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Former journalist, sub-editor and digital news producer for 20 years, mum to a typical 14-year-old teenager, freelance copywriter, researcher and social media bod, living in the glorious surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales, where I was born and bred.

I alpha/beta read for a number of authors, as well as offering proofreading and digital marketing.

Love art, particularly watercolours and coloured pencils, history, film, theatre, the wider arts, music, poetry, watching rugby league, reading, writing, gaming and generally chilling and having a good time and am passionate about politics and standing up for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the disabled.

I’m an Arthurian Legend nerd and a Greek Mythology geek and I have a sadly neglected website which examines the difference between the ‘facts’ about Arthur and the interpretation of them in the BBC’s TV show Merlin.

I used to love walking but unfortunately, a bout of swine flu almost killed me in 2014 and left me housebound with severe mobility issues. You can read all about that experience and how the NHS saved my life on multiple occasions for zero cost to me here: More Me

I read a lot and review both here and on Goodreads, as well as leaving reviews on Amazon.co.uk for globally released publications and I am a reviewer on NetGalley.

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50 Book Reviews


Mirrigold, Starflower / Cadiva Arylis


Why Mirrigold or Cadiva?

Long story short, when trawling the net back in the mid-1990s for a graphic I’d seen of a piece of parchment for a project (don’t ask), I came across an online text MUD called Avalon-rpg.

Based on a mix of mythology and legend, Avalon was a brutal world of PKing (player killing) but also an escape into a virtual reality where I met friends I am still in touch with three decades later and where I met my (now ex) husband and (via Dark Age of Camelot), my son’s dad (we’re no longer together but still friends – see the More Me page).

Mirrigold was the name I chose for my character after I ran out of credits for my original character Mystherie and had to start again. She was given the suffix Starflower when she joined the Astrologers’ Guild, and so my online persona was born.

By the time Dark Age of Camelot came around in 2001, Mirrigold was my established online name but, again for why I cannot remember, she wasn’t the character I created for that game. She was a red haired, blue skinned Kobald Shaman called Cadiva Arylis (pictured above).

Since those early days of the net, I have been Cadiva (and am known by a bunch of friends as this in RL too) or Mirrigold.

So now you know.

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