way it now is with me and Jayden Moore, my best friend who thought he could rock my world with no consequences, all while throwing me his signature grin.

But this is Jayden we’re talking about. He gets himself into unexpected trouble no matter what, and when visiting Australia, I’m compelled to make sure he doesn’t get eaten by a croc or try to steal a kangaroo. Like the glutton for punishment I am, I follow him.

And that’s all great until my desperation and big mouth send our worlds spiraling. Apparently, we’re now officially a couple. And because of course it goes one step further, I’ve now got my very own fake fiancé.

Being in the media is one thing, but being inspiration for others creates a whole new set of guilt and problems. But we’ll tackle it together and find our way back to how things were.

And if that’s not possible, just maybe Jayden and I can find ourselves with a brand-new label. One that’s real, and one I don’t run from. That’s the thing with Jayden: he has a way to extract my secrets. Whether he’s prepared for them or not.

About The Author


Becca Seymour lives and breathes all things book related. Usually with at least three books being read and two WiPs being written at the same time, life is merrily hectic. She tends to do nothing by halves so happily seeks the craziness and busyness life offers.

Living on her small property in Queensland with her human family as well as her animal family of cows, chooks, and dogs, Becca appreciates the beauty of the world around her and is a believer that love truly is love.

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