This book make me teary while I was laughing my head off

PrinceofLies-fPrince of Lies by Lucy Lennox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wasn’t expecting this book to make me teary!

Laugh my head off, yes. Smile a lot, yes.

Thoroughly enjoy the map cap humour which is a hallmark of Lucy’s books, yes.

However, the strong sense of brotherhood in this book and the way the gang came together at the end to enfold Rowe into their group got me right in the feels! Of course, before it hit that point there’d been a whole load of shenanigans which had me almost howling with laughter.

It’s a brilliant introduction to what I’m really hoping is going to be a new series from Lucy, there’s a hint in the Author’s Note at the end that it might be and I’m adding my plea here for it to happen!

The couple at the centre of this romance couldn’t be more different if they tried, this is very much a bit of a Cinderella story as it involves a billionaire and a guy who definitely comes from a very different place.

One thing they both have in common though is their desire to do something good, to make a difference in the world. In Bash’s case, that was creating and selling an app which helps in the medical field for billions and setting up Sterling Chase to continue to fund new projects and developments.

For Rowe, it means fighting to get his idea in front of someone who could help him fulfil a quest he’s been on since his twin sister Daisy died from unknown complications after a freak accident playing softball.

Of course, the journey to happiness isn’t a smooth one, in this case it’s filled with fake identities, hilarious over-the-top pretences and unbelievable sexual attraction that has both men reeling from their initial unexpected meeting behind a pot plant at a swanky charity event!

I won’t go into the plot, just suffice it to say, I loved every single thing about this book and cannot wait to find out more about this gang.

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