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A swoony and beautifully romantic Savannah story

About Last Night coverAbout Last Night by Aimee Nicole Walker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely adore a sexual awakening romance and when it’s coupled with a best friend’s brother and set in Aimee Nicole Walker’s interconnected universe, you know it’s going to be a triumph.

Julien and Topher’s story was everything I hoped for and also gave me so much more. Look in a dictionary for the word “smitten” and it’ll have a picture of me while reading this book.

If you’re looking for an angsty driven narrative, you won’t find it here.

Instead what you get is a beautifully sweet slow burn filled with flirting, humour and two wonderful families who fill their homes with joy and happiness.

There’s a small side plot which I suspect may head over into Chief Mendoza’s book, which is up next. And let me say, my excitement levels for that one are off the charts.

As was the sexy times between these two once Julien realised Topher wasn’t hiding his feelings or planning on running away.

There’s only a brief appearance from Sawyer and Royce, but we do also get a little bit of Rocky too and I just honestly love being in this world so I didn’t care. Julien and Topher carry the story perfectly on their own.

If you’re looking for a swoony and supportive palate cleanser which makes you happy and puts hearts in your eyes, this one is it.

#ARC kindly received from the author via GRR Tours in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Annabeth brings a fresh look to this bodyguard & rock star romance

60575646._SY475_Hard Job by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed book one in this new ex-military bodyguard series from Annabeth but I absolutely fell in love with Duncan and Ezra in this one!

The rock star falling for his bodyguard trope isn’t a new one, in fact I’d just read Lauren Blakeley’s One Time Only which has the same theme a few days earlier, but here Annabeth manages somehow to take a fresh approach.

What the reader gets is a surprisingly sweet, but also a bit angsty, romance as Duncan, the former Navy SEAL Lieutenant son of a famous Hollywood star, fights to keep his relationship with his brother’s best friend on a professional basis.

Poor Duncan, my heart ached for him. Like his younger half-brother Danny in book one, he’s not had any kind of decent upbringing, thrown off to boarding school, private tutors and nannies, his parents are feckless and unfeeling and it’s left him clinging to his reputation in the Military as a man of honour, something his father is not.

Which proves conflicting when his friendship with Ezra becomes something much more, their chemistry is obvious but it’s the kindness and support each offers the other which makes it special.

Ezra is also much more than just a rich rock star, he’s constantly trying to keep hold of his friendships from before he was famous, the ones he knows are by his side because they want to be not because of what he can do for them.

His parents had him later in life, so he also worries about them and he’s rapidly approaching burnout when Duncan takes over as his Security Chief. Their opposite personalities cause clashes, but they also connect deeply too when both realise there is a longing within the other for someone they can rely on.

I loved everything about this book and didn’t put it down once I started reading it. Both Ezra and Duncan go through some changes, working together by having proper conversations – and a few sulky moments it’s true – to try and find a way forward.

Their secret relationship brings the tension to the plot and is used well by Annabeth to cause moments of friction between them which arise organically and never feel deliberately placed. There’s the usual 70%/Third Act hiccup but it’s thankfully resolved pretty quickly by the two men actually having a grown up discussion!

And the sex between them is a glorious mix of control and tenderness as Ezra discovers Duncan’s touch starved nature fires him up even more. The scene where Duncan gives up trying to be in charge and lets Ezra just love him is beautiful.

Now there’s just Harley’s book to come and the hints we’re given for that one have me salivating!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Release Blitz: Two-Man Team by Amy Aislin

Two-Man Team | Amy Aislin

Stick Side #5

Two Man Team Banner

Release Date: October 12th, 2021

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Two-Man Team Cover


One wrongful arrest ruined Kris Xappa’s image—and made his NHL team look bad. Now, with orders to keep his head down, the last thing he needs is to develop feelings for his younger teammate—and best friend’s brother. The fact that he can’t stop thinking about their one illicit kiss doesn’t mean anything.

Rory Stanton is perfectly capable of taking care of himself and doesn’t need his brother’s best friend keeping an eye on him. Sure, he likes having Kris’s attention, but he’d rather have it for entirely different reasons. Too bad that one kiss they shared wasn’t enough to convince Kris to take a chance on him.

When an injury lands Rory in Kris’s care, will these teammates be able to see past the obstacles to become a two-man team?



At some point while Kris had been occupied—or possibly when he’d been sitting here feeling sorry for himself—Rory had brought a bowl of grapes and blueberries to the table, as well as two sets of cutlery, two tall glasses of water, three different types of jam from the fridge, and two empty mugs. The smell of percolating coffee hit and Kris almost wept.

Rory was surely here because Emery had asked him to come, but Kris didn’t give two shits about his motivations. As long as Rory fed him, the man could come by anytime he wanted.

“You look like you need this.” Rory set Kris’s plate at his elbow. “And about twelve hours of sleep.”

“You’re not wrong. Thanks for this.” Closing the laptop, Kris shoved it aside and brought his food closer.

“Maybe stay away from fast food breakfast sandwiches in the future.” Rory wrinkled his nose. “That thing looked like poison.”

Kris chuckled and shoved half a toast in his mouth, not bothering with jam.

Rory Stanton was one of those cute as button types. High forehead, small nose, big brown eyes. In Rory’s downtime, those big eyes were usually covered with glasses. Today, he wore his contacts, which meant he’d been outdoors. He’d complained, more than once, about the annoyance of changing from prescription glasses to prescription sunglasses and back whenever he went from indoors to outdoors to indoors again. He always seemed to smell like sunshine and grass, and his dark brown hair was constantly in a state of dishevelment.

“You got a bit of a burn on your nose,” Kris said, pointing his fork at him.

“Damn.” Rory’s eyes crossed. “I do? Didn’t think I’d need sunscreen for an hour of street hockey this late in September. Ah well.” Unconcerned, he dug into his meal.

Kris stood, retrieved the ketchup from the fridge, and proceeded to smother his eggs in it.

Rory stared at him. “God, you’re disgusting.”

“Ketchup brings me joy.”

For some reason, Rory thought that was hysterical and he dissolved into snorted, hiccupy giggles. The same kind that had left Rory a snorting, laughing mess at last year’s Christmas party.

The same night he’d kissed Kris.

If Kris had thought about that sloppy, back-of-an-Uber kiss more than once in the intervening months, well . . . it wasn’t Kris’s fault. Despite tasting like a barroom floor, that kiss had awoken something in him. Not feelings. More of an awareness of Rory as something other than Kris’s best friend’s little brother. An awareness of Rory as a fully grown man.


About the Author


Amy’s lived with her head in the clouds since she first picked up a book as a child, and being fluent in two languages means she’s read a lot of books! She first picked up a pen on a rainy day in fourth grade when her class had to stay inside for recess.

Tales of treasure hunts with her classmates eventually morphed into love stories between men, and she’s been writing ever since. She writes evenings and weekends—or whenever she isn’t at her full-time day job saving the planet at Canada’s largest environmental non-profit.

An unapologetic introvert, Amy reads too much and socializes too little, with no regrets. She loves connecting with readers. Join her Facebook Group, Amy Aislin’s Readers, to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases and for access to early teasers, find her on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for her newsletter.

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Website: amyaislin.com

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