Cinnamon bun vampire and a Russian mobster – yes please!

68007237Johann by Grae Bryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For me, the mark of a good series is that each time I finish a book in it, it becomes my favourite and this is exactly what’s happened here.

I’ve been dying to get Jay’s story ever since the little vampire with the sunshiny outlook on life and a sweetness that makes you want to wrap him in cotton wool even though he’s actually super strong and could rip your head off 😄

Of course, Jay’s cinnamon bun appearance actually hides a vulnerability that stems from his creation, when he was stolen away from his aunt and uncle’s farm aged just 19 and without any life experience and moulded into the perfect companion for a much older female vampire.

He’s learned to be quiet, do as he’s told and never cause any trouble, which means he’s lacking a lot of the nuances which come from a less sheltered life.

Which, of course, is why his fated mate just happens to be a Russian mobster on the run from his brother after he deliberately cost him millions by throwing a deal!

What follows is an absolute delight as Alexei discovers he quite likes cuddling when it’s Jay he’s squished up next to and Jay realises that when Alexei is telling him how good he is and how much he likes the little tasks he does for him, it means he no longer feels like he’s a bother.

The praise kink coupled with the sexual exploration, as Jay is a virgin, made this one all ends up hot but with the added depth of there being such a deep emotional connection between them.

It’s also quietly sarcastic and snarky as all the others have been which appeals very much to my sense of humour, and it has plenty of action outside of the romance to bring additional interest and, speaking of…

What a way to introduce the main players in book four! I wasn’t not expecting that and the little comment Grae left in the author note at the end had me laughing my head off. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet but I have to say, I’m also dying to find out the answer too!

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