I fell for this pair like a tonne of bricks!

Foolish Final ebookFoolish Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Without any doubt my favourite one so far in what’s been an outstanding series in which I’ve fallen in love with each pairing every time.

This one though also crosses over with Saxon’s new Accidental Love series in which we first met firefighter Gabe Crosby and that, for me, just capped it off to stick it at the top of my favourite tree (so far!)

Aleks has just got divorced, come out as pansexual and is looking forward to exploring his options when a drunken evening with the rest of the Queer Collective results in the fire service being called out and his path crossing with Gabe’s.

I’d already fallen for Gabe’s charms following his appearance in The Husband Hoax and I was so glad to see my initial thoughts of him were correct. Gabe is a good man, he’s ended up a firefighter not through choice but he loves his job and he’s good at it.

He’s also not a sports fan and has no clue who Aleks is when he comes storming out into his garden carrying a bucket of water, wearing a flapper dress and drunkenly declaring he wants to have the stripper fireman’s babies

This scene had me smiling from the off and the great sense of fun just carries on from that point as the zing between them is undeniable. What starts out as Gabe agreeing to help Aleks through his gay sexual awakening rapidly turns into more as they discover a connection that sparks all kinds of wants.

They date and it’s ridiculously cute seeing them both try to “one-up” each other for the epicness of the activities they go on.

The sex is smoking, there’s something super sweet and insanely hot about Aleks’ willingness to learn and his quick desire to put it all into practice and I very much appreciated seeing the usual madcap antics of the Queer Collective, Ezra and Oskar of course leading the way, as they did as much to hinder as help the two men sort out their future.

Thankfully there’s very little angst in this, a couple of moments of rightful fear and worries, a small misunderstood half conversation towards the end of the story, which isn’t overly dramatised and which is relatively quickly sorted out, and some honest conversation between them, make this a really enjoyable read.

This obviously has a HEA, the narrative working its way to a very satisfying forward-looking outcome which you can see holding strong for life. There’s a wonderful Epilogue and I’m dying to find out all about Gabe’s best work partner Sanden’s romance and seeing what’s happening with the Queer Collective’s newest arrival, Ayri Quinn.

#ARC kindly received from the authors via Foreward PR in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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