Jocelynn wraps up her mercenary series with an Asian flourish

Westin's PrinceWestin’s Prince by Jocelynn Drake

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This book is a love affair with the mysteries and gentle beauty of the Far East with the setting of a mythical country somewhere near to Japan and China, filled with happy people and a contented way of life.

So it’s a perfect setting for the sometimes troubled sniper Westin to meet and fall in love with the Crown Prince of Gaoxing, who is an absolute sweetheart.

West is on the island investigating why someone’s put a contract out on Crown Prince Jin when their paths cross accidentally and, while this has a hint of the instalove about it, there’s a definite spark between the two men from the off.

As they get to know one another more, once West finds out what’s going on with the contract – which is an interesting twist – you might expect things to turn into a more normal contemporary romance.

That’s not the case here as Jin’s back in danger again with a new contract, and this one’s for a ridiculously large sum of money. This, of course, leads to the cavalry incoming – including a wonderful guest appearance from everyone’s favourite assassin husbands Justin and his GLove 😁

There’s also plenty of humour in this one as the gang spend their time trying to find out who’s organised the hit, avoid the bureaucracy associated with Westin officially dating the Crown Prince, convince the Emperor to follow his doctor’s advice and try and snatch five minutes of quiet time together.

Throw in Jin’s snarky younger brother Ming Tao, his super efficient assistant Qin, and Alexei doing his best to cause chaos wherever he goes, and this book has a much lighter feel to it than the previous ones in the series.

It works because the gang have all found their true loves and are looking to settle down and not run around as mercenaries any more and, one by one, each couple finds a reason to come back to Gaoxing in the future after solving the plot, saving the Crown Prince and investing heavily into the island.

Westin has found his literal happy place and he and Jin have a wonderful Epilogue, available to download as a free bonus from Prolific Works – set six years in the future which is full of love and laughter.

#ARC kindly received from the author via GRR in return for an honest and unbiased review

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