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Love In The Mediterranean | RJ Peterson

New Adventures in Love #4

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Release Date: December 20th, 2022

Cover Artist: Ron Perry Graphic Design

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: approx. 43,000 words

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Neil Watkins isn’t too surprised to receive an invitation to Rob Asher and Ben Rockingham’s wedding. After all, he’s been best friends with Ben’s son Kyle for several years. But he is excited to be invited to join them on the honeymoon – a party for a select group of family and friends on an all-expense paid Mediterranean cruise.

He’s hesitant at first, but Kyle convinces him to go. Well, his own love life sucks at the moment. Maybe he’ll have better luck in the Med.

When he receives an invitation to their wedding and honeymoon party, Matthew Palmer balks at the idea of joining Rob and Ben on their honeymoon cruise. The master jeweler, a friend to both men, thinks the offer is way too generous, but Rob’s best friend Samantha persuades him to rethink his decision.

His last relationship really knocked him for a loop, and maybe Sam was right and he should think about himself for a change

When Neil and Matthew meet, unexpected and undeniable sparks fly. Has their luck finally changed? Can this really be their second chance at love in the Mediterranean?

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As he approached the hostess at the doorway to the bistro, she looked up at him and said, Good morning, sir. Are you dining alone this morning?

Yes, plea—“ he paused, catching a glimpse of Matthew sitting alone at a table near the window. Excuse me,he said. That gentleman is part of the group Im traveling with. Let me ask if I can join him.

Certainly sir.

He strode to the table, hoping he wasnt making a fool of himself by intruding on Matthews breakfast.

Good morning, Matthew. Would it be okay if I joined you. Um, that is, um, if youre not expecting anyone.Dammit, I sound like an idiot. Dont be nervous. Hes just a friend.

Oh hi, NeilMatthew sounded genuinely pleased to see him. No, Im not expecting anyone and you can certainly join me if youd like.

Thanks.As Neil sat down, the hostess came over and handed him a menu.

Enjoy your breakfast, gentlemen.

Did you sleep okay?Neil asked, trying to start a conversation and not sound like he was daft.

Yeah, I didMatthew replied. I love the water and find the sound of it very soothing. I left the balcony door open when I was getting ready for bed last night and that helped relax me after a very exciting day yesterday.He paused to sip his coffee. What about you?

I did, too, actually,Neil said. That surprised me a bit since I often have trouble sleeping in a new place. Even though the seas are quite calm, I could feel a gentle rocking once I went to bed. I think that, combined with the alcohol we consumed at dinner, helped put me to sleep quicker than usual.

Matthew chuckled. Yeah, I drank more than I normally do yesterday. Im gonna need to behave myself on this trip.

A waiter approached carrying a carafe and asked Neil if he wanted coffee.

Yes, please,he replied.

“Are you ready to order?The waiter asked.

Id like the fresh fruit with yogurt,Matthew said. And some wheat toast, please. Do you have any peanut butter?

Yes sir, we do. Ill bring some with your toast.

A man after my own heart,Neil said with a laugh. I love peanut butter. Ill have the same for breakfast, please.

Certainly sir. Ill be back shortly with your orders.

Its so nice to find a fellow peanut butter lover,Matthew said.

I have a confession,Neil said, blushing a little. I may have packed some single-serve containers in my checked luggage. But I completely forgot to bring one with me this morning.

Thats hilarious,Matthew chuckled. And I wish I had thought of it.

Well, at least they have some on board. And if they happen to run out before the end of the cruise, Ill share my stash with you.


The waiter returned a few minutes later with their breakfast, refilled both coffee cups, and departed.

Do you have any plans for today?Neil asked, as he smeared peanut butter onto one of the toast slices.

I was thinking of walking around a bit and maybe figure out where things are.Matthew answered. I still cant believe were on a cruise ship. I mean, everything is so large. Its nothing like I expected.

I know exactly what you mean. I looked at some photos on the cruise line’s website and watched a video, but its still so much more than I expected.

Neil sipped his coffee and continued. I was planning on exploring a bit, too. Maybe we could check things out together? Might keep us from getting too lost.

Thats a great idea,Matthew effused. I gotta admit, it seemed a bit overwhelming to try and discover things all on my own.

If you remember correctly, before we left on this trip, we cruise virgins agreed to stick together,Neil smiled brightly. Weve got this.

The thought of spending at least part of the day with Matthew made everything seem a bit brighter.

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About the Author

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R.J. Peterson is a retired graphic designer. He is an avid reader, preferably while sipping a vodka martini or bourbon on the rocks. He’s had a long and varied career, including library page, car wash attendant, travel agent, and graphic designer in the marijuana industry.

He also worked in banking for twenty-five years. He loves to travel and has been on 50+ cruises. When not on a cruise, he and his husband live in New England.

He didn’t grow up thinking he’d be a writer. That was never on his radar. Then a fateful day, in January 2021 changed it all. He woke with a story stuck in his head and started typing. The more he types, the more ideas he gets.

His debut novel, Love On The Horizon, was published in May 2021.

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