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Bespoke Creative Writing Service from Po Faced Poetry


Bespoke Creative writing service


“I love to write and so what better thing

Than to write peoples stories, their bad, their good

Their events. Their moments. Their lives. Their love

To take on their tales, the things that they say

Send them to flight as on the wings of the dove

Use my ink to scribe it their way”

Po FacedPoetry writes:

Writing! Writing anything!

Words seep through my veins in my blood.

I love to write and so what better thing than to write peoples stories. Their events. Their moments. Their lives. Their loves.

Professional, artistic, bespoke writing service.

Poetry, prose, verse, ditties, speeches, eulogies, fan poetry

Whatever the occasion, wedding, eulogy, graduation, birthday, celebration, romance, storytelling!

I will write your words, unique and individual, just like you.

From a few lines to a long speech, you tell me what you want and let me make the magic.

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NaNoWriMo Writing Prompts – Bad Boy Romance Edition

This is a satirical (but based in truth as all good pieces are) look at some of the shit which goes on in the book writing world

David Gaughran

Lots of people will be diving into NaNoWriMo in a few days, and lots more are sitting on the fence. I’ve been on that fence, it’s made of excuses!

Today, I’m going to do you a solid by taking one of those excuses away. You’re getting some Writing Prompts. And not just any Writing Prompts, but Bad Boy Romance Prompts.

(Please note that no actual romance writers were harmed in the making of these prompts.)

Prompt #1: You are foreign. Maybe Australian! Your scammy non-fiction books aren’t selling too well, but you spot the latest trend: bad boy romance, and decided to write under a woman’s name – no, screw that, several women’s names! You eagerly stuff several books into one, artificially inflating your page count and stealing from your fellow authors. You do this across all your books – who cares anyway, they are all ghostwritten.

Prompt #2: You’re…

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Viking Warrior Women: An Archaeodeath Response Part 1

Fascinating piece on the “discovery” that the famous warrior found at Birka was female


The last week has been a fascinating and disturbing time for Viking mortuary archaeology in the public sphere.

On 8th September 2017, an international academic peer-review article was published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropologyauthored by Hedenstierna-Jonson et al., reinterpreting a single skeleton (i.e. not multiple skeletons from the same grave) from a 10th-century chamber grave from the Viking Age trading settlement of Birka. It was discovered in the 19th-century excavations at Birka by Hjalmar Stolpe (in 1877). The Bj581 chamber grave contained a skeleton in a flexed position on its right side suggesting the person had originally been interred in a seated position. The body had been furnished with rich apparel with Eastern links, weapons, gaming pieces and two horses at the foot of the grave.

This grave’s occupant has been shown through multiple skeletal determinations to be a ‘female’, and the article proves this by presenting…

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Book pricing and entitlement on both sides of the reader/author fence

Definitely worth a read on the pricing debate in the romance genre

Jay Northcote

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about ebook prices in the circles I move in online. The gist of these discussions tends to be one of two things:

  • Readers complaining about ebooks being priced too high, and making statements like “I’d never spend X amount of dollars on a book that’s only Y pages!”
  • Authors complaining that nobody will buy their book that’s priced at X dollars anymore, because there are too many books priced at 99c and they can’t compete with that.

Readers complaining about how authors/publishers price their books come across as entitled, because nobody is forcing them to buy that book. If you don’t feel a certain book is good value for money, then you can give it a miss and buy something else.

apple-589640_640 Amazon isn’t a magic money tree, sadly…

I’d like to point out that publishers or self-published authors don’t just pull a…

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