Release Blitz: Test of Valor by Keira Andrews

Test of Valor | Keira Andrews

Valor #2

Cover Design: Dar Albert @ Wicked Smart Designs
Length: 70,000 words approx.
Valor Series



They’re free of the White House, but can their forbidden romance survive in the real world?

With his father no longer president, twenty-two-year-old Rafa Castillo can finally be with ex-Secret Service agent Shane Kendrick. Shane’s given up his career for Rafa, a move his fellow agents question the sanity and morality of.

Eager to get away from the questions and judgement, Rafa and Shane are building a new life together in Australia. Though Shane struggles with nightmares and his over-protective instincts while Rafa fights his own insecurity, they love each other more than ever.

Now they just have to get through a visit from the former president and first lady.

Rafa’s parents certainly don’t approve of his romance with forty-year-old Shane, and they’re determined to make him see reason. They don’t see how their son could possibly be happy settling down with an older man, and they question Shane’s motives.

Shane and Rafa just want a normal life together—but when they must suddenly battle for survival, they fight to prove their fierce love can withstand any threat.

This gay romance from Keira Andrews is the conclusion of the Valor duology. It features a May-December age difference, sex on the beach, and – of course – a happy ending.

About Keira

After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion.

She writes contemporary, historical, fantasy, and paranormal fiction and — although she loves delicious angst along the way — Keira firmly believes in happy endings.

For as Oscar Wilde once said:

“The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”






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Release Blitz – Rhoades: Undeniable by Felice Stevens

Rhoades: Undeniable | Felice Steves

Man Up #2
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Rhodes Cover


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Loneliness. The pain doesn’t simply go away with time. It’s been years, and they tell me I need to move on. But I can’t.

Blame and regret are my constant companions. Until I see him in the spotlight and everything changes. Night after night, I watch him dance. Thinking about him.

What he’d feel like.

What he’d taste like.

And now that I know, I want him even more.

And maybe…just maybe, he might want me too.

But not yet.

Not before he knows he’s more than a pretty face. Not before he knows what he means to me. I need him by my side.

The two of us.



Why can’t I forget him? His hands touching me. His mouth on mine. Kissing me. Rendering me mindless.


Every night I lay awake burning for him. Dreaming. Thinking. Needing him.

No—I don’t. I don’t need anyone.

I lie.

I want him.

I want more. I am more. He’s seen that, and now here I stand with my dream on the horizon. All I need to do is take that first step. Trust him.

Trust myself.

Rhoades Teaser


Fuck. I could kill Marcus. But I couldn’t refuse, and he knew it. Rhoades held me, but not too close, and after some initial hesitancy, I allowed myself to feel the music.

Rhoades’s breath touched my cheek, and I smelled the heat of the scotch he drank. It was like the night we kissed all over again, and I swayed, desire clawing at my insides. Why did being in close proximity to this man make me light-headed and restless?

“How are you?”

“Fine,” I managed to speak. The club had taken on a sensuous glow, and the people beside us faded to black. All I could see was Rhoades.

“So you work in a dance studio? I should’ve guessed by your dancing at Man Up that you had formal training. You move beautifully.”

“I’ve worked there for a while. We teach kids four-to-nine years old. I love it.”

“And is that what you’d like to do? Teach dance? I know you can’t want to dance at Man Up for long.”

“All these questions.” I shifted nervously. I wasn’t about to reveal my dream to him. He’d no doubt find it foolish—maybe even as stupid as my father had. “I thought we were just going to dance.”

“Very well.” He said nothing more, and we danced, our bodies brushing. His effect on me was magnetic, his touch a force pulling me in close. I concentrated on his face: the small lines fanning out from his eyes, the dark brows like wings, his firm mouth. The taste of his lips lingered on my tongue, as bright and pure as if we were kissing now. I found it impossible to be near Rhoades and not crave his touch. Somehow I’d moved closer to him, and our cheeks touched.

“I wondered if I’d see you again after you didn’t show up this past week. I didn’t think you came to these types of clubs.”

“Do you think of me, then?” His hand slid up my back and splayed between my shoulder blades. I didn’t mind that possessive touch.…I wanted it.


“I think of you.” His whispered voice filled my ear with a roar. “After I left you last week, I stayed away like you asked, but I couldn’t sleep at night. Do you want to know why?”

I found myself nodding. We’d stopped dancing, though he continued to hold me, and we swayed together, caught up in our own world.

“I don’t know. Isn’t that crazy? You know I’ve watched you at James’s club. From the first, you caught me with your confidence—you owned the stage—but I also saw something yearning in you. That it wasn’t enough. You want more.”

His hands rested on my hips, and we stood chest-to-chest. The music played on, its sensuous beat rolling through me. I could smell desire in the air.


The tips of his fingers trailed over my cheek and jaw in a gesture so achingly intimate, I fought to keep standing. Finally he put his mouth on mine, and we kissed. No thrusting tongues and panting breaths. Only a gentle press of lips…and it shocked me that a man who radiated such strength could carry this tenderness inside him.

“Keep true to yourself. Follow your dreams. Only you can make them real.”

And with one last kiss, he walked away and disappeared into the crowd before I found time to take a breath. I thought about going after him but stopped myself. He was doing what I asked. Giving me the space I’d demanded. I

had already told him I wouldn’t fuck him in a club, and he remembered and respected that. Another man might’ve tried to persuade me with drinks or force. Rhoades wasn’t the man I thought.


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Felice Logo

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. While life is tough, she believes there is a happy ending for everyone. She started reading traditional historical romances as a teenager, then life and law school got in the way. It wasn’t until she picked up a copy of Bertrice Small and became swept away to Queen Elizabeth’s court that her interest in romance novels was renewed.

But somewhere along the way, her reading shifted to stories of men falling in love. Once she picked up her first gay romance, she became so enamored of the character-driven stories and the overwhelming emotion there was no turning back.

Felice lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. Although she practices law, she daydreams of a time when she can sit by a beach and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there is bound to be some angst along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.






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Let Me In is sexy in all the right places but a bit dramatic!

Let Me In CoverLet Me In by Luna David

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must admit, I thought there’d be more of the kink but instead what I got was a truly lovely May to December romance between two vastly different people who were perfect for each other.

There is, of course, kink and it’s pretty well done as I’d expect from this author, and the Daddy/boy dynamic is a vital part of the narrative.

It’s a bit angsty and there’s a whole load of dramatics which seems to exist to create the necessary tension required with the plot but, other than that, this is a sweet romance.

I won’t lie, I would have liked more of the “taboo” kinks referred to in their contract but the one on page scene was suitably sexy with enough added “forbidden” spice.

I’m interested in seeing where this new series goes.

#ARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Brilliant anthology focused on finding love in all the wrong places

1257101246Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology by May Archer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s not often you get an anthology where you enjoy every story in it but this one might just take the title as the closest to perfection.

This is just a quick review via the Kindle, tomorrow I’m going to steal Dani and Reneè’s formula and comment on each story in turn but if you haven’t bought this one yet, rectify it immediately.

Not only is it for a great cause, but you get eleven opposites attract and fall madly in love stories to warm the heart.

I had an #ARC of this but I went out and bought my own copy because it’s totally worth the price.

Full review here now!

The Setup/The Fallout – 3.5* how it all starts and a very clever way of introducing the whole premise of the anthology. Bailey is surprised by his window washer asking him on a date. So surprised he forgets to run his final check on the algorithms for Heart2Heart.
Really sweet wrap up as well as all the couples come together a few years later to continue to celebrate how the mixed-up algorithm actually found their perfect matches.

The Magician and the Mortician by A.E. Wasp – 4* and a simply brilliant opener. I adored this second chance (after loss) love at first sight romance between the older Alberto & younger Mikey. I would love to read more of these two, the ending is ridiculously sweet!

The Professional Gamer and the Paranormal Photographer by Alison Hendricks – 2.5* This was a good set up, the pacing was working well, the uniqueness of their respective professions was a good contrast and then it just ended. Without any kind of a conclusion or even a vague impression their relationship would continue.

The Assassin and the Dog Walker by Charlie Cochet – 3* This would have been better as a novella of around 35k words, lots of plotting but a bit of an abrupt ending and also a side plot which was thrown in about the assassin’s ex-boyfriend and his brother!

The Criminal and the Sommelier by Chris Owen – 2.5* Different, a bit snobby (deliberately I suspect), amusing as the beginning of a full length story but not really complete enough. Also absolutely zilch steam.

The Superhero and the NSA Agent by Hailey Turner – 3.5* It’s no secret I’m a Hailey Turner fangirl so I was looking forward to this one and it was cute. I liked the twist on the “superhero” aspect and it’s quite a different tone than her Metahumans Series.

The Tattoo Artist and the Writer by Lily Morton – 5* Okay as a Yorkshire girl this friends to lovers set in York with a flyby visit to the hidden gem that is Staithes was my absolute favourite! Full of witty banter as expected from this author.

The Baker and the SEAL by May Archer – 4* Loved this one with the ex Navy SEAL and his insane family wedding drama, funny meet/cute and misunderstanding turned into a really sweet romance with a brilliant ending.

The Uber Driver and the Sex Phone Operator by Lucy Lennox – 4.5* Smoking hot and brilliantly done and very definitely the sexiest of all the short stories. Travis and Azrael might have burned up the sheets, but there was also lots of emotional chemistry and this was (for me) the most complete of all the couples’ stories.

The Event Planner and the Electrician by Poppy Dennison – 3* Another age gap romance, this was also a lovely opposites attract and it had me smiling a lot. Although Theo’s boss Danielle was a tad cliched, I loved Harvey’s unassuming way and how everyone in the small town was somehow connected to each other!

The Lawyer and the Lobsterman by Ruthie Luhnow – 3.5* Okay this was shaping up to be the absolute best with biting wit, a stuffy lawyer slowly unbending and an unashamedly out there sports mascot – and then it just ended! Without anything. No indication of a HFN or where they were going next, more like the start of a story than a complete short.

The Florist and the Lawyer by Sloane Kennedy – 4.5* lovely, no angst, a lawyer I just wanted to hug because of all his hurts/idiosyncrasies and a florist who was loud and proud but quietly searching for the lifetime commitment. Also hot, as to be expected from Sloane Kennedy!

All the proceeds from the sale of this M/M romance anthology will benefit the following LGBTQ+ charities: The Trevor Project, Bisexual Resource Centre, and one-n-ten.

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Dilemma filled romance is a delight to read

38312560BFF: Best Friend’s Father by Devon McCormack

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Full review to come soon.

Righty, here we go. This book is pure Devon McCormack, so if you don’t like steaming hot men getting into it all over the place, while offering up a light angsty narrative with a bit of an open ending, this book isn’t for you.

If, however, you like age gaps, MCs who do their best to avoid falling for each other because they don’t want to hurt someone else, who have an emotional connection which jumps off the page and who burn up the sheets like the world is about to end, you’ll love this.

Jesse and Eric are a brilliant pair, they complement each other perfectly, Eric’s age and experience acting as a guide to Jesse’s younger but no less mature spirit.

Their mutual attraction isn’t straightforward though, Eric’s son Ty is Jesse’s best friend and his relationship with his dad isn’t the best. I loved that there was genuine, honest conflict in this book over their feelings for each other and for Ty.

Neither man has had it easy, Jesse growing up in foster homes, Eric with a mostly absentee father and an incident in his teenage years which has coloured his life ever since.

But there is a genuine connection between them, it’s not just lust, although there’s a healthy dose of that too and some seriously sexy scenes when they finally give in to the passion.

This isn’t a 5* read for me simply because of the end, where the reader is left with a strong HFN but with added complications which will be continued. It’s not a cliffhanger as such, but it did make me curse a bit 😉

As an aside:

The cover is ex Rugby League international Stuart Reardon, who has carved out a successful post playing career as a model and fitness expert.

As I knew him when I covered the game as a journalist when he was just starting out in his early 20s – with shaven head and attitude – it always gives me a bit of a chuckle to see him now as a major sex symbol.

In this book though, he’s a perfect representation for Eric and it’s great to see him doing so well outside of the sport he had success in.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Three short #meetcute romances for the price of one!

The Short Stories CollectionThe Short Stories Collection by Louise Lyons

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There’s three short stories in this collection, each with a quirky “meet cute” and my favourite was the second one – One Snowy Night – which saw singer Keith crash his new BMW into a tree and then find himself a new life partner.

The first and second stories didn’t work quite so well for me. In the first one the guy has an experience in Peru with a guy but then the ending wraps up in a quite different fashion and the final one had a bit of an age gap romance which, while sweet, happened way too fast for me to really invest in it.

I’ve not read this author before but based on these three, I’d give her another go.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Gorgeous Aussie setting for this mid 19th Century romance

The StationThe Station by Keira Andrews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a re-release of one of Keira’s earlier historical novels and, like the rest, it’s heavily endowed with quality research and a real sense of place.

The place in this instance is Australia, in the mid 19th century when the British were still sending their criminals out to the ‘penal colony’ and where many settlers were able to make new lives for themselves.

This very much reminded me of the film starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman where she blazes a trail as a woman station owner in the Aussie outback – just with the addition of a gay couple.

And what a couple, Irish stable master Patrick was the perfect older man for the young aristocratic Colin as they struggled to deal with the harsh realities of a thousand mile journey across New South Wales.

I loved them both so much. Patrick doing his best to stay unconnected, Colin so enthusiastic to learn all he could from the older man. Their relationship slow burns its way through blow jobs, hand jobs and frotting until it eventually explodes in a beautifully tender first time.

This is a gorgeous example of how to do a historical romance.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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