Rex is so much more than his fabulous looks

Finding Mr FabulousFinding Mr. Fabulous by Con Riley

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Oh this book, this book!

Rex is going to ensnare you with his fabulousness but he’s so much more than what’s going on with his (admittedly gorgeous!) exterior.

The heart of this man is battered and bruised, hiding from suffering so much loss, but desperately, secretly, enviously (though he’d never admit that out loud) hoping to find someone who will give him the same strength he gets from his Pops.

The man who has always been there for him, through all their trials, steadfast as the rocks that shore up their island home.

What he doesn’t expect to find is a thief, a man who’s definitely up to no good in the study of Rex’s hideous boss at the bank which provides a lot of the charity funding for Rex and his grandfather’s Refugee Project.

But Devesh Singh-Smith is something more, something special, a mercurial man who has all the right ingredients to not only help Rex out of a bind when he agrees to stay on Kara-Enys and surreptitiously look after Pops for him, but a man who has his own way of ferreting out secrets.

Together the two of them stumble into a fake relationship which is the realest thing either has experienced as they uncover both hidden parts of Rex’s past, but also the steps they can take into their future.

As glorious as the wild Cornish coastal setting, the heir to the Dukedom of a tiny little island, battered by the Atlantic storms, finds that sometimes the best way to heal a heart is to admit it can be broken.

Don’t miss it, it really will make your heart happy.

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As always I alpha read this book for Con.

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