Five fat fairy tale stars

Beau and the BeastBeau and the Beast by Kay Simone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know how Kay Simone does it but here, again, is an epic tale of love in unusual circumstances, totally different to each of her other novels but carried out with aplomb.

This is billed as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but it’s way more than that. Yes we have the ‘beast’ in Wolfram, yes we have the beauty in Beau, but this isn’t so much a tale of beauty saving the beast as of two souls finding their perfect other selves and of acceptance in a world of different.

The ending, and the novel way it deals with what usually happens in this fairy tale, is truly inspired, I didn’t see it coming and I hope readers of this book are able to discover it themselves without spoilers, believe me it’s worth it.

The world building is superb, the secondary characters are given the same depth of treatment as the two leads and Kay’s use of language is again beautiful.

And the sex scenes, let’s just say if anyone ever needs to know just how erotic lovemaking can be between a slight figure of a man and a seven foot furrred man with arm’s horns and a lion’s tail, this book proves beyond doubt that Non Human People can get it on with the best of them.
The sex is lovingly woven into the story as a part of the ever growing relationship between these two and never feels like it’s there simply for titillation.

The ending is perfect, the epilogue a glimpse into a future in which society embraces the differences instead of fearing them and that’s a world I’d love to live in.

Oh, and Noah and Lincoln were absolutely brilliant, such a riot and a pairing which, on the surface never should have worked, but in practice, absolutely did.

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High-tech hijinks in this futuristic retelling

EnsnaredEnsnared by Rita Stradling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would probably never have read this book if it wasn’t for the cover. It drew my eye enough that I overlooked the sci-fi futuristic element of this particular re-telling of Beauty and the Beast and I am glad I did because this was an incredibly complex and well crafted story.
I was expecting a run of the mill re-telling but instead I got a rollercoaster of a thriller style romance between a girl forced to pretend she’s a robotic version of herself and a man trapped inside a high-tech tower who is afraid of the outside world.
The science was a bit confusing at times but not enough to spoil the story and it did take a while to get going but once Alainn was living in the tower and interacting with Lor and then discovering her robotic lookalike Rosette was perhaps slightly flawed and potentially murderous, the pace really kicked off.
There were great secondary characters as well and the ethical dilemma of “what makes us human” was explored in a interesting way.

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