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Disappointed, dismayed and disgusted

The UK voting as explained Game of Thrones style

The UK voting as explained Game of Thrones style

So, people of the UK (Scotland excepted cos you returned 56 SNP MPs), this is what I think after Thursday’s General Election.

well thanks, a majority of the people of the UK, for demonstrating that you’re sadly a bunch of selfish twats mostly concerned with keeping as much money in your own pockets as you can and bugger anyone who isn’t lucky enough or healthy enough or educated enough to be in a position to do the same.

As someone whose currently registered disabled, thanks for nothing, you just made my life a whole lot harder.

Thanks for giving in to the fear mongering of the right wing dominated mainstream media and believing all the shit you were peddled on the economy and immigration.

But well done to Scotland, irrespective of the colour of the MPs you voted in, you demonstrated an impassioned and energised electorate willing to get out there and vote for something you believe in. I salute you and I’m looking at house prices up in Mallaig as we speak 😉

And PS: A real thanks this time to those on my friends list who thankfully, with only a couple of minor exceptions (mostly the Scottish contingent and a few true Blue Tories who are still decent human beings 😉 ) have had the same reaction as I have this morning: dismay, disappointment and disgust.

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