I didn’t want to say goodbye to these three amazing men!

CantSayGoodbye-f900-webCan’t Say Goodbye by Eden Finley

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When Eden announced she was writing the next generation of the guys I’d fallen in love with in her Fake Boyfriends series I might have been a tad excited.

Seeing Payton Miller get his happy ever after with Levi in Football Royalty was a joyous experience and one I adored.

But then when she said his brother Brady Talon was going to be falling for two Navy SEALs, well let’s just say expectations were high.

And oh boy does she deliver, in spades, with bells on, shining lights, and an air horn.

This book not only met all my desires and hopes, it took them beyond and into the stratosphere. It’s burning fires of Hell hot, of course it is, the sex is off the charts steaming.

But it’s so, so much more than that. This is a book about love and sacrifice, it’s about pain and hope, it’s about three souls meeting at a perfect place in time and slotting together like the best puzzle pieces.

Each one of the three could manage on their own, and any two of the three could successfully be together as a couple if they’d met in different circumstances.

But what makes them special is what they bring to a relationship as a triad. Each arm of their equilateral triangle has the perfect set of characteristics that matches the gaps the others need filling.

Eden took three men who never set out to find a lifetime of love and melded them through a series of long separations, fears and doubts, hurt and comfort, into a rock-solid partnership with unbreakable chains

I could happily have read another book twice this length filled with their banter, their caring, their support, and their antics between the sheets.

I’m not sure if this is goodbye to the second generation, there are a few cousins still I’d love to see get their happily ever afters. If it is though, what a triumphant note to finish on.

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