My favourite of the series

All Note Long (Perfect Harmony, #3)All Note Long by Annabeth Albert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved this one, just shades as my favourite of the three because Michelin needed Lucky to help him find his way but when he decided to go for it, he took it full on with no apology.

I felt so bad for Michelin through most of this book, I loved his demisexual status too and I think Annabeth did really well getting it across how he needed the emotional connection to let loose with his desires.

The sexual tensions in this one were both hot and steamy but also hugely emotional and tender and I loved how Lucky was quick to pick up on what was needed for Michelin to let himself free.

Great to see the guys from the other books, even in passing, and I liked the exploration of that last bastion of ‘traditions’ – country music – which is also finding it needs to move with the times when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation.

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Lots of humour make this delightful romance a hit

Hard For My BossHard For My Boss by Daryl Banner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Daryl Banner’s style of writing, he has a wry sense of humour which helps to colour the edge of what he writes and stops it becoming too sweet.

This May to December romance has lots of highlights alongside a really gentle love affair as Trevor the intern falls for his boss.

It’s relatively low angst, the sexual tensions built up beautifully and it has a resolution which leads into a wonderful epilogue. Both Trevor and Ben are believable characters and there’s a good setting and world building to fit them in.

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Didn’t feel the love in this one sadly

Smitty's Sheriff (Hope, #3)Smitty’s Sheriff by Cardeno C.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I can’t put my finger on just what was wrong with this one but it didn’t work for me. I usually love a May to December romance and this had all the necessary elements on the surface but it left me feeling flat.

Rich was a difficult character to find any empathy with, he came across as a jerk for a lot of the story and he treated Todd like a young child rather than a lover on frequent occasions.

The big hook on their relationship troubles was mis communication and it just totally grinds my gears. A man Rich’s age should know better than to just assume things and as a Sheriff he’s supposed to be intelligent enough to deduce things rationally.

Todd was a sweetie, naive but determined to get his man back, I just didn’t believe in the relationship unfortunately.

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80s band references make this a winner!

Better Than Friends (Better Than, #3)Better Than Friends by Lane Hayes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Flock of Seagulls and Duran Duran – Lane Hayes is an author after my 80s teenager’s heart!

This is my favourite in the series, I loved Curt and Jack, they just worked perfectly together. I know some people didn’t like that Curt had dates with another man but I understood that, for him, it wasn’t a romantic thing.

I loved Jack so hard, he was perfect on the surface but hurting underneath from never been enough for the life time commitment.

Together they complimented each other, Jack got Curt and understood his fears while Curt let Jack just be himself. Low angst and hot smexy time make this a really enjoyable read.

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A sweet! yes I said sweet, Sex & Mayhem story

Heart Ripper: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem, #9)Heart Ripper: Coffin Nails MC by K.A. Merikan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well this one was a change from the others, vastly less violent but still with its moments but with a much sweeter tone and actually some flowers!

There’s still the stupidly hot bikers, the sex in this one is quite kinky as virginal David discovers he’s actually quite a dirty boy in bed, in the bathroom, round the back of the clubhouse and a multitude of other places.

I liked having a non white MC as well. Raja was Indian but it was just one aspect of him, it wasn’t made a big deal out of. There was also a lot less trauma in this story too and a little bit of romance.

It had humour too, although it might just be me but the more I read snippets of Tooth and Lucky, the more I wonder if they’ve had a lobotomy as they don’t resemble the people they were in their own book. Lucky comes over as a stirring bitch and Tooth as an upright prude but neither of them were like that in their romance. Ah well.

Overall I’ve given it one star less as it seemed a bit more disconnected from the motorcycle club plotlines but it was still a great read.

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Wow, not what I expected at all

ExposedExposed by Bey Deckard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5* This book was a surprise from start to finish and nothing like what I was expecting – in a most pleasant way.

I’m not really one for the daddy kink, but here it was done in such a way that it never once felt skeevy or creepy, just a natural way for Emyr to express how much Greg turned him on.

I utterly loved the Welsh/British elements to the book, the scene at the beginning along Embankment being even more poignant in the light of what’s happened in London today not that far away.

The kink was super smexy, very powerful, even the spanking, which isn’t usually a thing I enjoy reading about, worked so well. I never felt like Emyr needed the kink to be okay, which I’ve read a lot of in some BDSM books, it was just an extra level of intimacy.

I liked Greg too, he never came across as being a creeper, just a guy who’d been badly hurt and burdened with an excess of guilt to the point where he had no confidence in his Dom skills anymore.
Reading him come out of his shell was as delightful as seeing Emyr blossom into his sexuality.

A great bunch of supporting characters also helped to fully ground this novel. Loved it.

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Epic epilogue on top of a beautifully told story of pain and redemption

Between These SheetsBetween These Sheets by Devon McCormack

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love it when the epilogue of a story jumps years into the future and not just a few weeks. The one in this romance is wonderful, it brings with it such hope and happiness and it makes everything that went before it a well earned journey.

War isn’t kind, it’s cruel and vicious, destructive and damaging, even in those times of justified conflict, the suffering it brings has lingering effects.
This book looks at what it’s like afterwards, when you have to deal with the aftermath of a war zone, what PTSD can do to a person’s brain and how it affects every single thing they do.

Reese and Jay were fully fleshed out characters, their flaws and faults as real as their positive traits. Reese was terrified he’d hurt Jay simply because he couldn’t always cope. Jay was scared he’d be the second choice, the one not good enough for anything but sex.

And speaking of sex, Devon sure knows how to write those, this book has some incredibly passionate moments between the two men and some off the charts hot action to leave you flustered.

What I enjoyed the most about this though was that, in spite of all their hang ups and insecurities, they leant on each other and they talked, truly talked, through the pain.

And a shout out for the stunning cover from Jay Aheer and Allan Spiers Photography.

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