Macy really ramps up the stakes in her latest Chosen release

Scout coverScout by Macy Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh I absolutely loved this book and read it all in one go.

I also wanted to give Macy a right good telling off for some of the stuff that goes on in this one too because OMG my heart was in my throat so many times as the action and the threat level ramps up about a thousand degrees!

Scout’s all grown up now and he’s a wolf shifter with a mission, to find out who’s hunting both his packs and end them.

He’s also desperately trying to avoid the fact he’s unbelievably attracted to his dragon packmate Coal…

…it doesn’t work!

The two of them are explosive together and the scene after they come together in a blaze of fiery hot and steaming sexy times, including the realisation they’re also mate mates, is hilarious as Coal goes into caveman mode to provide for his love.

They’re ridiculously sweet for each other two but when the stakes are ramped up and Scout is captured by the enemy, the proverbial really hits the fan.

Things get really hairy for a while and I hated reading how much pain Coal is in while his mate is missing, the situation Scout finds himself in isn’t that great either.

But I also appreciated the subtle use of humour which Macy brings in through the use of the villain’s name reveal – which I won’t be spoiling as it’s epically brilliant throughout the whole chapter.

There’s twists and turns all over the place, there’s appearances from pretty much all the major players in the Chosen Universe, which I always love, and we get to find out more about the mysterious Oracle who’s been directing Logan’s pack efforts to find the source of all the latest trouble.

Again, no spoilers but I had a great big doh! Of course it is moment when that information comes to light.

With the pace accelerating throughout this series as it draws to a conclusion, I’m really hoping we don’t have to wait a year to get book five!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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