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Release Tour: Christmas at Queens Crescent by Kristian Parker

Christmas at Queens Crescent | Kristian Parker

Queens Crescent #1

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Release Date: December 1st, 2022

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Christmas at Queens Crescent Cover


Jeremy Brookes is having a mid-twenties crisis. After losing his mother, he’ taken up his father’s offer to move from Canada to London to start a new life. The problem is, he has no idea how to do it. His billionaire father has some ideas…

Once Jeremy is installed in the exclusive neighbourhood of Queens Crescent, he will have to sort his life out pretty damned quick if he’s to avoid a lifetime at the pharma company where his father is CEO and his stepmother rules HR.

Jeremy isn’t cut out for that life or that of a spoiled rich kid, worrying where his next designer label is coming from. Then he happens upon Stuart Monroe, the handsome Scottish florist with a shop around the corner. As the only socialist in Kensington, Stuart’s lowly background makes it a challenge to be surrounded by such wealth.

Instantly drawn to this rebel in their midst, Jeremy decides to do the sensible thing: go undercover as Stuart’s new shop assistant to get to know the enigmatic stranger better.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Jeremy Brookes dragged his massive suitcase off the carousel. It nearly knocked him over, but he’d refused to pack light.

“Welcome to London Heathrow,” a cut-glass accent sang out over the tannoy.

Tired passengers and frantic staff were weaving in and out around him as he looked at the doors which led through customs. A whole new life was waiting beyond them. A wave of panic flooded through him for a second. He had come this far and he would look pretty fucking stupid if he insisted on going back home at this point.

You’re twenty-six years old, Brookes. Take control of your life. For fuck’s sake.

With a deep breath he stepped forward.

The automatic doors opened, and a sea of faces greeted him. Signs were held up for people and families were dashing to each other and, standing at the end, his father, Wade Brookes, grinned at him.

Despite himself, tears welled up inside Jeremy. As he reached Wade, that kind face which had saved him from countless childhood nightmares greeted him.

“Dad.” Jeremy let his father wrap his arms around him. Surrounded by happiness, he still sobbed into Wade’s chest.

“Hey now,” Wade said soothingly. “I’m here. You’ve been so brave, but I’m here.”

It felt good to be cared for. It had been a long time. Jeremy pulled away and wiped his eyes. He must look a total idiot in the Arrivals lounge. Especially in England. They weren’t known for their public displays of emotion. He looked around but no one seemed to be bothered. “Sorry,” he said, laughing nervously. “I didn’t think I’d do that.”

Wade pulled him in for another hug. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s get home.”

Taking control of Jeremy’s case, he led him through the crowds. It gave Jeremy the time to get himself together.

“You look well,” Wade said once they’d got in the elevator.

“Thanks,” Jeremy replied.

“A little tired,” Wade continued. “No wonder though. I’m so glad you gave me the chance to care for you for a while.”

Jeremy shrugged. “There’s nothing left for me at home now. Yeah, I’ve got friends and stuff. I don’t know, it felt right to have a fresh start.”

Wade grinned. “And that’s what you will have. Honestly, I have so many plans for us. Cassie is excited too.”

Jeremy’s stomach sank. If his father noticed, he chose not to say anything. The elevator dinged and Wade was leading him out into the car park where a sleek black Aston Martin Vantage waited for them.

“Jeez, Dad,” Jeremy exclaimed. “Nice wheels.”

“Cassie says it’s a mid-life crisis,” Wade replied.

I thought she was the mid-life crisis.

After a struggle, they managed to squeeze Jeremy’s case onto the back seat.

“Shit,” Wade said. “I should have thought about that. I was too keen to show off.”

Jeremy climbed in. The leather interiors made it instantly cosy. “I don’t mind being a bit squashed,” he replied. “I’m arriving in London in style. Drive on.”

Wade laughed and fired the car into action. The engine was low and sexy. Jeremy wondered how long it would take to gain his father’s trust to let him take this baby for a spin.

“You won’t be driving this,” Wade said, as if reading his thoughts.

“It never crossed my mind,” Jeremy replied as innocently as possible.

They set off out of the huge car park. Jeremy couldn’t wait until they cleared the concrete jungle of the airport, and he could get his first glimpse of England proper.

“What’s it like here?” he asked.

“You’ll love it. There’s a ton of culture and history. We’ll show you round of course, but I really want you to explore by yourself too.”

“I really am grateful, you know.”

“You’re my son.” Wade turned the radio on. An impossibly English voice was reading the news. “Of course, I’m going to help. Your life has been on hold for years, Jeremy. “

Rage exploded within him. “It’s not like I had a choice, is it?”

“I know that, son. Believe me, it shows what a wonderful soul you are. But this is your time now, to decide who you want to be.”

“Better late than never, eh?”

“You’re hardly in an old people’s home.”

“I’m closer to thirty than twenty, Dad. I’d look a bit stupid as an apprentice.”

Wade frowned. “People will understand why.”

Jeremy burst out laughing. “I’m hardly going to put ‘I nursed my mother through cancer’ as a previous job.”

Wade shifted uncomfortably. The gallows humour Jeremy and his mother had shared made others squirm.

“Whatever you decide to do, I’ll back you. I’ve got a few ideas, but all in good time. You need to settle in first.”

Jeremy sighed. For the first time in ages, he had started to look past that day. It felt nice. Then the guilt came in like an oil slick.

They had cleared the airport now and were on the motorway. Jeremy stared out of the window at green fields and trees. It looked beautiful yet completely alien. “She feels a long way away,” he said, quietly.

Wade squeezed his knee. “I know, son.”

Jeremy fought the tears that threatened to completely overwhelm him. They drove in silence which he was grateful for. He passed the time taking in the huge fields that slowly merged into high rises as they sped toward the city.

“It’s not that different to Toronto,” he said.

Wade chuckled. “I suppose not. Some parts are.”

“Tell me about your neighbourhood. Queens Crescent sounds very grand and English,” He had been sent endless photos of the little white street. It reminded him of the scene at the start of Act Two in Oliver! when everyone was selling their wares.

“It’s lovely,” Wade said. “I think you’ll be impressed.”

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About the Author


I have written for as long as I could write. In fact, before, when I would dictate to my auntie. I love to read, and I love to create worlds and characters.

I live in the English countryside. When I’m not writing, I like to get out there and think through the next scenario I’m going to throw my characters into.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, on a train, in a restaurant or in an office. I am always in search of the next character to find love in one of my stories. In a world of apps and online dating, it is important to remember love can be found when you least expect it.

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Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @kparkerwriter

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To celebrate the release of Christmas at Queens Crescent, Kristian is giving away a signed Paperback of the release

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Blog Tour: Leo on Fire by Patricia Logan

Leo on Fire | Patricia Logan

F.B.I. Files: Book Two

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Release Date:

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Leo on Fire


Some days, fighting crime, just doesn’t pay.

FBI Profiler, Leo Reeves, has settled into his new job and his new life in Los Angeles. Working with Max Prince every day in the office is fulfilling but not as satisfying as burning up the sheets with him every night at home. Their first case together as partners resulted in the bad guys either behind bars or six feet under, but neither man thinks they’ve put an end to the murderous ring. As time goes on, and they interview the ones they did manage to arrest, the agents realize a much larger organization is at work.

Could a criminal mastermind be controlling multiple cells of murderers?

When one of their team is gunned down in a senseless mass shooting, Leo and Max are fueled by a new motive…rage. As more of the corpses from their first case are identified, new information about the kidnapping ring begins to emerge. When they realize copycats are mirroring the work of famous serial killers, things go from bad to worse. For Leo, working as a profiler has always been his passion but he begins to rethink everything when one copycat starts skinning his victims.

When they connect the gunman to a notorious criminal biker gang, things get even uglier.

On top of everything else, Max’s past comes back to bite him when his sweet pooch is threatened by a stalker. And if they haven’t led a life filled with complications until now, Leo and Max learn an old nemesis of Snow and McCallahan is connected to the case. From the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown L.A. to the scorching deserts around Victorville, criminals seem to be coming out of the woodwork to mess with them both.

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“There’s something Noah didn’t tell you about all these victims,” Snow said. Everyone quieted and turned toward their boss. “There’s another thing that ties all five of them together. The coroner believes that being shot in the back of the head was a final act and in the case of some of these victims, the cause of death.”

“What else would have caused it?” Beth asked.

Snow blew out a long breath. “It seems these five victims were a mirror of other serial killers’ crimes.” He turned and looked directly at Leo. “I’m sorry. One of these victims was skinned.”

Leo felt all the blood drain out of his face at once. His stomach heaved, and he began to hear a whooshing sound in his ears. He sucked in a long, slow breath, doing his best not to concentrate on the way his head was suddenly spinning. Someone squeezed his thigh, and he looked down at the big male hand and then up at Max. He sat beside him looking so pained, he’d only seen that expression once before, when his partner had seen the little boy about to be murdered by Svetlana right in front of them.

“Breathe, Leo,” Max whispered.

“What’s going on?” Perez asked.

Leo tore his gaze away from Max and looked over at his big friend. He was staring at him and then shifted his gaze to Max when he got no response. Next, he turned to look at Lincoln.

“What’s going on, Lincoln?” Perez asked again.

When his gaze connected with his boss, Leo gave a small nod.

“All of these victims were copycat crimes of a serial killer from the past. In one case, two lovers were parked in their car on a street at night and were shot through the glass. Those wounds were inflicted with a .44 caliber. Particular attention was paid to the female victim as she was shot multiple times.

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About the Author

Patricia Logan Author Pic

International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California. The author of several #1 bestselling romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family. When she’s not writing her next thriller or paranormal romance, she’s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day.

One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she types. Married to a wonderful man for 36 years, she counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.

Pick up your favorite Patricia Logan Book from Check out her Audio titles at

Email her at She loves to hear from readers more than anything and will respond to all emails.

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To celebrate the release of Leo on Fire, we are giving away an e-set of the FBI Files Series so far (two eBooks)

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Blog Tour: Kershin the Fire Mage by Stephen J. Wolf

Kershin the Fire Mage | Stephen J. Wolf

BANNER FB - Kershin the Fire Mage

Release Date: July 25th, 2022

Cover Artist: Giovanni Panarello

Word Count: 140,000

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COVER - Kershin the Fire Mage


How do you control a power you hate?

Kershin’s attempts at a normal life have always been fruitless, but now he’s sure he’ll be cursed forever. After shunning his fire magic for years, he’s now forced to either tame it himself or be tamed by a persistent mage hunter. The harder he tries, the worse the situation gets, and as he’s hunted across the land, he leaves destruction in his wake.

Hessia has been scarred by a fire mage before, but she’s determined to never be helpless again. On her mission to tame the destructive fire mage, she faces trials that shake her to her core. Trials that test her mettle, threaten her beliefs, and decimate the villages she’s trying to protect. Will she fall prey to her own hunt?

The fire takes. The fire consumes. The fire kills.

These two know that very well. As they clash, they discover that the threats they face may be greater than either of them imagined.

MEME1 - Kershin the Fire Mage


“Look out!”

Kershin turned in time to see a brown-haired man careening toward him, arms pinwheeling to keep himself upright. There was no time to react. The man crashed into him, and both went down. Kershin’s satchel of vegetables spilled over the road and greedy townspeople snatched them up.

Kershin groused. “What’s the big idea?”

“I’m so sorry,” the man said, untangling himself and rising to his feet. He reached a hand down and helped Kershin up. “Here, I’ll help you get back your stuff.” He scurried around, grabbing the vegetables that hadn’t been taken yet. He tucked them into Kershin’s satchel.

“Well, it’s not all of them, but at least I got some back for you.” He held out a hand. “I’m Rosh.”

Kershin rubbed his side, working out a pang from the fall. He should be mad, but he found he was more curious than anything. He returned the gesture, noting Rosh’s jawline that led to an easy smile. His vibrant blue eyes weren’t unlike his own. He had dark brown hair, cut short and brushed backward, begging for fingers to run through it. His chin was crooked, lifting slightly on one side. The imperfection made him more beautiful, not less. “I’m Kershin.”

Rosh grinned. “Kershin. Sorry we met like this, but I have to say, part of me isn’t sorry at all. You’re the best-looking guy here.”

Color rose to Kershin’s cheeks. “Okay, so you’ve got spunk. But can you dance?”

“Dance?” Rosh laughed. “Well, I think I have the ability to dance, but I’m not really into the dance scene. Are you?”

Kershin bit his lip. “Well, no. I’m not even sure why I asked that. Say, what happened to you that you came crashing into me?”

“Oh that? You could say I was pushed by someone trying to pick up your vegetables.”

His eyes narrowed. “They didn’t spill until after you hit me.”

It was Rosh’s turn to blush. “Well, you caught me. I wanted to meet you, and I wanted it to be unforgettable. Forgive me?”

He rubbed his arm. There would be a bruise there, for certain. To think, it had been an intentional crash. But he didn’t think Rosh meant to hurt him. There was little harm in letting the incident go.

He waited too long to respond. “So you don’t forgive me? I guess maybe I should be on my way.”

“No, wait.” He fumbled through his satchel. “Maybe you’d like a tomato?”

Rosh snorted. “A tomato?”

He didn’t know what he was saying. “I— Well, it’s not damaged.”

“And here I should be offering you something. After all, I ruined some of your stuff. Let’s see.” He patted himself down and reached into a pocket. “I have some coppers.”

“Keep it.” Kershin held out the tomato and Rosh eventually took it.

“Well, the least I can do for your kindness is help you out. The two of us working together, we could rake in the coins. I’ll take on the veggies and you get the rest.”

Kershin grabbed for his satchel. “I’m not handing this over to you.”

“That’s not what I meant. You’ll see.” He flashed a smile and Kershin filled with warmth. It was too much warmth, he noted, but he pushed the thought aside. Rosh took two steps away, adding his voice to the calls of the vendors.

It wouldn’t work, Kershin thought. There were too many others to compete against. He needed more tact. But as he watched Rosh in action, his heart fluttered. The man moved with the grace of a dancer; maybe his awkward question wasn’t so far from the mark.

It didn’t take long for Rosh to draw in customers. Kershin worked the sales, successful each time but one. It was better than he could have expected. What was Rosh saying to them? It didn’t matter right then. He could ask later. If there was a later.

“How was I?” Rosh asked as Kershin’s supply dwindled.

“You’re amazing.”

“Am I now?”

Kershin chuckled. “I meant to say you were amazing, but I guess it’s true the other way too.”

Rosh clapped him on the shoulder and squeezed tightly. “It’s a good thing I spotted you. I couldn’t turn away.”

Heat welled inside Kershin where Rosh’s hand was planted. It spiraled from the area, working its way through his body. He gritted his teeth, fighting the sensation. This wasn’t the time or the place for this, but he couldn’t deny the warmth of Rosh’s hand or the excitement he felt that the man had touched him.

The heat within him won the battle and raged through his body, centering on his hands. A dim glow came to his fingertips, and he clenched his hands to hide it. But the heat wasn’t done. Fire erupted from his fists, coating his skin for several moments. He slammed his eyes shut and tugged on the fire, desperate for it to stop.

Rosh pulled back, but he didn’t flee. “You’d better stop that before it’s too—”

“A mage!” someone shouted. “Call the Truists! Quick! A mage in our midst!”

Bells rang immediately, echoed by other bells further away. Kershin ignored them, struggling to subdue the flames.

Rosh looked around. “We have to get out of here. It’s not safe.”


“Don’t argue. Come on.”

Dazed, Kershin drew his hands close. Townspeople crowded around him, blocking the way, but Rosh pushed through them. When Kershin approached, his hands still aflame, the people scattered. But not all of them stayed behind. A few trailed after him.

Rosh picked up the pace and Kershin followed, turning this way and that, down one alley after the next. He had no idea where he was. He had never traveled far into the town proper, always stopping at the market to peddle his wares. It was up to Rosh to keep him safe now.

Why did he trust this stranger? Was he leading him to the Truists directly? No, that wouldn’t make sense. They wouldn’t be running.

Dashing through the alleys exhausted Kershin, and there wasn’t much stamina left in him. “Rosh, wait. I can’t.” His feet gave way and he crashed into the side of a small shed. He reached with his fiery hands for support. The wood drew in the flames, spiraling up to the top of the structure. Kershin’s eyes went wide, and he pulled back, but it was too late. The shed was aflame, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Rosh returned and gasped, reaching for Kershin’s elbow and hoisting him to his feet. “Come on!”

Kershin huffed, his hands on his knees, wondering if he could even walk. But Rosh’s persistence moved him. Yet before he fled, a woman rushed into the end of the alley. Their eyes locked, then Kershin pulled himself away.

MEME3 - Kershin the Fire Mage

About The Author


Stephen J. Wolf is a science teacher with a PhD in science education and a penchant for fantasy books, movies, and video games. Growing up, he loved learning how things worked. When he saw Mr. Wizard’s World for the first time, he knew then that science was his place to be. From learning about how fireworks light up with different colors to understanding the mechanics of an acid-base reaction, chemistry and physics became his passion.

Stephen started writing in eighth grade when his English teacher challenged the class to craft three different scenes. One scene focused on a person. A second highlighted a location. And the third detailed an object. In the moment of the quick-fire writing prompts, Wolf linked all three tasks together and created his first short story. The following year he created his first novel, then expanded it to a trilogy, growing as a writer along the way.

Stephen lives in New York with his husband, Kevin, and their cats, Merlin and Monty.

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MEME2 - Kershin the Fire Mage

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