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Regarding Dreamspinner Press

As a few other blogs, albeit it far bigger and with way more influence than my wee one, have spoken out, I felt I should also do the same.

I stopped requesting books to review directly from Dreamspinner Press a few months ago. I have, since then, published a few reviews/blog tours of authors still publishing there.

My decisions for doing so were twofold:

One because it was a new author, and the request came via a PR company who I have a great friendship with and I didn’t want to let them down when this was a tour they’d accepted prior to a lot of the shit kicking off.

The second was directly via the author themselves, again prior to more of the disclosure about just how deep the mire was that DSP was leaving authors in.

I will continue to support all authors who have taken back their rights from DSP, especially with promotional work to get the word spread that their books are back on sale and available again. I will continue to support hybrid authors who are publishing work away from DSP.

This situation has not come out of nowhere. I’ve heard rumblings and rumours for at least 18 months, if not longer, in some quarters but 2019 has seen it reach a level which I can no longer ignore.

Authors aren’t being paid their royalties. That’s no-one’s fault but Dreamspinner Press. I don’t know what happened to those royalties.

I’ve put my two penno’th in across the internet, on both Facebook and my Twitter accounts, but I’d not made an offical Mirrigold: Mutterings & Musings blog statement.

So there it is.

For more information about the saga, please check the following:

I’m only a tiny blog but here’s what I’ve done regarding “Santino Hassell”

For those who may not be aware, the shit really hit the fan in the MM Romance Community this week over the author known as “Santino Hassell”.

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What I’ve Done

Now, anyone who has ever followed my blog knows that I have reviewed and rated pretty much all the books written by this person, and those they co-wrote with Megan Erickson, and they were among my most favourite reads within the genre.

Up until the beginning of this week I was still believing the “author” when they claimed they were being “doxed” by a disgruntled and bitter ex-fan and had PMed their agent to let them know about comments which were being left on reviews on Goodreads regarding the author.

However, when I saw that among the claims was that the author had claimed they were suffering from liver cancer and had received donations to help “pay for treatment”, my suspicions began to raise.

See my beloved mum died just three short weeks after she got her liver cancer diagnosis in 2014 at the stupidly early age of just 66. I KNEW that the liver cancer fatality rate is generally within five years of diagnosis – outside of receiving a transplant.

I went off to  investigate and found all of the above – and then some. Go look people, it’s all out there.

Therefore, my little act of support, is to have removed all reviews and ratings for books “written” by this author and those co-written with Megan Erickson. That includes on Amazon and on Goodreads also.

I don’t care what equipment you’ve got between your legs, but if you catfish, gaslight, manipulate, lie and cheat, then you’re damn right I’m going to take action, no matter how small.

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