Reviewing Policy

Someone (the lovely Kasia Bacon in fact – go check out her work, she’s good), let me know I don’t actually have any information about my Reviewing or Submission for Review Policy so I figured I best do one.

Here it is:

If you’d like me to review your book and it’s in one of the following genres, then please feel free to chuck me an email or get in touch on any of my social media profiles or drop me a message here.

Genres I read

MM – any sub-genre

MF – mostly only historical these days apart from writers in the MM genre who also write MF

Sci-Fi/Fantasy – any sub-genre, particularly fond of high fantasy, alternative universe, paranormal

Historical Рespecially the War of the Roses, Medieval History, Elizabethan, Tudor, Stuart, early 20th Century (Belle Epoch/Roaring Twenties).

Factual – Politics, cook books, memoirs, autobiographies.

For any books outside the above genres, you can always drop me a line and ask, I promise not to be mean!



All reviews are provided without any financial incentive to myself (other than the copy of the ARC), I will always be honest and unbiased in my review and if I find a book doesn’t work for me, I will do my utmost to explain in a way which isn’t hurtful to the author – we can’t all like everything after all.

The form is used for the purposes of contacting this blog for Reviewing requests only and no data is stored independently or used for marketing purposes.