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Blog Tour: Merry Measure by Lily Morton

Merry Measure | Lily Morton

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Release Date: December 2nd 2020

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Arlo Wright’s introduction to his sexuality came when he saw his older brother’s best friend, Jack Cooper, in his sweaty football kit. Unfortunately, he didn’t have long to enjoy the revelation because he promptly knocked himself out on a table.

Relations between them have never really moved on from that auspicious beginning. Arlo is still clumsy, and Jack is still as handsome and unobtainable as ever.

However, things look like they’re starting to change when Arlo finds himself sharing a room with Jack while on holiday in Amsterdam at Christmas. Will the festive spirit finally move them towards each other, or is Arlo just banging his head against a wall this time?

From bestselling author, Lily Morton comes a warm romantic comedy set in chilly Amsterdam.

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He laughs and makes his way out of the coffee shop, the crowd obligingly parting for him like he’s Jesus with a bread roll.

I follow him, attempting not to ogle the gorgeous swell of his bum in his jeans. It’s a losing battle and one I’ve fought since I was eleven and eating soup in the kitchen of my family home. Young Arlo had looked up and seen a vision at the door—Jack in sweaty football gear that clung to his fifteen-year-old body like glue. And then Young Arlo had promptly had several revelations about his sexuality. He’d had to shelve thinking about them for a few hours, however, because he inhaled a crouton and, while choking, fell over and knocked himself out on the kitchen table.

Not my finest moment, but looking back, not my worst either.

That summer, I spent several months following Jack and my brother around, much to my brother’s mystification, as we were at that point in our relationship where he frequently wanted to batter me. I ceased my youthful pursuit of Jack when two things happened. The first was that my brother threatened to pull off my arms and legs slowly and then tell mum, if I didn’t stop following him and impeding his wooing of his crush at the time. The second was that Jack got himself a girlfriend—Samantha Hampson. I’d wallowed in misery for at least a month, and then my natural optimism surfaced, telling me that he’d notice me soon and that Samantha was a total ho and unworthy of my beloved.

He never did notice me, of course. Samantha went the way of many of his girlfriends, and then, after he came out as bisexual, his boyfriends. They were all perfect-looking, and they dated exclusively and generally looked like something from toothpaste commercials. But invariably something went wrong, and they’d vanish, only to be replaced by the next perfect specimen.

I curl my lips at the thought of his latest one. Steven, who is spectacularly good-looking but also a complete twat. He’s cold and deeply possessive of Jack’s time, but Jack never seems to notice. My stomach roils a little at the thought that Steven has lasted longer than anyone else. Maybe this is it. They’ll get married and settle down and raise children or penguins, or whatever people in perfect relationships do.

Not that I’d know. My love life is as scatty as my timekeeping, and my partners have all largely become the stuff of family legends—hilarious stories to be related at family parties to newcomers, like the time my boyfriend from university got stupendously drunk and refused to talk to anyone apart from our family dog. After a full weekend of deep and meaningful chats, Fee-Fee looked like she was glad to see the back of us when we went back to uni.

I don’t think I ever expected Jack to look at me, though. I’m his best friend’s little brother. The nuisance whose knees he patched up after a fall and who he tried to teach how to fish until he had to give up when I fell in the river. He’d never look at disastrous me.

Unfortunately, even with this knowledge, I’ve never been able to completely shelve my youthful infatuation. Maybe because it was first love—intensely painful when it happens to you, like slamming your head into a kitchen table, but bits of it linger in lines on your heart. Maybe it’s also because he’s a genuinely lovely person, inside and out. He’s kind and thoughtful and clever and has never talked down to me.

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About the Author


Lily writes contemporary romance novels, and specialises in hot love stories with a good dose of humour.

Lily lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she bought her first Kindle.

She has spent her life with her head full of daydreams and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else could she get to spend her time with hot, funny men!

She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – chocolate Baileys! Her lifetime’s ambition is to have a bath in peace without being shouted by one of her family.

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This goes right to the top of my “I need a shelf beyond favourite” Shelf

56019424._SY475_Merry Measure by Lily Morton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I need a shelf that has more than just Favourites (I know, I can make custom shelves, I’m being overly dramatic 😉 ) because this one would be right at the top.

It’s like all the best snarking characters in Lily’s world got together and donated parts of their DNA to add into an egg which had been created from all the most loving and caring protective cinnamon buns found in her books and then Arlo was born.

He’s an absolute joy, a snarker of the highest calibre and as clumsy as a baby. Fortunately, he’s had Jack, his older brother Tom’s best friend, on hand throughout most of his life to rescue him from all these mishaps he keeps landing in.

The crush level has been intense, but when the two end up sharing a room on a long weekend trip to Amsterdam, not long after Jack’s broken up with the latest version of his hideously perfect and tedious boyfriends that the sparks really fly.

Because Jack’s got a crush too…

I’m not going to go into more detail for this one. Except to say that Lily might have broken her record for how quickly I almost choked to death while drinking a cup of tea (within the first couple of paragraphs) and also how big the smile was on my face while reading.

It almost hit
Spring Strings by Lily Morton
levels when I saw the dedication in that book, (did I say yet that Lily wrote me a Rare Breeds Farmer and then gave him a supermodel boyfriend?! 😁❤💕🐑🐏 )

This book is a guaranteed pick-me-up if you feel down, it’s a mini travel guide to the delights of Amsterdam (I reckon the Netherlands Tourist Board owes Lily some dosh from how many readers are planning a trip there now because of this book) and it’s about as festive romance as they can get.

It has enough UST to fuel a rocket; it has soulful stares and lusty looks; it’s got a brilliant cast of secondary characters; and the meet/cute for Arlo’s parents might just be the best I’ve ever read in any book – #justsaying #HotGossipWereHot – along with an Epilogue that will have you doing one of those heartfelt sighs that something could be so perfect.

Get it, read it, and give yourselves a Merry Little Christmas.

And that cover?! Natasha Snow outdoing herself yet again.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Release Blitz: First Sight by Jordan Taylor

First Sight | Jordan Taylor

Sight #1

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: May 21, 2018

Heat Level: 2 – Fade to Black Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 54,300

Genre: Contemporary, romance, contemporary, honeymoon, disability, Amsterdam

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Despite misgivings, newlyweds Noah and Archer set out for a dream honeymoon in Amsterdam with a shoestring budget and negligible travel experience between them. All goes well until they leave home.

Noah, who once hoped to become a comic book or graphic novel illustrator, is completely blind due to a degenerative eye disease and has rarely left the Seattle area since his diagnosis. While Archer has never previously traveled for longer than a weekend with Noah along.

Reaching the Netherlands, they face a chaotic world better suited to a particularly alert cat than a young blind man and his novice guide. If the physical fear and stresses of public transportation and city streets are not bad enough, Noah and Archer find even their marriage threatened by the daily battle they wage without and within their own relationship.

Includes a bonus story! Go back to the beginning with the prequel and see how Noah and Archer first met and how their relationship evolved.


First Sight
Jordan Taylor © 2018
All Rights Reserved

Chapter One
“Dr. Chamaeleo?” Archer jabbed my shoulder with two fingers. “Really? How many superheroes or villains already exist who have chameleon or camouflage or shapeshifter abilities and names?”

“Meaning it’s a classic,” I said. “Who gets tired of shifters?”

“I don’t know. You can do better, Noah. I thought you said you wanted to create a blind superhero. Where’s that guy?”

I didn’t answer for a minute, distracted by the plane’s engine, voices of passengers concealed by the roar, and an infant crying a dozen rows ahead of us.

Archer shifted beside me, probably looking out the window. We had a whole row of three to ourselves, having followed advice from my father about booking a window and aisle seat toward the tail of the plane. The middle seat never sold, leaving us room to roam.

Archer insisted he wanted an aisle. He liked to be able to move. Really, I was beginning to wonder if he was claustrophobic. I had never known that about him. Maybe that was the point of these trips? Getting to know everything you had missed about one another before the vows.

Not as if I could enjoy the view, so he had taken the window while he could still see the vanishing Cascade Mountains or ocean or British Columbia. I wasn’t even sure which direction the plane was taking. North or east?

I had badgered him to read the opening scene—first page, first draft—of my masterpiece in progress while we waited to board. We’d been interrupted by irksome matters like getting on the plane and settling in and taking off. After all the waiting, Archer had finally said something. Yet, now I had a funny feeling about the whereabouts of all that admiring praise I’d been expecting.

What if Archer did not appreciate how much work it had been, writing that first page?

“I did,” I said about the hero question. “I just… I’m not sure—” I shrugged. “No one wants to read about a blind superhero.”

“That’s your motivation now? ‘No one wants to read it’?” I could not hear Archer sigh over the noise of the plane, but I was sure he did. “I thought this was for fun. What difference does it make if nameless strangers want to read your comic book? One step at a time, Noah. Isn’t the point of the outline writing what you care about? Next, you’ll be telling me your hero isn’t even gay.”

“I just don’t think blind will work.” I felt into the now empty aisle seat to my right for my water bottle.

“That’s mine,” Archer said as I removed the cap.

“It is not. I tore the paper on mine so I could feel it.” I drank. “You’re such a dickhead sometimes.”

He chuckled.

“What would I do besides enhanced non-sight senses? Hence, a Daredevil ripoff?” I asked, carefully twisting the cap back in place. “It’s been done before. Anyway, don’t you think a gay, blind superhero is a bit much?”

“Maybe for the 1970s. You just said it: so much has been done before. It’s time for a blind gay superhero. Not to mention a few leading women who dress like normal people in safe, practical costumes. Not bras and shin guards to fight all the creatures of the underworld.”

“Your views are too radical for today’s fantasy audience—”

“First of all, that’s not even true.” Now he just sounded irritated. “There are a lot of smart people in the world who are fed up with panty heroines, and there are gay superheroes around already. Second, I told you to stop with the audience bit. If you’re not doing this outline for yourself, who, exactly, are you writing for?”

I sat in silence, leaned close to him at the window so we could hear one another.

Of course I couldn’t admit it, but that was a damn good question. When, and how, had I gotten it in my head that I wanted to develop my comic book idea with an artist and actually publish? I wasn’t sure, but…there it was.

I had somehow regressed over ten years to junior high when I had read everyone from Chris Claremont to Jim Lee, Frank Miller, and Tim Truman, then drew and wrote my own, filling sketchbook after sketchbook. A long, long time ago. Yet, apparently, not as long as I’d led myself to believe.

So was I interested in seriously writing a comic book? Even if I could no longer be my own artist? Even if I had to collaborate with someone else, whose work I would never see? It sounded like a horrible idea. So I felt surprised to discover that I was unsure of the answer.

I said none of this to Archer. I had told him I wanted to do an outline just for fun and I’d welcome his feedback, and for now, that was the story I was sticking to. Trouble was, Archer hadn’t given much feedback. Asking where the blind guy was and why I cared about a mythical audience? Not helping.

“Anything else?” I asked. “About the first page?”


“Except?” I prompted. I knew that tone.

“Except…” Maybe a shrug? “You know.”

“No. That’s why I asked for your feedback. I’m just starting outlines and scenes and characters. Now’s the time.”

“Well.” Like a sentence. Like, No.


“You know Whiteout is an office supply, right? No one is going to think of blizzards or anything if that’s what you’re going for.”

“I thought of blizzards.”


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Meet the Author

Author of fiction from short stories to epics, designer of award-winning book covers, lover of travel and ice cream, Jordan finds it easier to write a novel than remember to keep up a blog.

She writes historical fiction (mostly World War One and steampunk), contemporary fiction from dog stories to thrillers, paranormal, occasional romance, and young adult titles. Her series include Lightfall, Great War Centennial, and the best-selling Angel Paws stories.

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